Full list of WGC Screenwriting Awards Finalists

From a media release:

14th Annual WGC Screenwriting Awards Finalists

And the finalists are …


  • Grossology “New Recruits.” Written by Richard Clark
  • Total Drama Action “Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen.” Written by Alex Ganetakos
  • League of Super Evil “Glory Hog.” Written by Philippe Ivanusic-Vallee and Davila LeBlanc
  • Total Drama Action “The Sand Witch Project.” Written by Shelley Scarrow

Children & Preschool

  • Max and Ruby “Max Says Goodbye.” Written by Kate Barris
  • Max and Ruby “Ruby’s Good Neighbor Report.” Written by Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe
  • Zigby “Zigby’s Collection.” Written by Louise Moon


  • Malls R Us (Feature Version). Written by Helene Klodawsky
  • The Royal Winnipeg Ballet – 40 Years of One Night Stands. Narration Written by Robert Lower
  • A Time There Was: Stories from the Last Days of Kenya Colony. Narration Written by Donald McWilliams

Episodic half-hour

  • Less Than Kind “The Daters.” Written by Garry Campbell
  • Less Than Kind “Fun.” Written by Jenn Engels
  • Less Than Kind “Happy Birthday Sheldon.” Written by Marvin Kaye & Chris Sheasgreen
  • Less Than Kind “Careers Day.” Written by Mark McKinney
  • Corner Gas “Shirt Disturber.” Written by Kevin White & Norm Hiscock

MOW & Mini-Series

  • The Summit. Written by John Krizanc
  • Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood. Story by Vera Santamaria, Matt Huether, Sara Snow / Teleplay by Vera Santamaria, Matt Huether, Sarah Glinski, Sara Snow
  • Guns (part 1 and 2). Written by Sudz Sutherland & Jennifer Holness

Feature Film

  • High Life. Written by Lee MacDougall
  • A Shine of Rainbows. Written by Vic Sarin & Catherine Spear and Dennis Foon
  • The Trotsky. Written by Jacob Tierney
  • Love and Savagery. Written by Des Walsh
  • Crackie. Written by Sherry White

Episodic one hour

  • Stargate Universe “Time.” Written by Robert C. Cooper
  • Flashpoint “One Wrong Move.” Written by Mark Ellis & Stephanie Morgenstern & James Hurst
  • ZOS: Zone of Separation “Bred in the Bone.” Written by John Krizanc
  • Cra$h & Burn “Trust.” Written by Jackie May
  • Murdoch Mysteries “Mild Mild West.” Written by Derek Schreyer
  • ZOS: Zone of Separation “Shallow Graves.” Written by Jason Sherman

Radio Drama

  • Afghanada “Episode 65.” Written by Alex Levine
  • Afghanada “Episode 61.” Written by Barbara Samuels

Short Subject

  • Being Erica I “Webisodes.” Written by Jessie Gabe
  • My Pal Satan “Cheaters Never Perspire.” Written by Dennis Heaton
  • How People Got Fire. Written by Daniel Janke


  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes XVII “Episode 6.” Head Writer: Ed Macdonald / Written by Mark Critch, Gavin Crawford, Kyle Tingley, Albert Howell, Dean Jenkinson, Joanne O’Sullivan, Tara Doyle, Erik Van Wyck, Mike Allison, Joey Case
  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes XVII “Episode 8.” Head Writer: Ed Macdonald / Written by Mark Critch, Kyle Tingley, Albert Howell, Shaun Majumder, Dean Jenkinson, Geri Hall, Joanne O’Sullivan, Tara Doyle, Erik Van Wyck, Mike Allison, Stephen Patterson
  • The Ron James Show “Episode 7.” Written by Ron James, Garry Campbell, Brian Hartt, Mark De Angelis, Chris Finn, David MacKenzie, Paul Pogue, Gary Pearson, Jennifer Whalen
  • Rick Mercer Report VI “Episode 17.” Written by Rick Mercer, Irwin Barker, Greg Eckler, Chris Finn, Paul Mather, Tim Steeves


  • How to Be Indie “How to Be a Mehta.” Written by Anita Kapila
  • The Latest Buzz “The Wonderful World of Buzz Issue.” Written by Brent Piaskoski
  • Family Biz “Breakaway.” Written by Sheila Prescott
  • The Latest Buzz “The Comeback Issue.” Written by Darrin Rose
  • How to Be Indie “How to Strike a Balance.” Written by Vera Santamaria