Bitchin’ Kitchen comes to Food Network

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  • Bitchin’ Kitchen Premieres April 1 at 11pm ET/8pm PT

What’s the recipe for the perfect hangover cure? What can you cook to heal a broken heart – or break someone else’s? On Thursday, April 1 at 11pm ET/8pm PT Food Network Canada’s brand new Canadian series, Bitchin’ Kitchen explores delicious recipes for life and love with a twisted sense of humour and a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Previously an acclaimed web series, Bitchin’ Kitchen has received awards for ‘Favourite Mobile Series’ and ‘Hottest Emerging Digital Brand in Canada’. Now in its television debut, what was once a series of three-minute webisodes available only online, has evolved and expanded into a full season of 13, 30-minute television episodes airing exclusively on Food Network Canada.

Bitchin’ Kitchen is not your average cooking series. Host Nadia G cooks in three-inch cherry stilettos, she has a tea towel made of chain mail and her kitchen is decked out in pleather and animal print. Armed with a crew of misfit food correspondents, fresh organic ingredients and a sharp tongue, she whips up the perfect blend of food and humour. In each episode she shares accessible, inspiring recipes to suit life situations from breaking up to making up, all peppered with her signature ‘Nadvice’.

“Ever since I created the Bitchin’ Kitchen web series three years ago, I dreamed of seeing it on Food Network,” said Nadia G, host of Bitchin’ Kitchen. “I can’t wait to rock the kitchen with our bitchin’ blend of great Casalinga food, comedy and a sassy attitude that makes cooking fun.

During the premiere episode of Bitchin’ Kitchen, viewers can participate in a live blogging event at with Nadia G and Food Network Canada bloggers. Then following each broadcast, full episodes of Food Network’s Bitchin’ Kitchen, recipes from the series and behind-the-scenes photos will be available for users to enjoy at

The first two world broadcast premiere episodes include:

Bitchin’ Kitchen: Deflate Your Mate (World Broadcast Premiere)

Thursday, April 1 at 11pm ET/8pm PT

When your lover starts packing the pounds – don’t fret! Nadia G has three fantastic low-fat meals that’ll whip them back into shape in no time. A pepper-crusted tuna steak with homemade teriyaki and a side of creamy wasabi smashed potatoes and a zesty Mediterranean chick pea stew, packed with flavour, not calories. Enjoy an extra dark and decadent Pot au Chocolat with fleur-de-sel for dessert.

Bitchin’ Kitchen: Break up Bonanza (World Broadcast Premiere)

Thursday, April 8 at 11pm ET/8pm PT

Nadia G cooks up a dinner custom-made for dumping — because you once loved them, but more importantly: they know your secrets and probably got them on tape. Your soon-to-be-ex is going to get served… a sweet fig and pesto salad with an aged-balsamic reduction, a juicy Hawaiian burger with spicy chipotle mayo and tender peanut-butter-banana fritters.


136 thoughts on “Bitchin’ Kitchen comes to Food Network”

  1. This show is unbelievably horrible. I turned on the food network the other day and couldn’t believe my eyes. This show seems like a saturday night live sketch, and the host is so unbelievably ridiculous and annoying. Absolutely horrible. I only recommend this show if you want to cringe repeatedly for an hour at every stupid thing the host says.

    1. shut up, I saw nadia g in her bitchin kitchin and i think she’s bitchin and you are a lame boring ass who needs everything to be so ordinary, well, at least nadia g brings lots of laughs to my life and she looks hot too, for a chef/cook, so too bad you have only nasty things to say, you probably have a closed mind/boring!!!!

  2. This show is ridiculous…An insult to all the other great and professional chefs and shows that air on the Food Network when it plays on the same network. The host thinks she’s funny…ummm not even close with your cheesy, played out style of comedy (what’s with the stupid New York type of weird accent she puts on), and the concept of the episodes such as a “break up meal” just makes the host and producers of the show look like try-hards. I don’t think this show will last before it gets right-fully cancelled. Go back to youtube you weird little excuse for a comedian…if you were so funny, maybe we would’ve seen you on a real comedy channel/network, but since they’ve never picked up your show or ideas, get a clue!

    1. Hey idiot joe, you must be a critic or you wouldn’t be putting down such a different show, at least this show is funny and different from the ordinary old school cooking shows and she’s young and pretty. Joe, you couldn’t land a woman like that so go get your cooking on the old foggy network.

  3. I love Nadia My wife loves her My 17 year old daughter loves her…I feel sorry for the critics who aren’t in tune with a fun loving young woman with an accent that sounds like she came from the St Leonard, (Montreal) district. If you read this Nadia,We’d like to invite you to our home in Kirkland,Quebec. for a home cooked meal. It would be our absolute pleasure. You’re a Riot…

  4. I’ve just seen two episodes so far and I love the humour and camp of it all. I’m looking forward to even more episodes. The recipes seem easy enough …, even for me to try…, and the finished plates look very impressive. I love the little side bar tidbits of advice and information. Please don’t let the negative comments get to you…., just fuhgedaboutit…. maybe dey should wake up wit a decapitated muffin head in deir bed… capiche?

