48 thoughts on “In the news: Being Erica season 3 ‘looking very positive’”

  1. Hey everyone!

    I really enjoyed season 1 and 2!

    Big fan of this show.

    I can’t wait for season 3!!!

  2. Hey i a 15 year old and i absolutly love this show and then they suddenly end season 2 on a big cliff hanger…

    If this show is gunna end (which i hope it never does like the tv show neibours) its gotta end with all answers resolved.

    Seriously what happens to erica when she goes through that door, does she become a theropist or what?

    That room that she was in at the end was one of the most exciting parts of the series and it just stopped.

    That room is the room where anything can happen. This show now has so much opportunity and its stopped.

    We need a season 3 i found it hard enough to wait for a new episode every week now i may never have another on again.

    Please i am begging you… forget the budget cuts we want a season 3.

  3. You know, I love this show to death, it is one of the most fantastic shows CBC has made, probably since “The Kids in the Hall”. It’s smart, funny, well written, and compelling.

    That said, I think they ended season 2 perfectly, as both a season finale, and a series finale. The last thing I want is to see the show becoming tired, cliche, and getting canned for lack of viewership.

    There is so much of the show that can be explored, and while I absolutely hate spin offs as a rule, perhaps doing the show as a serial. Erica’s life is fine, she’s happy, stable, in control. Move on to someone else for a season or two. Not any of the principle cast, that’s cliche, but someone else, a minor character, or someone we’ve never seen before. Occasional cameos and familiar characters popping in is okay.

    Just my opinion

  4. I agree that Season 2 ended perfectly, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t absolutely love another series. And about Erica – it is called “Being Erica” after all. The second season ended with a lot of promise for her, and now we want to see if she makes it. :)

  5. I would really love to watch a third season. The makers of Being Erica had really some very good ideas and it makes you think about your own regrets and what would happen if you would have the opportunity to change them or just to look at them from a different perspective. Now, Erica is at a turning point – it would be great to find out what she is making now, a fresh start, a own business, a new boyfriend? On the other hand – we could just let her move on with her life, without intruding (but where is the fun in that?).

  6. I love this program. I really like seasons 1 & 2. I would really like to see more. I hope they announce a season 3 soon. I think this series it totally underrated, Fantastic show and fantastic cast. Again I would love to see more. One question where can I find a Dr.Tom?

  7. This is one of the best shows CBC has ever broadcast, and I will personally plea with whomever I have to, to keep it on air. I am sooooo excited for Season Three!

  8. I absolutely love “Being Erica” and if it doesn’t come back i will just die……its spunky and fun and its also taught me so much. i live in a little country town in North Carolina and this is what i look forward to seeing! ^.^ so i beg to the high heavens that this show comes back and soon!

  9. There MUST be a season 3. I love this show, so inspiring. Chracters are great.

  10. This show is fantastic!
    It’s the best thing I’ve seen on CBC. It’s truly great, original and dramatic.
    It’s also great to get to see Toronto as a backdrop unlike constantly seeing LA and New York City in every other show.
    Being Erica is FAR too great to only have 2 seasons… That would be a horrible way for this show to end.

    I’m a huge fan and agree with all those who say that it’s inspiring.

  11. LOVE the show – please bring Season 3 to its FANS!! It’s pretty much the best thing Canadian Television has produced since Kids In The Hall. All the other shows are recycled material. Being Erica is fresh & vibrant.

  12. My wife and I cant wait wait to see season 3. There only two shows that we watch religiously . One is Heartland the other is Being Erica . We are extremely disappointed that we are not able to watch Being Erica this season. Hope to see it soon!

  13. I really hope for a third season! There are far too many unanswered questions! Crossing my fingers!

  14. Please – do your intelligent viewers a favour (note the Canadian spelling) & let us continue with Erica’s journey. I have looked forward to Erica’s experiences each week…and I anticipate the return of this terrific series!

  15. I agree that season 2 ended well. That, however, indicates to me that writers are getting better at pre-coping with unexpected cancellations – something many stations have done to many good shows. So, season 2 ended well, and the audience loves the show – let’s keep on going! How about this:
    Season 3 opens in 2019, in hospital as Kai recovers from his overdose coma. Erica shows up (even though she said she didnt’ want that to happen), 10 years older and having gone through a great deal of life in that time. As she sits down with Kai and they reconnect as friends, we are taken back – as an audience – to experience the time that followed her breakup with Ethan and the venture into publishing. Now the show becomes a telling of a story by Erica to Kai about the past, intermixed with their continuing developement of friendship in the ‘present’. There’a a season’s worth of story potential right there with lots of room for more exploration of the therapist guild, Sam’s new life without ass-head, etc.

    More Erica please.

  16. I love this show, I really hope it come back! I also like that it was filmed and toke place in my hometown, it is neat seeing all the sites of Toronto on the show and knowing where the characters are in the city.

