In the news: Comparing Hiccups to Corner Gas

From Greg David of TV Guide:

  • Life after ‘Gas’
    “It’s not fair, but everyone will compare Brent Butt’s new sitcom, Hiccups, to his old one. You know, that little show called Corner Gas? It ran for six seasons, its characters became beloved friends to millions of viewers and it scored a pantload of Geminis, Canadian Comedy awards and Writers Guild of Canada awards? Yeah, that one.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: Comparing Hiccups to Corner Gas”

  1. Watched the two new CTV comedy entries this evening. Fairly uninspired. More of what you’d expect from the ‘Corner Gas’ team. Neither was awful in the ‘Little Mosque’ or ‘Sophie’ vein, but not particularly funny either and certainly not something I’d ever watch again. As nine o’clock rolled around I realized that I hadn’t laughed a single time. Switching over to CBS, I managed to get my comedy fix with an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ At least we have hockey.

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