  5. Horrible, horrible show! I can not believe someone actually watches it let alone spend money on it.
    She is a terrible actress, no personality. And what is with the accent?! People who like her like Rachael Ray and that tells you a lot. Yuck!

  6. Totally a different person from the one above and I like Rachael Ray
    But i hate this show, IT IS SO STUPID. Not sure what episode im actually watching but their cooking for hangovers and such, and first like 5 minutes into it she started singing, i think she was trying to be funny but failed terribly. What is with her accent? it makes her sound fake and wanna be in the Italian mob. She is a try hard, not funny, no personal style, demeaning the food network and i hope this horrible show gets removed soon.
    I’m not saying she cant cook, shes a good one as far as i can tell but her style/personality on the show makes me automatically turn off the tv, or just switch channels. I have no idea how anyone can like this show.

  7. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant about the show. I think it’s because there’s nothing quite like it on the food network. I have to say I welcome this addition. I’m a 24 old student who loves food but can’t always listen to Ina garten or anna olsen and the sometimes haughty attitude towards food. Food should be fun, not just a carefully measured recipe intoned by a professional chef with decades of experience. Food should be more carefree and enjoyable and so I commend Nadia for trying to make it more enjoyable.
    I’m definitely keeping an eye on this show.

  8. “Bitchin’ Kitchen” is to TV as Malware is to PCs: How did it get on there? And, how the hec do I get it off? Enough said!

  9. i happened to stumble on this show by accident and luv it ever since. I’m a big fan of the food network and i think this show is differnt , original and entertaining. So what if it’s not ur typical cooking show………. There is always room for something different and God knows this is different…Keep it up…..can’t wait for nxt episode.

  10. GREAT SHOW!! she tells it like it is, I love her humor, anybody who has had a hangover knows that a poutine is just what you need the next morning, and for those of you who don’t like the show maybe you could use a drink, you think that is an accent you should come to New Brunswick. Besides shes HOT.

  11. Nadia’s personality is infectious. She brings a down-to earth, real, humerous and frank approach to food and life events. Her persona is so much fun. You just want to hang out with her. Nadia, come visit me and my friends in Woodbridge and Maple ON! We love you!

  12. I’m watching it right now and i have to admit that she creeps me out. She it very pretty but in my opinion she would be a lot prettier if she didn’t talk. She is also very flamboyant and it seems like an act.
    She is a female version of a new york itallian male. This show is stupid.

  13. I don’t like to discourage a young person who’s trying to make it, but this show is by far the worst thing Food Network Canada has ever put on. I agree with the remark that it’s like a bad SNL sketch — and that’s likely the whole point. It’s as if they’re trying to pull something over on the audience. I’m embarrassed for Nadia G., the rest of the cast, and the network. Whether the recipes are good or not isn’t the point — that actually gets lost in all the cheesy theatrics. Please, Food Network, pull this waste of time off the air. Unless, of course, it’s simply to fulfil the CanCon requirements of the CRTC. In that case, leave it on — it’s about as watchable as anything on the CBC.

  14. This show should go down as a case study in why Canadian television is so cheesy, unreal, unwatchable and unrepresentative of who we are. Drives me crazy.

    What makes Canadian TV and movies so bad is the ridiculous and inexplicable attempt of actors to “act American” and producers to script actors sounding “American”. Watch for it. Aggressive, sarcastic, blunt, cliche ridden language that tries to make Canadians sound like tough talking Yanks. But, WE DON’T TALK LIKE THAT. The reason Corner Gas was so successful domestically and internationally is that Canadian actors got to act CANADIAN!

    This silly show, named after a word that has not become socially acceptable in Canada, “Bitchin’, with an actress who sounds like she is either from New Brunswick or Quebec, trying to put on some sort of mafiosa American Italian accent just reinforces the worst stereotype of Canadians…. we’re dying to be American.

    Quit it.

  15. This is the worst show I have ever seen. It makes a joke out of every chef I have ever known. Your so called chef is commical to say the least, she is rediculous, obscene, and totally crass. She is way out of her leage. Why don’t you through her back in the bay, she is such a smelly fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I realize this is a character being played by someone pretending to be an actress/cook, but either the character is terrible or the acting is terrible or both. I’ve tried to watch this show on several occasions and can’t get past the first 2 minutes without scrambling to change the channel to absolutely anything else. I have no idea if the recipes they have her cooking are good or not, or whether she can actually pull that part of the show off because as soon as she opens her mouth I’m done.

  17. Uninspiring recipes. Horrible fake accent. Bad campy humour. Sorry Nadia G.

    And to Stacy from New Brunswick, it IS a fake Brooklyn accent. Nadia is from Quebec.

    1. show is not meant for ignorant americans; since american barely have a command for their own official language; let alone a quebecois language
      should be a local show

  18. Yall who don’t like her just aren’t accustomed to something different then your stuffy chefs on the network, I think she’s a breath of fresh air, fun and spunky. As a woman of the younger crowd, I’m sick of trying to keep up with these chefs who try so hard to be like Gordan Ramsey. She makes cooking fun and even easy, specially something that I need. This show is supposed to appeal to the younger crowd under 30 so think about it before you get too huffy and snotty people. Keep it up Nadia, you’re a blast and look amazing doing it! Love from Alberta baby <3

  19. This program is definitely different. Despite being young, this program does not appeal to me. I have tried to give it a chance and have watched only a couple minutes of each episode before I had to change the channel. I don’t care about the weird accent, but I just can’t stand Nadia’s mannerisms when she speaks and the way she speaks. It is extremely fake, and trying way too hard to be cool and hip with the kids or something. I can’t pay attention to what she is actually cooking because I’m constantly cringing whenever she talks. If Nadia talked like a normal person, the show would be a hundred times better. I will say that the show does have elements which I like such as interesting themes and decor. But fortunately, this is probably not enough to save it for another season.

