In the news: Craig Bromell from cop to producer

From Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun:

  • From street cop to TV producer
    “‘Bully Bromell’s’ scripted antics and continuous blurred blue line was the stuff of movies and those same politicians, who spent thousands of dollars looking for bugs in their offices, will be in front of their TVs on CTV Friday at 9 pm to watch this two-hour premier movie because ‘The Craig Bromell Show’ continues in the form of a hot-looking new cop drama called The Bridge.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: Craig Bromell from cop to producer”

  1. Bromwell should know better than to show cops drinking alcohol IN UNIFORM at Ruby’s bar after the funeral.
    That demeans the dignity of the officers and the department and SHOULD NOT be done at anytime.

    The ‘PD’ pins on the collar points on the shirts of the officers is in the WRONG PLACE, not at the bottom of the tip, they should be midway up on the collar.

    Other than that I thought the show THE BRIDGE was GREAT and is on my DVR ad a ‘record all shows’

    Sgt John Parker, retired Police Officer

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