In the news: Erin Karpluk on Being Erica at the TCA tour

From Alex Strachan of Canwest News Service:

  • Erin Karpluk having a ‘blast’ Being Erica
    “I’ve only been here for 24 hours, and so I haven’t had a chance to get that much feedback,” Karpluk said, looking visibly relaxed. “But the little I have, it’s been the same. The feedback is that the premise is very relatable. Regardless of your age, your race, your gender, wherever you’re at, I think that everyone can identify with (revisiting) the past, and that makes it universal in a way. So, while it is Canadian, it’s doing well internationally. I think it’s been picked up in something like 30 countries abroad. So, I’m blown away. I had no idea that it would be like this when we did the pilot.” Read more.
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