Ratings: Greatest Tank Battle on History Television

From a media release:

History Television Starts the New Year off with a Bang!

  • Canwest Original Series Greatest Tank Battles Delivers Massive Ratings to the Channel

The series premiere of the cutting-edge series Greatest Tank Battles delivered solid audience numbers with 348,000 viewers (2+) on Monday, January 4. The debut episode, which aired at 8 pm ET/PT, pulled in an impressive 178,000 viewers in the A25-54 demographic and 147,000 viewers in the A18-49 category. Alongside the ongoing audience success of the breakout series Ice Pilots NWT, Greatest Tank Battles further proves that Canadians are addicted to quality, homegrown programming.

Greatest Tank Battles is an action-packed 10-part series that brings to life the most gripping and monumental tank battles ever fought, through stunning CGI animation and eyewitness accounts. Filmed on battlefields across the world, this new Canwest original series puts viewers in the heat of the battles, witnessing historic armoured combats through the eyes of the very men who manned the tanks and fought to the finish.

Greatest Tank Battles airs Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT on History Television.

Source: BBM Canada PPM preliminary overnight data


7 thoughts on “Ratings: Greatest Tank Battle on History Television”

  1. Greatest Tank Battles? I hope this is not attempt to re-write history of WWII, greatest tank battle of the WWII is Battle of Kursk in 1943, greatest tank of WWII is T-34!!!! Not american Sharman……

  2. Did you even watch the show? Check the name of the show “Greatest Tank Battles” it says Battles and their are not trying to say the sherman was greatest tank of ww2 it just happens that the allied forces later in the war were using the sherman as their primary tanks no match for the german tigers or panthers as the tigers and panthers were no match for the russian T-34 and the kv-1 (I believe it was called….it was the T-34 on steroids). Both the sherman and the T-34 had a huge advantage of being mass produced. This was their best weapon not their cannons or the thickness of the armor.

  3. I like all the episodes so far.

    I hope they do a episode on Kursk. The greatest tank battle of all time was Kursk.

  4. Greatest Tank Battles – any chance of the First World War campaigns, notably the first-ever use of the tank at Flers-Courcelette in 1916 (Somme Offensive) or Cambrai in 1917?

  5. A very good series, but strongly insinuates that every hit either fails to penetrate or results in a total fireball. Even the gasoline fuelled Sherman didn’t always explode that violently. The series makers were evidently unimpressed by common reality of a penetrating round piercing the engine compartment resulting in the stricken tank clanking to an undramatic halt

  6. As for the greatest tank battle ever the Tiger was best durning the second WW. Being the most
    advanced tank to date at that time with the best gun 88 mm with the best shell high speed of 1,000 meters per second and also beening very accurate. Most people are unaware that the
    tiger was the only Tank at the time which had independent suspenion with gave them the
    ability to move and fire at the same time and still be very accurate. The best thing
    on the Tiger was the quality of steel and thickness of the steel armor that inabled it
    to withstand many differet shell with little or no damage.
    Today tanks revolves around many of the Tiger tank design.
    The only advanage that the T 34 and Sherman with in the quanitities that were produced.
    Any historian will state that the Tiger is superior that any of tank at that time.
    I have spoken to one German tanker about 18 years ago and he said with the correct
    training his team was able to knock out a T 34 with 1 shell but in the end the Russian
    were moving with such a great number of tanks that there lines were over run.
    He was captured and remained a prisoner of war untill 1952 and was one of the few
    German that were able to go home. Most people forget that the German soldiers were asked to serve there country and were just doing there job.
    In Battle odds for every 6 T34 lost 1 Tiger on average was lost.
    In Battle odds for every 5 Sherman 1 Tiger on average was lost.

  7. I watched the tank fight on the Hochwald Forest. My father in law was one of the tanks that managed to make it out. I cried when I watch your show on it. Can you sent me a link so I can show his grandchildren how it was for him during that fight and how luck they are to still have a grandfather.

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