In the news: Republic of Doyle leads Rockford resurgence

From Jaime Weinman of Maclean’s Magazine:

  • Detectives who aren’t that smart
    “Everyone in the U.S. these days wants to do a show like The Rockford Files, but Canada got there first with Republic of Doyle. Allan Hawco, star and creator of the CBC’s new comedy-mystery (airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m.), told Maclean’s that he got the idea for the show, about a private investigator in St. John’s, “when I was watching The Rockford Files with my dad. I was thinking it’s time we re-investigate these private detective shows, as long as we don’t take them too seriously.” Rockford’s mix of mystery and self-parody is beloved in the TV business; Kay Reindl wrote at that most writers dream of “creating a light detective show.” Now that Doyle is on the air, we’ll find out if viewers like this kind of show as much as writers do.” Read more.
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4 thoughts on “In the news: Republic of Doyle leads Rockford resurgence”

  1. Predictable. Nothing unique about it, save for the Maritime accents. We watched about 20 minutes the other night; the young fellow was getting busy with somebody’s wife … and that was that. Bleh.

  2. yeah. i agree, it was very predictable. i don’t find the lead guy that like-able and i think that’s pretty important when it comes to a show.

  3. Personally, I enjoy the character of Jake Doyle; I think he’s someone that people can really get attached too. I’ve heard more than a couple old-timers complaining about the smut such as when “the young fellow was getting busy with somebody’s wife.” The only real reason I watched the pilot (like thousands of Newfoundlanders, I’m sure) was because it was set right here in St. John’s, but if they moved the show to Saskatoon, I would still tune in but I’m not sure that the rest of Newfoundland would. I don’t think it appeals to a wide enough audience and as much as I would like to see a second season, I do not foresee one.

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