Review: Republic of Doyle “Magnum NFLD”

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Republic of Doyle: Rockford Meets The Rock
    “Republic of Doyle also arrives just as crime dramas take a turn away from dark corners and toward the light. This series is more about character than plot, although the weekly whodunit premise works, too. It is a genre show, plain and simple, stocked with wise guys, car chases and snappy one-liners. It is Rockford Files meets The Rock, Magnum NFLD. It is a guy’s show, a welcome shot of testosterone on a CBC schedule that was too girly after a string of Sophies, Wild Roses and Ericas.” Read more.

5 thoughts on “Review: Republic of Doyle “Magnum NFLD””

  1. We all Really love R.O.D. – best Canadian show since Traders ! Thank you all for doing it !

  2. As a patriot I yearn for a really good Canadian TV show and I had high hopes for The Republic of Doyle. The storyline and action were good but some of the dialogue, especially near the end of the first episode had almost unbelievably inappropriate language for mixed company. Example: “I wouldn’t let you buy me a drink (even) if you had the largest dick in the world. ” And there were other examples of “dolt” dialogue clearly written by emotionally immature twits with a twisted life’s experience and no common sense at all.

    This race-to-the-bottom language might appeal to 14 year olds who still think embarrassing equals funny but it should also alienate normal families and most mentally healthy couples watching, and guarantee their non-viewership. Boy, that should really limit your audience! Does CBC have a death-wish? Are there no arbiters of common decency working there? What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you preview this stuff?

    I will watch one more episode of ROP but if the language used continues to seek the lowest forms of expression, I will be gone.

    I am not a prude, a little swearing is acceptable and so is sexual innuendo. But there are some things that do not belong on TV, especially on our principal cultural icon. No wonder I watch all the British TV I can find. At least there, the writers understand that clever trumps moronic.

  3. Maybe I misheard but I thought she said “even if you were the last dick …”, the idea being that dick is slang for private investigator as well as, well, the other thing.

  4. A painful hour….the worst dialogue ever…but it has potential if you replace the writers, actors, and producers.

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