  17. Please bring this show back for a third season….I looked forward every week to this show…It is funny intelligent and I love the cast….I absolutely love Dr. Tom…Erica and in particular last season loved the Kai storyline…

    I am eagerly awaiting the promise of a third season..
    When will you let us know??????

  18. i love love love this show. erin is amazing and its not humaine to hve a cliff hanger like that and no 3rd season!

  19. My wife and I really like this program. Unfortunately, with the funding cuts (that reflect Parliament’s hatred for the CBC) will continue to call into question the viability of canadian productions.

  20. ‘Being Erica’ is one of the most intellectually stimulating and interesting TV shows ever! There have been some fabulous Canadian shows that have not been picked up after the first or second season (‘This is Wonderland’ comes to mind). I know that Canadian shows don’t get the same volume of followers that the US shows do – but there should be some other considerations! Our government has stopped supporting the Arts and our movie/tv industry is drying up. We, as Canadians, need to stand up and make our voices heard or eventually, we will be back to the old days of watching only US produced shows.

  21. my husband and myself have been looking forward to the next season (3) of this show for a long time. We especially appreciate that it is not formulaic, and predicatable. The actiong is also excellent. here’s hoping for a new season.

  22. This whole time I just assume that season 3 was in production. This is our favourite show. C’mon people, get on with it already!!

  23. i agree. being erica is intelligent, dear, stimulating, lovely tv show!good tv!season 3 off course, because i’m looking forward what becomes of erica ehen she’s 40,-he-he, i hope she & kai will be aliens together,…oh, &the actor-character of jiulianne , she’s so amazing, love her so much, the way she talks, she’s very inspirative. so was brent until he showed that he was evil all along (sorry for my eng grammar, i’m not english, i’m from a little, but beautiful country in the NE Europe-Croatia, and been watching Being Erica on Hallmark, but mostly online. great show, want to watch it evolve, want m-o-r-e!!!thanx.

  24. I love “Being Erica”, I’ve been waiting patiently to see if it’s going to return, and nothin. Just commercials, selling the last season, which I don’t have to buy, because I’ve seen every episode. I’ve read some of the comments above, and it’s funny because, it’s like I’m reading exactly what I feel about the show. First, it is the best CBC show, that and Heart Land, with these two hits, Americans will start to watch our programs, instead of people saying oh, it’s Canadian, and switching the channel. I live in P.E.I., but was raised in Toronto, I too watch, and look at sights that I’ve been to as a kid, Center Island, Casa Loma, and get all nastalgic. (sorry about the spelling, no spell check) any how, bring BEING ERICA BACK!!!!, it’s fun, it’s thought provocive, and it’s not just a girly show, but there is something real sexy about Dr. Tom though he.he. I’m looking forward to seeing another season.

  25. I was walking home last night at Augusta/Queen in Toronto and I walk through what I was told is the shoot of a scene of Being Erica. I’m pretty sure they were filming scenes for the upcoming season 3. Anywho – just thought I’d spill the beans for any crazy fans out there! :)

  26. This is the best Canadian series on television in years. When I talk to people about it, they look at me strange until I describe the premise for the show and then everyone who hasn’t seen it says how many great things they’ve heard about it. An absolute MUST for season three.

  27. Dear Jana Sinyor, I just wanted to say and I really hope you can read this, because is important to me, is important because this tv show change my life, I use to be Erica, and If it wasn’t for you and this show I would be the same as ever, in the meanwhile Erica was changing, I was changing, you change my life and this is important to me for you to know because I want this show keep changing a lots of lifes, so please, keep the show alive, and this is how you change the world for good, honesty, be true to yourself, self respect, go for your dreams even if the fear won’t let you, you teach me this, and i thank you, for the rest of my life. Kisses from Colombia (South America), by the way, keep the show real, don’t change it for something more comercial, please!

    your eternal fan
    Carolina Hoppner

  28. Love love love this show……there must be a season 3 ! no doubt about it! come on now!

  29. i loooooooooooooooooooove so muuuuch this show!!!!!!! please let there be a 3 season!!!!!! the season 2 finale is NOT a finale!!! we need a 3rd season!!!!!!! PLASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Season 3? Why is it even a question. Can’t CBC see what they have, a DAM HIT. A CANADAIN hit.
    I love it, it’s smart, funny and its the only reason I turn on the CBC.

    I want more, hell I damand more……….

  31. “Being Erica” is the best TV show out thier. I’m from Poland but watch the show VIA the internet. My whole family loves it. Please keep the show going. Would love two see more of “BEING ERICA”.

  32. why did season three stop right in the middle? I really wanted to keep watching the rest of the season. I go to cbc website every week to make sure that they started airing it again, however every week i am disappointed! Why did it suddenly stop?

  33. It didn’t stop in the middle- it’s done. It was a shorter season this time. Season 4 is coming next year.

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