  20. Mia, I am under 30 (18) and this show pisses me off. The host is annoying, not funny, and she cooks food which is not very good looking. Not all the chefs on the network are trying to be Gordon Ramsay. Also, the Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen is an act as well, he is actually a caring and good person if you watch his other shows, especially his ones on the british networks.

  21. This chick is seriously hard to watch. How can the producers of this show think this is worthwhile tv. Her food looks terrible and that accent makes my stomach turn. I’m 26 and would way rather watch a chef like Jamie Oliver, Giada, or Ina Garten then this mess.

  22. Nadia G ROCKS! I love her! She is too funny and cute at the same time! The attitude the remarks the recipes… all fantastic. I love the set / kitchen with the kewl gadgets set up colour and appliances.. love that stove-top!!!!! Want one!!!!!! You go girlfriend! ROCK ON! From one stronge willed Italian woman to another! Keep up the fantastic work!

  23. Just because the food doesn’t look appetizing doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious, personally I find chili to be the most disgusting thing I’ve seen for food and it’s taste far outweighs its look. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover is a great way to think but oh well, to each his own. I quite like her fake accent because it keeps my attention whereas a couple of the ladies doing cooking shows have a pretty monotone, steady voice. Boooooooooooring.

  24. I just came across this show & watched for about 8 minutes before I had to turn it off! While I think it is commendable that they are trying a light-hearted & “twisted” approach to food, I think Nadia is over-acting WAY too much. You can see the jokes/punchlines coming a mile away (yawn!), and the over-the-top theatrics is a bit too pandering and insulting to the intelligence of the audience. Maybe she should watch Guy Fieri on how to get that right balance of bigger-than-life personality without being a completely boring and sad cliche. I hate to knock a young girl down, but really, please tone it down & get some of the real YOU on there – then maybe we could watch without cringing.

  25. The concept is OK, the campy thing is funny, done, but good enough. I know she is french but the added Ginette accent though made me turn this off and never turn back. I really hope this isn’t Canada’s answer to triple D and Guy Fieri.

  26. I would rather stare at a TV turned off then watch Bitchen Kitchen. I like the food network but come on this is garbage. See is not inspiring, nor is she funny. What food network was trying to receive by airing this show I will never know nor understand. Terrible terrible terrible.

  27. Lots of other countries manage young/hip/funny/silly + cooking without it resorting to a cringe-worthy collection of ethnic stereotypes. Beautiful Cooking, from Hong Kong, or the old Japanese Iron Chef come to my mind as examples of young, silly cooking shows. Or if you’re looking for classier, but young, go for something like Cook Yourself Thin from Britain or even the Post Punk Kitchen.

    Nadia’s not just awkward and trying desperately to make you laugh – she’s crass, insulting and childish. It’s as if one of those STD ridden horrors from Jersey Shore decided to become a cook.

    BTW, I’m in my early 20’s, so I suppose Food Network is aiming for my demographic. But my friends all hate BK as much as I do.

  28. Maybe it is me that is reading too much into this show but I think it is awesome. It makes fun of all the awful tropes out there on the cooking shows. It is irony and sarcastic laden. The recipes aren’t the point. I admit I wasn’t sure the first show.

    In terms of the act, it is a story of a young Anglo of Italian descent wishing to be an actress and having to resort to a cooking show and just trying to be herself. Just like all those other fake setups on the Food Network, (Paula Deen, Ray Ray, Giada — a trained chef no less). It is comedy show about food shows.

    There is the soft petroleum jelly shots of the food, the beefcake spots and the matching set to the clothing. For a hint of the humour, look at the details on the set and how they change. Goth settings, some of the books in the background for the food shots. Its about the little things.

    It is the funniest thing that the Food Network has done in a long while.

  29. I’m not sure about this show. The first time I saw it, I kind of just cringed. It seemed like she was trying to hard with the intense makeup and cheesy jokes. I’d rather watch Ina Garten, Michael Smith, or even Guy.

  30. A lot of spiteful, jealous people here who don’t get humour. She’s a hoot! I love her kitchen, I want it.

    1. Th fact that you use the word “hoot” to describe her shows your lameness! And ya, we are just jealous…lol!! And we don’t humour? Humoue is supposed to make you laugh, this garbage doesn’t!

  31. I get the feeling there are a few people posting here under a few names. Yes, spread the negativity.

  32. I have been cooking for a great many years, and I love watching the food channel, however same old same old. This is the most refreshing new show on this channel, and I just love it. It has brought cooking to a new and humorous level. Great stuff, I hope folks give it a chance, and lighten up. After all we spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for our loved ones, and why not make it fun along with the great recipes that this show provides. Congratulations on trying something a bit different.

