Review: Kids in the Hall – Death Comes to Town

From Adrian Sannen of TV Done Wright:

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Diane Wild

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2 thoughts on “Review: Kids in the Hall – Death Comes to Town”

  1. I was worried it would suck and tarnish their legacy, but it was great! So many hilarious little details that I won’t bother to list. Well, Death (or is Death the mystery guy?) doing soul-rails was one! Definitely going to watch the whole season. I saw them live in Vancouver twice, they were awesome, and I’m so glad we’re getting more! Homegrown comedy that I am actually proud of!

  2. For me it brings back memories of SCTV and the original kids in the hall series…really fun and I hope they will keep doing these. I would like to say that I would have preferred it was just a two part movie instead of 8

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