Reviews: 18 to Life premiere

From Myles McNutt of Cultural Learnings:

  • 18 to Life – “Pilot”“If you’re looking for something to break down sitcom expectations, you’re not going to find it here: of course the young couple have secrets that complicate their relationship, and of course their parents represent polar opposites, and of course they don’t think everything through before committing to their marriage. However, the pilot captures enough of the charm the premise is capable of evoking that I’m willing to endorse the show as a light-hearted negotiation of life, youth, and holy matrimony.” Read more.

From Cameron Archer of URBMN:

  • 18 to Life 1.1“18 to Life’s (CBC: premiered January 4, 2010, 8:00 PM ET/PT) grand concept is simple. Two 18-year-olds marry on a dare. One family’s conservative, the other liberal. It’s a standard, well-worn sitcom premise, but 18 to Life at least does something with it. While the first episode has problems, 18 to Life has the promise most debuting CBC shows don’t.” Read more.

One thought on “Reviews: 18 to Life premiere”

  1. We just watched the premiere!! It was totally delightful. The cinemotography was excellent. WE all want to move to St. John’s!! What was most refreshing were the nuiances of the Newfoundland dialect that any true Newfoundlander will appreciate!! It was recognizable but truly accurate!! It was a thrill to watch a Candian show that was interestinging, totally amusing and showed Newfoundland in such a positive mainstream.
    It was an excellent show, no matter where it might have been filmed!! Given that it is Newfoundland is a bonus!!

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