  33. I think if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it all, specially to a lot of people out there saying she’s overdone and that other bullcrap. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it simple as that. You either like it or you don’t so stop nit picking.

    Rhudder has an excellent point about THE point of the show, it’s not just about the cooking, it’s a comedy show about a cooking show…look it up on youtube maybe yall will understand her a bit better instead of judging instantly because she’s not your style of school girl giggles.

  34. i think your great! i watch your show and i love love love it. i also love to so i love your dishes. i would love to have you in my home with my family and have a bitchen good time in pointe claire! love lena!

  35. If the show doesn’t work on its own, it doesn’t work. I shouldn’t have to look it up on youtube to understand what she’s doing. From her show, it seems she’s doing an ethnic stereotype of a loud, vulgar, trampy Italian. Ha. Ha. Explain to me why that should be anything but offensive…?

  36. I’ve been watching the Food Network since I started to cook – it’s my favourite channel. At first, Nadia’s show caught me off-guard as I haven’t seen anything else like it. But the more I watch it, the more I love it. I just love the show now. She’s got a popping personality, and may not suit everyone’s taste, but that’s the point. It’s easy to find a host with a flat personality who can cook and will please everyone (or at least not displease anyone) – but that’s boring. She’s fun, fresh, smart, sexy, and breaks a lot of stereotypes. It’s great to see a young woman who doesn’t feel like she has to act like all the other women on the Food Network. Why is it that only the men get to be quirky and have fun? As a young, professional woman who loves to cook and have fun, I’m a big fan of the show.

    To those with only negative things to say – open your minds and perspective to new things and give it a chance. If you still don’t like, switch the channel, but no need to insult anyone. If we all liked the same things, life would be BORING.

    Keep it up, Nadia!

    Karima in Toronto

  37. This has to be the stupidest show EVER put on T.V.
    It is ridiculous, silly and just plain dumb. If it is trying to emulate hard core, punk rock it is so far off it is embarrassing, not to mention insulting.
    We are just waiting for this travesty to be cancelled.
    Oh dear GOD Food Network HURRY!

  38. What is going on? This person is the reason small soap dishes have a personality. I absolutely would not watch this show ever again. She is the worst act I have seen anywhere. The phony accent and attitude may be one of the reasons people turn gay. I would not touch her with a fourty foot pole and I believe even Roman Polanski would agree. Get her the hell off of tv and stay with your original winning formula. Could anyone really see themselves settling down and having children with this attrocity, I think not. Get her the hell off of tv.

  39. Wow…cannot believe how people feel they have the right to put down others in such harsh ways all in the name of internet anonymity!!! I have seldom ever left comments on blogs or sites of this nature but felt compelled to do so after reading so many of the above disses, insults and attacks!

    It’s just television, people! The show is meant to entertain, and obviously break the mould of the typical cooking show by adding in an element of humour and apparent “acting” on the part of the host. Yes it’s clear that she’s not really from New York….who cares!?

    I have started recording this show so that I don’t miss it….obviously not everyone’s taste but I can’t stop laughing at her the campy humour and one-liners!! The chocolate sauce writing “IT’S OVER!” in the break-up episode sent me into hysterics!! LOL

    I hope the show finds its target audience…and I genuinely hope that the naysayers don’t rule and the food Network allows this show to continue!

  40. This show is crazyyy good. I stumbled accross it by fluke, and loved it instantly. The set, the energy, the NY accent – unbelievable! I though it was an american show – who would have thought that a canadian would do something so fresh and radical!
    Nadia is pretty, great sense of humour, the recipies are very useful, and the side characters hilarious! What is there not to like?
    For all the critics out there – you try and do something better, then come back and complain…or simply don’t watch it – “its not rocket surgery”.

    Nadia, keep them coming, and if you don’t make it in Canada, I am sure south of the border they are already loving you!!!

  41. I can’t believe some people don’t like this show. The people who don’t like this show must be really boring I mean Nadia is my favourite chef and I’ve only watched it twice. She makes cooking entertainung. And all those fancy chefs are just pplain rude and they make me wanna hurl. And she doesn,t try to hurt anyones feelings you neerds!

  42. now my favorite cooking show, funny good down home simple cooking and tips. The other characters spice it up. Campy in a rocky horror picture show type of way but fun, original, well produced and entertaining.

  43. I can’t STAND her show, and I have TRIED to watch a recipe to the end, and it SICKENS me. Her ‘accent’ and her stupid ludicrous jokes make me puke, therefore, I have no desire to eat, let alone cook. Take this poop OFF Food Network, in case someone starts to copy her ‘accent’…its not even New Jersey. She’s probably from Brantford Ontario.

  44. Ok Ok OK – listen up people! I’m a 64 year old woman – I may not be young any more because you claim she’s geared for the younger viewer but I can tell you I think she’s hilarious! I will admit the first show turned me off because she was overdoing it (in my humble opinion), but the last few shows she has tone down the accent and her repetitive “Italian slang” words – I now think she’s absolutely the freshest thing on t.v. – I just wish she would get rid of her 3 guys — totally unnecessary. Her humour and perfect timing (as well as her cooking) are enough for me. Why do you need these guys Nadia? That I don’t understand – spend more time explaining the length of time you need to cook your dish and show it more fully and less time letting these guys waste time. Talk more about your family and your experiences with them — make it more personal. You’ll see – make this show all about you and your cooking!

