Review: Hiccups and Dan For Mayor ‘mildly promising’

From Robert Cushman of the National Post:

  • The return of Dog River’s finest
    “Tonight, CTV unwraps two new comedy shows that, while not exactly spinoffs of Corner Gas, trade in the same kind of gentle urban-folksy humour. An American sitcom, even one as sophisticated as Seinfeld, virtually screams at you “aren’t these people crazy?” A Canadian sitcom is likelier to roll its eyes and ask you to identify with its people while suggesting that they are, really, rather odd. Both Hiccups and Dan for Mayor look, on the strength of their first episodes, mildly promising, with an emphasis on the adverb.” Read more.

One thought on “Review: Hiccups and Dan For Mayor ‘mildly promising’”

  1. Before anyone else leaves stupid, crappy reviews, let me just say Hiccups is my new favourite show, it’s waaaay funnier than Corner Gas, which, by the way, is my second favourite.

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