Dragons’ Den season finale March 17 on CBC

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The Road to Riches, the special season finale of DRAGONS’ DEN, airs Wednesday, March 17 at 8 p.m. on CBC Television and retraces the Dragons’ emotional journeys to self-made success. From humble beginnings and darker days, to the joys of personal and professional milestones, this distinctive finale reveals the Dragons like never before, by providing an intimate and compelling look at the defining moments in their lives and how the past has shaped who they are today.

Arlene Dickinson moved from South Africa to Calgary at a young age. As a single mom, she struggled to balance the needs of her children and the demands of the office. This marketing maven knows first-hand the importance of keeping loved ones close.

“Never forgetting where I have come from is very important to me. I get up every day grateful for my family and the health we enjoy. The Road to Riches reminded me that I’m the sum of my experiences–I wouldn’t change a moment!” – Arlene Dickinson

From a farm house in rural Croatia to a cavernous mansion in an exclusive Toronto neighbourhood, Robert Herjavec’s drive and determination made him an international internet mogul and a brilliant example of the Canadian immigrant success story.

“It was painful to look back, as my own family had never seen some of the places we visited for The Road to Riches. I’m glad I did it because it makes me appreciate the opportunity we all have in this great country and I am even more driven to accomplish more.” – Robert Herjavec

One of the toughest critics in the Den, investment guru Kevin O’Leary’s hippie roots in Montreal and Ottawa tell the story of a young man carving his own path. O’Leary’s first job set the stage for a defining moment that convinced him to control his own destiny.

“Filming The Road to Riches was surprisingly difficult for me. I learned that going back to career successes and failures can be emotionally exhausting as you are forced revisit the euphoric highs and painful lows in high speed. My life has been a rollercoaster ride and I’m not sure I’m ready to watch the replay yet.” – Kevin O’Leary

Jim Treliving was raised in small town Manitoba where people worked hard for what they had. He swapped a career with the RCMP for ownership of a pizza joint. It was a leap of faith, and now this Vancouver-based franchise baron credits hard work and calculated risk for his success.

“I think all of the Dragons see a bit of ourselves in the people who pitch their ideas to us on the show. Making The Road to Riches was an incredible opportunity to travel back to that time when we were those aspiring entrepreneurs and to share how each of us got our first big break.” – Jim Treliving

W. Brett Wilson is an energy maverick whose red-hot oil career in Calgary took him to the top. But financial success isn’t everything, a lesson Brett learned the hard way. A few prolific personal moments challenged everything, but his true Prairie heart has led him to become the Den’s biggest dealmaker.

“As a proud Prairie boy, my roots are a great source of encouragement for me. Prairie pioneers – the farmers, the hunters, the trappers, and the traders – opened up vast areas of our great nation. I hope The Road to Riches will inspire more entrepreneurial activity across the West and throughout Canada.” – W. Brett Wilson

DRAGONS’ DEN is launching its new season with an audition tour in search of Canadians with creative ideas and money-making savvy to make the case for cash. Auditions began March 1 and due to overwhelming demand, DRAGONS’ DEN has increased the number of audition cities across the country. Audition information and scheduling details are available at http://www.cbc.ca/dragonsden.

DRAGONS’ DEN is hosted by Dianne Buckner, the executive producer is Tracie Tighe and the senior producer is Lisa Gabriele. DRAGONS’ DEN took home the 2009 Gemini for Best Reality Program or Series and is one of the top-rated Canadian-produced entertainment television shows in the country.


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