New tonight: Little Mosque on the Prairie on CBC – “Bye Bye Yaisr”

Starring Zaib Shaikh, Carlo Rota, Sheila McCarthy, Sitara Hewitt, Manoj Sood, Arlene Duncan, Derek McGrath, Debra McGrath, Neil Crone, and Brandon Firla.

Series IV – Eps 10 – Bye Bye Yaisr – Amaar is stunned to discover Rev. Thorne is faking his injuries to make Amaar look bad after a charity boxing match.

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2 thoughts on “New tonight: Little Mosque on the Prairie on CBC – “Bye Bye Yaisr””

  1. ahh…watched an episode of mosque last week — time to cut the tape and send this one to the archive room!

  2. yup this was it for me too. after ten episodes, i’ve laughed maybe twice, and spent most of the time cringing.
    considering the positive way that he thought about the show, it’s no wonder dereck mcgrath got out.
    dereck mcgrath interview

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