25 thoughts on “UPDATE: Murdoch Mysteries moves to Friday timeslot March 5”

  1. Murdoch is about to air on PBS in Manhattan . . . WLIW in NYC, channel 21
    starts airing season one of the Murdoch Mysteries on Thursday feb 9 at 8:50 pm starting with ep. 101 followed by episode 102 @ 9:40
    Then each week after that it will be in at 8:50 in the evening same night.
    They said that it is the highest rated broadcast time for them all week.

  2. Why is this fabulous series not promoted in it’s own country. We love it but have a hard time knowing when it will be on. Thank goodness I checked this site for the next season. We thought it was cancelled!

  3. I’m also quite happy to see the series return. I thought it was cancelled. When the episodes are honest with the historical setting and the thinking in that time, I find the show well above average. Modern mores juxtaposed in this historical context ruin the entire show. We have such a collection of extremely talented actors here that this show is a gem. I look forward to it every week. But without a doubt, we have a very talented group of writers here too, some more honest than others.

  4. I can’t wait to see this fabulous show. Why don’t Canadian stations advertize it more? Why not have a kick-off party in T.O. with the stars of the show? I bet there would be a good turn-out.

  5. I particularly like the suttle religious differences and practises of the main characters- Murdoch blessing himself when he sees a dead body, the chief inspector and his “temperance” wife etc. etc. Murdoch himself, being trained by Jesuits, is a man of principles, science, and faith.

  6. I too wonder why this GREAT show is not advertised more. There is so much garbage on TV and this is a really wonderful show. I can hardly wait til the new season starts since some of it was filmed in my home town.

    It’s time someone in your publicity dept started pushing this great series and letting people know just how good Canadian TV can be. I tell everybody I know and have quite a few friends that now also watch the series.

  7. This is, by far, one of the best programs I have ever seen on Television and the fact that it is Canadian makes it even more enjoyable. The actors are all great and I look forward to this third season. There is so much on TV not worth watching that it is refreshing to see something of this calibre presented. Many thanks.

  8. This is, by far, one of the best programs I have ever seen on Television and the fact that it is Canadian makes it even more enjoyable. The actors are all great and I look forward to this third season. There is so much on TV not worth watching that it is refreshing to see something of this calibre presented. Many thanks.

  9. The best I have seen anywhere on TV…Canadian or American. The acting is superb. This series should be advertised more than it is so other Canadians can experience the fantastic acting & presentation it affords. We love this show….please keep it coming Thank you..thank you

  10. I have been checking frequently to discover the fate of this gem. I enjoyed the books, before the pilot came out, and have watched all the episodes more than once. I thoroughly enjoy the period, the liberal adaptation of early forensic science, and of course the character development. The cast are all excellent. Thank you for continuing this series. There are so many channels, and so little worthwhile story-telling.

  11. I think Joyce’s comment says much about the state of Canadian TV. We’ve got some wonderful shows and absolutely no industry support for them. I watch CityTV quite regularly — where are the advertisements? the coming soons? The original films for the series (starring Peter Outerbridge in the title role) where recently aired on City. Why not some sort of tie-in?
    I feel like our industry takes very little pride and gives very little respect to our own cultural products. I just read that The Border was cancelled. I can’t help but wonder how many knew it existed. Intelligence? Durham County?
    We obviously have the talent to produce first class series — they sell very well in Europe — but at home I get the sense that CTV, CityTV and Global is just producing Canadian series in order to fill Can Con requirements. Cetainly there is no sense of their getting behind Canadian productions. What a waste of talent.

  12. My friend and I were wondering if the series would return. We enjoyed that show and still watch re-runs. Looki ng forward to the new series tonight March 5th.

  13. The Murdoch Mysteries is positively wonderful. I recently watched an episode of the new Canadian PI show, “Republic of Doyle” and it just did not hold my attention. The Murdoch Mysteries, however, is superbly staged. The clothing, uniforms, buildings, furniture, even the well spoken English of the turn-of the-(20th) century Canada are all superbly accurate.

    The cast could not be better; Yannick Bisson (Detective William Murdoch), Jonny Harris (Constable George Crabtree), Helene Joy (Dr. Julia Ogden) and of course, Thomas Craig (Inspector Brackenreid) are superbly well cast and fit their roles perfectly.

    I was beginning to pine for a new detective show that would have some class. Since the demise of Jeremy Brett (the best ever Sherlock Holmes), and the gradual rarity on TV of of David Suchet (the best ever Hercule Poriot), along came the Murdoch Mysteries. Saved!

    However, let we, the fans of television’s super slueths, never forget the classics such as Columbo, Magnum PI, Barretta and the Rockford Files (among many others) that have kept us entertained for many years. Long may the Murdoch Mysteries remain on the air!

    Bill Gibbons, Private Investigator
    Calgary, Alberta

  14. Love the British cops shows , but Murdoch is our north american version for murder mystery – great cast – good suspense – love the comment by Bill gibbons about the greats of the past – les not forget Murder she wrote – but Murdoch is great – love it – But we get the Detective and the Doctor toghther – come on – please LOL
    Great show – please let it run forever
    Garry Double

  15. What is wrong with the sound on this show? It is too loud and doesn’t fit with the picture. It sounds as though someone added it after the show was made and didn’t even see what it was about.
    Apart from that the show is great.

  16. We are huge fans of Murdoch Mysteries and haven’t missed an episode yet! Its like being in the 19th centurey and seeing what it was like to live in those time. I hope this show goes on for many more seasons. Keep solving those crimes Murdoch!

  17. Murdoch Mysteries is the best thing on TV, which isn’t saying much. Pity the sound quality is so miserable.

  18. I love Murdoch Mysteries, every Friday night is my TV night thanks for a great show.

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