New tonight: The Border on CBC – season finale “No Refuge”

312 – No Refuge
Written by Janet MacLean
Directed by John Fawcett

Kessler must protect his ex-wife’s lover from a deadly Mexican drug cartel.

A kingpin in Mexico’s Los Zetas drug cartel is en route to Toronto to meet his new distributors – the ultraviolent street gang, MS-13. Ramon Esteban – the new flame of Kessler’s ex-wife Terri – is a Mexican journalist whose articles on Los Zetas have put him on the cartel’s hit list. When Kessler, Carver, and Gray attempt to transfer Ramon from Terri’s shelter into protective custody, MS-13 launches an all-out attack. Kessler must fight back with an unlikely team of warriors.


4 thoughts on “New tonight: The Border on CBC – season finale “No Refuge””

  1. Excellent drama. We would not miss an episode. This cliff hanger was an excellent story around the all too real Mexican drug cartels. Great acting and hopefully sufficient to keep the ratings high. Why we Canadians don’t support our excellent televison programin is beyond me….so much more skilled and intriguing than some of the weak efforts from outside our borders. Keep up the excellent writing and acting.

  2. Our recording ended with Grey shot (dying?) and distant gunfire…did they get help? did Grey and others make it? Please tell us how it ended!!! We were travelling in U.S. and missed it!

  3. Diane….It doesn’t sound like you missed anything.

    It was a cliffhanger ending to the series.

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