3 thoughts on “Ratings: 18 to Life, Little Mosque on the Prairie”

  1. I highly doubt that those ratings are accurate. I think most of the count may come from people flipping through the channels and pausing on a CBC station for a few seconds. Especially with Little Mosque. Who in their right mind would watch this apparent “We (the CBC) will define who you are as a Canadian and slam tolerance of other cultures down your throat, with no regards to value of entertainment what’s so ever” show?

    Perhaps CBC television is broadcast in many other countries as well – with people watching for a few minutes, with dumbfounded curiosity at our embarrassing programming. I think I could actually die of shame, if non-Canadians watched this waste of our tax money and mistake it as a representation of how Canada actually is.

    Why are we cursed with such horrid programming that is incredibly out of touch with the Canadian image, basically worse than propaganda (CBC’s mandate to define the “Canadian”), mindless programming? What do CBC executives think of the average Canadian? Are we stupid sheep who would otherwise be drooling, racist, hill-billies living our lives trying to emulate American culture? Is it really necessary to have our own unique “Canadian” image? Isn’t our REAL image in the global arena already apparent? Maybe we should rename Canada to CBC. We can say to immigrants, “Welcome to CBC! Here is your certificate of citizenship to the CBC and here is a tv guide which will show you instructional television that you can watch – so that you can learn to be CBCian. Our instructional programming features hilarious comedies and realistic dramas featuring celebrities such as Mike Bullard, Ron James (neither of which are remotely funny) and whatever her name is from that moronic ‘Being Erica’ shi.. show. And remember… misery is expected.”

  2. My god withheld, is there any shows on TV you like, I for one think CBC is doing a great job producing Canadian television content. The only thing I agree with you on is Mike Bullard.

  3. I suspect you don’t want facts to get in the way of your argument, withheld, but “people flipping through channels and pausing for a few seconds” is not how ratings work.

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