In the news: New Kids in the Hall hit and miss

From Jaime Weinman of Maclean’s Magazine:

  • Deck The Hall With Kids And Folly
    “Just a reminder that tonight is the first episode of the CBC’s Kids in the Hall miniseries, Death Comes to Town. My reaction to the first episode was less rapturous than Raju Mudhar in the Star, but certainly a lot more positive than John Doyle, who hated the whole thing. It sort of resembles a TV miniseries version of Monty Python’s features: a loose story that incorporates a lot of little sketches along the way. I found the connecting story (about a soul-sniffing Grim Reaper who, as the title implies, comes to town) the weakest part, and the sketches, as they always are in these things, are uneven: some hit, some miss.” Read more.
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