In the news: Republic of Doyle

From Alex Strachan of Canwest News Services (from Feb 10):

From Andrew Robinson of Transcontinental Media (from Feb 8):

  • Doyle’s future uncertain
    “We’re thrilled about the response. The numbers have been fairly good. We’re apprehensive about reading too much into them,” Blackie said, adding they have yet to hear official viewing figures for any of the early episodes. Read more.

From Peter Jackson of the Telegram

  • Why I’ve gone off ‘Republic of Doyle’
    “So, when I see characters on Republic locking lips at every opportunity, there’s a ring of truth in it. I’ve certainly known a few real-life skeets who, like the main character Jake Doyle, tried to hop in the sack with every long-legged looker they met. The problem is, Jake Doyle usually succeeds. The women are all horny and indiscriminate; all but a couple of them exist for little other purpose than to throw themselves at Jake at least once every show. And some sort of ‘chemistry’ usually develops with guest characters as well.” Read more.

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