35 thoughts on “In the news: Wipeout Canada coming for 2011”

  1. I want my boyfriend to audition. Is there any way you can send me details as to where and when you can audition for the show. Thank You

  2. i would like to try out for your show if you could email me back and let me know how to do so that wold be great thanks

  3. i would like to get more information on when and where the auditions will be held to be a contestant.


  4. I would really like to audition for the show. Please e-mail me back with information about this. Much appreciated. Thank You

  5. I am truly in love with wipeout.. And would really like go try out.. If you could please message me back and let me know where the auditions are held and when they are.. that would be awsome.. K well my fingers are crossed!!

  6. I am a huge fan of wipe out!!!
    i believe i can kick anyones ass in these obstacle courses!
    please email me for the details!
    you wont regret it!!

  7. I am interested in competing… could you please send me the audition locations and any other useful details. Thanks!

  8. My boyfriend really wants to apply to be on wipeout canada. Can you please email me when he can apply and how to apply. Thanks so much.

  9. I am a huge fan of wipe out!!! My boyfriend wants to try out for your show if you could email me back and let me know…..THANKS

  10. Both me and my boyfriend just started watching the show and we would both like to go on it. Just wondering how to get on it and so forth, as everybody else is looking for.

  11. Dude i would totally kick this shows ass and win 50,000
    watch it all the time man it kills me with laughter everytime haha

    when are the auditions i would totally apply to the Canadian version man i would bring my best A game and wear the craziest costume!! and have the loudest battle cry ! get back to me

  12. Please email me details of how I can apply! I’ve been searching all over trying to find out how and can’t! Thanks so much!

  13. My Boyfriend and I are both interested in going on this show could you please email me with info on how to apply

  14. Ohhh how I’ve been waiting for this. Love reality, love game shows, love competition. I have to be on. Plus I can put on a good show while winning lol. How, when and where please.

  15. hi i was just wondering how do you sign up for this event…i have watched every wipeout show on tv…and the first time i have ever saw the show i have been wanting to go on it…so i was just wondering where or how do you sign up for this event

  16. how do you audition for this show and where is it being held…if you could please e mail me some informartion on how to sign up and to be a contesant on your show

  17. I totally want to get wipeout how could I sign in please email me. I find this show is so funny and I think it would be justice that everyone esle could laugh at me as I laugh at them

  18. It would be an honour to be on the show. Can you please send me information on how to be a contestant on the show, thanks..

  19. I LOVE Wipeout. I think doing this show would be a blast. I definitely want to audition and would love more info about when, where, and how to audition for this please!!

  20. I’ts filming in Argentina, either October or November, not sure about the auditions, probably in the summer, likely cast in Toronto, where the hosts were just cast.

  21. My boyfriend and I would love to be on wipeout Canada!! We watch the show all the time and are more then willing to make complete ass’s of ourselves :) Hopefully you could help us out with more details and we’ll be there with bells on!! Thanx a bunch of balls…………

  22. Hey everyone – so you think you’ve got what it takes to defeat the Big Balls?! Want the chance to prove it?

    Applications will be accepted online during the month of June 2010 on the Wipeout Canada website – link to be posted soon! Get ready to show us your best game face/battle cry/victory dance/costume!!!

    Good luck!

  23. i’m ready to do this can you send me an email reagarding details please >:)

  24. please i will like to apply ..this game is the best…where i have to sign????

  25. Chance of a lifetime. I would like to get a chance to represent the just over 40 players.

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