  45. didn’t quite get her the first time I watched but I think she’s totally cool – love her “guys” – they are all so stereotyped yet – as stereotypes sometimes are – totally lovable. I think this is pure entertainment – I haven’t seen any recipes I’d make yet but I love to watch it. What is wrong with all those critics??

  46. Funny program ! …. love all the tips … I watch this for the laughs … and sometimes the food; her ‘guy’s are totally cute! Why are you all moaning ???? This is definitely fun in the kitchen ! … more please. I need more of this on a Friday night. Well done.

  47. Whadda sitch. i CAN’T BELIEVE WE ARE SO DEPARATE FOR CANADIAN CONTENT ON THE FOOD NETWORK. This show is so dumb, it makes me shudder and cringe. As an Italian canadian, I shudder to think that a person of my own ethnic background can do so much damage to our public image as a nationality, as well as to Canadians and canadian media. If food network is so desperate for canadian programming, they can always run reruns of chef pasquale’s show or wok with Yan. I guarantee the ratings would be higher!

  48. amazing writing – you bring back memories of nonna’s cooking and her kick ass attitude – but your writing and delivery is awesome
    wish you much success and if you are ever in windsor ontario I have to show you my Dad’s cantina – it is where we are all gathering if dooms day hits – we could live down there for a couple years
    ciao bella

  49. Watched the show with my mom – she loves you and your sense of humour! We are Italian and we are not offended. It was the most entertaining cooking show I have EVER seen. I want to try and make the zucchini flowers. Thanks for the laughs.

  50. I’ve watched all of the episodes of Bitchin Kitchen, and while I admit that the last few were a definite improvement over the earlier ones, I can’t help but find the show terribly flawed. It seems to me that the producers of this show are trying too hard to be “cutting edge.” It’s over produced (i.e. too much music, too many flashes and aggressive sound effects). The opening credits (while impressive from an animation standpoint) look like they were made by a first time filmmaker who suffers from OCD.

    The comedy usually consists of the host aggressively ranting in an unappealing know-it-all way about something or other that’s vaguely related to the episode’s theme, for long periods of time with very little comic payoff. I feel like I’m being berated when I hear these rants. I could forgive them if they were funny, but they just aren’t funny enough.

    I don’t find that the host connects with the audience in any personal way. She’s far too “over the top” as a character, and seems to lack any real personality. Why should the audience care about what someone they DON’T care about has to say? It’s a problem, for sure.

    The secondary characters basically do the same shtick every week – the meat guy’s dumb and has wife problems, the spice expert talks in non-sequiturs, and the bald body builder takes his shirt off. In other words, each episode is about the same as the other when it comes to these guys.

    Having said all of that, I would also like to say that I don’t think the show is doomed. With some tweaking, a new writing staff, and the benefit of experience, it could turn into something interesting.

    1. Jeremy T – re Aug 10 2010
      (like duck duck goose .. )you tapped all nails right on their heads .. the ‘Host’ and the ‘secondary characters’ .. they are what makes Bitchin Kitchen so GREAT!! .. personally i enjoy the show and recipes .. the ‘producers’ are eccentric in a Whimsical way .. I hope they Don’t Change a Thing .. :)

  51. please fill this time slot with something more engaging/worth people’s time. This show/host/writing comes across as completely daft.

  52. I love Nadia G’s show. I just wish it weren’t on at 11…. Her recipes, her personality, her style and the show…. I say keep her on and move her to a better time slot then 11 pm. For those who don’t like her go watch Martha Stewart she may be more your style…. old and boring. You go Nadia G!!! Love it!!!!

    1. Yes. God forbid if you should like someone who actually knows a lot about something. Martha can actually show people how to do things that are worthwhile and to the letter. Nadia is an embarrassment to the culinary industry. Nobody likes people in their industry who lack real know-how and rely on shtick and faking their way through. Some people actual use their skill and integrity to do well in life.

  53. This show is the most embarassing, irritating and awkward of all the food channel shows – ever! I can’t believe she suckered the producers into getting it on air! Please, please, please get something of quality or even just less obnoxious!

    1. I completely agree Michael…just saw this show for the first time the other night…I was horrified at just how unbelievably ridiculous and awful it is! The host is beyond cringe worthy – and it makes no difference that it’s just schtick. Annoying beyond any show I can recall… The Food Network really dropped the ball on letting this show pass through to air…what the heck??

  54. I feel sorry for all the angry people. LOL I think it’s different and fun. BTW my cousin is from Montreal and sounds just like her. Get of your bubble people… but if you want to stay there Im sure there are all kinds of martha stewart type shows for you to watch.

  55. All I can say to the pack of whiny losers calling for an end to Nadia G: Take off!

    If you can’t stand to allow this breath of fresh air come into the stale environment of the Food Network for 1/2 hour a week, go do your shopping when it comes on, while my family sits back and laughs our bacon off. Some people don’t like the camp humour, but lot’s of us do, so give us our Nadia fix or else.

