Less Than Kind season 2 premieres Feb. 19 on HBO Canada


Friday, February 19 at 8:30 p.m.

This half-hour Canadian comedy series follows overweight Winnipeg teenager Sheldon Blecher as he attempts to survive his awkward teenage years with a dysfunctional family that includes Sam Blecher, Sheldon’s self-destructive driving-instructor father; Anne Blecher, his unstable pyromaniac mother; and Josh Blecker, his failed-actor brother. As season two begins, the abrasive Sam is at Death’s door. But even Death won’t answer when Sam comes knocking. As a result, Anne’s anxiety reaches a breaking point while Josh is torn between obligations to his dying acting career, family and his girlfriend. As the turmoil at home escalates, Sheldon is dealing with seismic developments of his own as his best friend – braceface Miriam Goldstein – is becoming more than just a friend. Together they endure the explosive shift from their life as innocent geeks to being sixteen – a world on the cusp of sex, drugs and even rock ‘n roll. For Sheldon, this is a year of bullies and girl bullies, cliques and parties – just to add a little gasoline to the fire. Starring Maury Chaykin, Jesse Camacho, Wendel Meldrum, Benjamin Arthur, Brooke Palsson, Tyler Johnston, and Ross McMillan.


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