    This is a sketch comedy/cooking show and some of us do appreciate the chance to see something different for a change. The person who said it was like a bad SNL skit had it partly right (aren’t all SNL skits bad these days?). Those old enough to remember The Kids in the Hall or SCTV can remember the funny moments, but we tend to forget the misses. Nadia might not knock ’em all out of the park, but she keeps on swinging for the fences, and I like her style.

    She does make some good food, too, if that means anything on the Food Network.

  56. Bwahahahahahaha. She cracked me up! I’m 52 years old (still hip and all) and her meals are REAL meals that look delicious, AND are perfect for the theme of the show. My husband (an eye-talian) was captivated and smitten from the get-go, just as I knew he would be.

    Watch the show and just wait for her snarky comments, delivered with a touch of bravado and a side of wisdom. She’s like your popular, older cousin that you looked up to and wanted to be like. Rock on Nadia…

  57. She’s actually not too shabby…ill admit I was reluctant to watch it but she is funny and the food looks good. She needs to try and control the hands a bit more and if only her voice was just a touch more feminine I would have no complaints. Then again who can stand yum-o 8 times in an episode or the popped collar on the blue button up shirt ina always rocks…lllleeeets not forget the way sandra lllleeeeeengthens her l’s…oh yeah and tiara can’t go an episode without saying “just like that”

  58. OMG. This chick is soooo annoying. Could she possibly use more arm gestures? So obviously trying to show off her toned arms the entire time. Personality is such an act. She is like the female Joey from Friends. Ehh this, Ehh that. Reminds me of a lesbian tomboy.

  59. We’ll grow on ya ;) Welcome to lifestyle 2.0 folks, the cardigan and saccharine disposition ain’t for everyone.

    For all those kvetching, this one’s for you:

    1. I am a ‘young’ 67 year old grandmother of 4 and all I can say is: OMG I just love you Nadia – you light up my day – you are so adorable and I love your humour – keep it up – I love the way you change your hair & look all the time and your campy kitchen rocks – specially the vintage dolls on the shelf (since I sew Prim Raggedys & dolls) I hope your show lasts forever, I love you and your recipes!!! You Go Girl!! Alberta Gal

  60. I stumbled across this train wreck while flipping through the channels. The episode ended 15 minutes ago and I’m still in shock. WTF?? Where did they find this braud?? I’d rather scratch my eyes out with a rusty razor blade than watch/listen to even 30 seconds of this nightmare. SHE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!

    1. ha ha ha…yes, exactly, I understand the lasting shock and wtf feeling…(p.s. it’s spelled broad fyi :)

  61. HAHA! Just saw her show….I love love her! So hilarious! She knows what she is doing too and the food looks awesome!

    She is a great mix of crazy character, culinary skills, technique, and timing. This is a scripted cooking show people…. meant for great entertainment. Alton Brown has a scripted crazy cooking show too and quite informative I might add.

    Quit taking yourselves so seriously. There are plenty of DRAB, boring, ‘slow cooking’ shows out there for you stiffs.

    She can bring her crazy cook self and cook in my kitchen anyday!

  62. I love this show it is hilarious and I love her accent,she makes cooking funny,very few people (Alton Brown does and so does Morocco) I watch this every Wednesday on Cooking Channel and though I will never be able to make the dishes(too spicy for my taste) I can not help but watching . I don’t know why some people hate her,so she’s not your typical cook who cares

  63. To all you people who dont like this show change the channel and quit trying to ruin a entertaining show on food networkm you people probably like nickleback too. Looooooosers try something new get up and actually cook something rather than stuffing your faces with that microwave popcorn. Tested all recipes and all turned out and actually tasted good as for ramsey get a cookbook and read it better than his fake script written reality garbage.

  64. It gives me great pleasure to add myself to the list of people who think this show is not only one of the worst things of Food Network, but all of TV. I only hope it gets cancelled so that the “non-haters” can cry in their beer.

  65. Initially I thought this was some Jersey Shore-inspired, manufactured cartoon, but after two episodes I saw the error of my ways. She is genuine, sharp, and the recipes are amazing. There are hundreds (or it only seems that way) of cooking shows out there with predictable formats, so for those who don’t like this one, please leave your vote out if it — we need something different in the mix. The cartoonishness is deliberate, and makes moments like her feminist rant all the more insidious. I howled at her snarling that women are supposed to worry about crow’s feet, yet still be relaxed enough to orgasm just from sniffing a shampoo bottle. Since Sarah Haskins retired from “Target: Women”, we need somebody to take up the slack, even if she’s tarted up in leopard print.

  66. I love Nadia G show also love her recipes. I am years old and I enjoy very much watching her with the beatiful shoes and nice clothes.She is better and more fun than Rachel Ray. Please keep the show on the air. She can also be on the movies. My daughter and I love you! Good Luck

  67. Shtick is never good. It appeals to some people initially, then wears off. In the end, you’re left with nothing. If you want to cook, cook. If you want to be a comedian, do an act…if you’re funny, that is. Cooking can be plenty entertaining if you’re a passionate chef. People actually enjoy passionate chefs. Weird, huh?
    As for the people who actually think this is a good cooking show, you guys don’t cook much, do you?

  68. Wow. It’s so embarrassing to be Canadian when you’ve got people making comments like these. Nadia G ROCKS, and she knows it. Her show isn’t for you. It’s for people who get it, and it’s without a doubt the most awesome show on the air. Love you Nadia, PLEASE come back with new episodes soon!

  69. Well…sorry but I hate the show also. Nadia’s hand gestures get to me. What is it with the crumpled baby on the shelf? She cooks like she really doesnt know what she is doing. They always show fast close ups when she is chopping/cutting etc. What annoys me the most is her tone of voice like she is a mafia princess. UGH! Please take her off the air!!!

  70. I really enjoy watching Nadia G’s cooking, Nadia G is fun, beautiful, way better than Racheal Ray, & Nadia G’s cooking is excellent!!!
    The show is very awesome, I wish Nadia G a successful career with her cooking.

    People that hate on Nadia G, have some respect, and show some class. If you don’t like her show, then don’t comment here!!!

    “Nadia G You Go Girl”

  71. I could deal with her 80s street walker attire, and I might even get used to her hand gestures. But that voice! You have GOT to be kidding me? No one sounds that fake/stupid/ridiculous!!! It’s like she thinks she’s in the mafia!!! Do I cringe or laugh at the bad acting? And no, I don’t mean laugh WITH her. The whole time I was watching I couldn’t believe they put her on the air! Please take her off!!!!!

  72. this is such a stupid show get rid of it PLZZZZZZZZZ ill be a better host then her cant beleive they put her on air

  73. Nad’s the best and shkeve the rest! C’mon, Giada DeLaurentis? PAULA DEEN? The flippin’ Neely’s?

    You GO, Nadia. Shake it up baby!

  74. TERRIBLE show… i was so shocked at the way she acts, i couldn’t even focus on what she made and if it was good or not!
    she sounds like an italian american/canadian MAN, not woman.
    like some people said, she sounds like she’s in the mafia.
    her hand gestures are too over the top and over pronounced…
    and in the episode i saw, in the close ups of her chopping, and handling the food, she had on CHIPPED red nail polish. it was chipped to that point where only a bit remains in the middle of the nail, the rest is scratched off.
    i also don’t like the long, stupid speeches :s you can and should be informative in a cooking show, but i don’t want to hear about random stuff for 10 minutes. alton brown does it the best. unlike her weird side kicks

  75. The greatest 30 minutes of television ive seen in quite a while. In a TV world full of garbage (i.e. MTV), this is a nice departure filled with some laughs! Nadia G rocks!

  76. I absolutely love this show. It’s one of my top favourites. I’m so glad it’s back on air.


  77. No one was more surprised than me to find out that I really enjoy this show. Usually I like “How To” TV to be just that, informative and to the point. But after watching a couple of episodes I am hooked. Her food is interesting and easy to cook. I think she really knows her stuff. Yes, some of the humour is edgy, and silly. But it adds to the style of the show. So I ask you, what would you rather watch, Martha, an aging ex con, or a gorgeous kitchen diva with a twist?

  78. So bad… I hate her voice – who can stand it for more than a second – and it sounds so fake. And Jim, I will take Martha any day over this obnoxious wannabe. At least you can understand Martha and she doesn’t mumble and act “so dramatic” every second.

    And I don’t find her “gorgeous” to be honest. No thanks.

  79. It’s hard to adequately describe just exactly how annoying the promos for this show are. I hate them and have to mute the tv anytime they come on.

    NADIA: You’ll grow on me? Trust me: if you ever do, I’m going to the doctor for medication.

  80. Please, please do not take this show off the air. I don’t know why any one would waste their time ranting and raving about something they don’t like. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. I’m not interested in 80% of what is offered on t.v., but I’m sure as hell not going to take anytime out of my life to write an essay about my distaste. Just because some of you don’t like it, stop trying to ruin it for the people who truly enjoy this show, or any other show for that matter. Why are you wasting your time and anger on a cooking show when you could put that passion into something that will benefit, such as volunteering, or spread awareness about the horrific acts of abuse, or goverernment funding cuts for the hard working people out there, etc, etc, etc… PLEASE DON’T PUT BITCHIN KITCHEN OFF THE AIR. I truly look forward to it. She is so lovely and funny, I just adore her. Why would anyone have a need to take simple pleasure away from anybody. I would never think to do that to anybody, regardless on how much I personally distaste something. Thank you.

  81. I just cannot get past the ridiculous promos they play for her show. Something about eating risotto or making out with Clooney. The voice and the accent just irritate the slop out of me. I have tried watching the show, but it only takes 5 minutes for me to go “WTF????” and change the channel.

  82. It’s 3AM and I’m up watching tv.
    I love to watch cooking shows.
    But then this..this show. It is so unbelievably dumb that I typed “BITCHIN’ KITCHEN IS FUCKING STUPID” into Google and it led me here. I don’t even know why I’m posting.. Just to say how much it pisses me off to see another show trying too hard to be edgy and cool and IN YOUR FACE. Is that accent even real? These people are trying way too hard. I don’t even understand what they’re trying to emulate.WHAT IS THIS?
    Why does it make me so angry that I’m writing a rant that no one will ever see? It’s really that stupid. Cancel it. Try again. Sit and think about it for a bit before you put it on air because this is absolute shit. Just stop. I can’t even picture a person who would enjoy this type of thing. I’m going to bed angry now.

  83. I think that everyone who dislikes Nadia should just turn the channel, or do something else. Are you all really that bored or full of anger that you need to bash on this woman? Personally, I could do without the hand gestures and accent, but I love what she cooks! She’s spunky! And it’s a breath of fresh air! You guys should just give it a break because they aren’t canceling her show any time soon!

  84. I’ve watched a lot of crap…but Bitchin Kitchen takes the cake. Her humor sucks, and she definitely tries way too hard. This show is so fuckin annoying, it makes my head explode.

  85. If I have to hear her howl “In the HOOOOOWWWSSSE” like a banshee one more time I may have to stop watching the Cooking Channel altogether. MOST ANNOYING COMMERCIALS EVER. Most annoying “personality” on both networks combined. Awful. Just awful. If the network insists on keeping this crap, they could do us the favor of running the promos less…lots less; preferably not at all!

  86. The show’s great. So creative. Well-written, tightly performed. A new reason to get up in the morning. Of course she’s cartoony. That’s the intent: young, funky. I’m 70. Still love rock and roll. Gonna go paint my cupboards orange now.

  87. This show is terrible, take if off the air please, ive watched every show on food network, and this is the only one ill change the channel when it comes one, even if its just playing in the background…

  88. This show makes me cringe! I turn the channel whenever it comes on. Horrible, horrible show! She is over the top and just plain annoying.

  89. I’m an italian from Montreal (where this show is filmed) and I can tell you that the way Nadia speaks and acts is not far off from the way some other italians around here speak and act. She just exaggerates it for the show. I guess you have to be an italian from Montreal to really appreciate her humour. And the arm-gesturing while talking is very normal for italians – get over it.
    After catching a glimpse of the show a while back I never thought I would like it because it seemed too loud and obnoxious (like so many italians around here) but if you give it a chance you can begin to appreciate her offbeat attitude and her amazing recipes. Do I plan on watching this show on a weekly basis? Maybe not because its a bit too in-your-face for me, but I do watch it occasionally and will continue to do so. This show is like a breath of fresh air. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Plain and simple. But at least give it a chance. You might be surprised.

  90. this show is particularly bad, overly scripted, over produced, with the host having varying accent quality, and is difficult to watch with all the edits and cuts and venue itself is nearly unwatchable.

  91. I agree, that this show is terrible. I never will watch it and turn the channel as soon as it comes on. Probably the worst show on the Food Network and I’m surprised they allow it to continue. The host is a coconut and very annoying.

  92. Worst show ever , a kick in the nuts to any Food Network fan . All you Nadia lovers should be ashamed of yourselves .

  93. Terrible show and completely unbearable to watch. Nadia G should stiick to short skits on YouTube! More than 5 minutes of her on screen with the awful jokes and terrible accent is stomach turning. Go away Nadia G.

  94. Truly the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the tube – so embarrassed that it’s a Canadian creation. Have we really come to this as a society ?? Stupid fake accent, dumb jokes, crappy food … That this show actually appeals to some people and has survived for more than two episodes is terrifying .

  95. To those of you who don’t like this show, for gosh sake, just watch something else, because there are lots of us who really love Nadia. I’m a grandmother of 4 and love her ‘pep’ and consider her my “TV Granddaughter” for fun, fun!! Add a little Zest to your life!

    1. Sweet jesus….I am starting to see that her only fans are old ladies who think they will appear “cool” if they say they like this piece of garbage show!!

    2. You suggest adding a little zest to your life by watching Nadia G??? ***** In my opinion, that kind of zest might be best compared to not washing ones hands after a dropping a E. Coli loaded, messy BM and then scooping and serving mashed potatoes by hand to others. Or maybe it could be compared to a little cat urine absorbed in carpet padding that never goes away??? Zesty!

  96. My wife and I watched the food network daily and our favorite day is Thursday. Nadia rocks

  97. What’s the matter with you people? This show is a stitch. Too much Mac and cheese or that uniquely Canadian horror poutine to appreciate cognitive dissonance?

  98. This show is the worst. The host sounds and looks ridiculous… no perhaps idiotic is a better descriptor. I can’t even stand to watch the 30 second commercials for this steaming turd. I see some people like her show and there is no accounting for taste– In fact some geniuses drink coffee made from beans that have been squatted out by animals. So there you go!

  99. Very dumb show. She looks at the camera with that stuid grin and then pretends to cook. I’m not sure she’s even doing cooking. Just another example of the standards of today. What a joke.

  100. LOSE the fake Jersey accent! Otherwise I don’t mind this show but, I have a lot of friends from Jersey who find the fakery insulting.

  101. I LOVE Bitchin Kitchen! There is no other show like it. And Nadia G is hilarioud and her recipies are easy and delicious! I was SO happy to see her back on the air!! :)

  102. this is the definition of tv for idiots. Although, most tv is made for the truly dumb. Seriously thinking of getting rid of tv in my house

  103. It must be painful for her to be THAT fake. I know being fake is somehow part of the show but good luck with that premise… unless the producers are missing it now there going to find out that PEOPLE DONT LIKE FAKE.

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