Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story premieres March 28 & 29 on CBC

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Premiering Sunday, March 28 and Monday, March 29 at 8 p.m. on CBC Television, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, KID: THE DON CHERRY STORY is a two-part, four-hour television event depicting the tumultuous and triumphant life journey of Canada’s most outspoken hockey icon, Don Cherry (played by Jared Keeso, I Love You Beth Cooper).

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, KID: THE DON CHERRY STORY tells of the career minor league defenseman’s journey from obscurity to becoming one of the most recognized faces in the country. It is the behind-the-scenes story of his professional and personal life with his young family and beloved late wife Rose, who became his lifelong confidante, supporter and stabilizing influence. From criss-crossing North America during his 16 years in the minor leagues, to facing both financial and family health crises, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, KID: THE DON CHERRY STORY unfolds as a distinctively Canadian human drama and love story.

Supporting cast includes Sarah Manninen (aka Albert Walker) as Rose Cherry, Ty Wood (The Haunting in Connecticut) as Tim Cherry and Paige Bannister (Something Beneath) as Cindy Cherry.

Love him or hate him, Don Cherry’s popularity in Canada cannot be denied. For thirty years, hockey fans and media from across the country have tuned into CBC’S Hockey Night in Canada’s Coach’s Corner to hear what “Grapes” is going to say. A towering figure in hockey, his sphere of influence extends past the traditional sports arena and in 2004, he was voted seventh in the CBC’s Greatest Canadian nation-wide contest.

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, KID: THE DON CHERRY STORY is the brainchild of Cherry’s son Tim Cherry, who is the writer and executive producer. Directed by Jeff Woolnough, produced by Shawn Watson and executive produced by Laszlo Barna, Wayne Thompson and Jamie Brown. It is an E1 Entertainment, 5 for Fighting and Frantic Films production in association with CBC Television.


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  1. Really???!! Doesn’t the Ceeb already waste enough taxpayer’s money on paying Grapes and his idiot sidekick McLean their exhorbitant salaries. I am appalled that the CBC is so out of touch with their audience to think that Don Cherry warrants a 4 hour mini-series! Who cares???

  2. I care CBC. Thanks for sharing his story to the entire nation! – A Canadian and a fan of the game.

  3. Are you serious man? HNIC is definitely one of the only things people actually watch on CBC, And the ad time during it brings in more revenue then most other time slots combined. You’re mad because CBC is producing a show that might actually help make back some of the 1 billion that our government gives them every year to make less then mediocre shows about Newfoundland.

    1. I think this is a great idea. Grapes is definitely a Canadian icon and should be viewed as such. And George, if you think HNIC is one of the only things ppl watch on cbc how is it still on air? And as for the mediocre shows about Newfoundland, true Canadians know that Newfoundland is an important part of this county that has contributed to many aspects of our culture, not to mention the help in the wars and shipping. But I guess you’re to ignorant to know about that. Let me guess… you’ve never been to NL. Right??? Give your head a shake man. If you don’t like it. DON’T WATCH!!! Keep on CBC.

  4. Hockey fan or not, Don Cherry is a Canadian icon!. Not only was I excited about the prospects of the film actualy being made in my hometown Manitoba but I actualy had the chance of a lifetime to work as a featuring actor in the movie and get to hang out with his son Tim Cherry on set and actually spend an hour with Don Cherry himself. The man is a true gentleman and not just the raving mad man most non hockey fans make him out to be. His passion for the love of our game and our country is second to no one and when put in a position to defend his beliefs he is known to be loud and ferocious at times and that is his right and that is why we love him!. This movie does not only showcase Don Cherry but portrays our national sport in a time when athletes had to be accountable to their organizations and their fans every single game in order for them to earn a decent living, when men were real men. Something a lot of todays athletes take for granted.

  5. My wifeand I were lucky to be invited on the set to meet Don,He is a real Gentleman and a pleasure to talk to.We would like to wish him and all the Crew the best in 2010

  6. I just heard about this and I am excited. On Saturday nights even if I’m not watching the game I try to switch over just to hear his pearls of wisdom and great advice to the young kids. I’ve been a Don Cherry fan for many years! BTW I watch CBC on channel 9 out of Windsor. I live in Michigan just north of Detroit.

  7. It doesnt seem that theres any movement on this thread but I just thought I would update by saying that yesterday night I got to see the world premiere and I will say that I truly believe that this is possibly the best CBC movie ever made. This movie doesnt have the glamour and the overpaid actors that Hollywood requires to produce major motion films and neither does it require such as it does rank highly with the best of them. I am once again reminded of how truly special it is to be a Canadian. I am “Mr. Brunswick” (my movie name) and I AM CANADIAN!. Enjoy ;)

  8. I am presently watching the movie and thoroughly enjoying it.I am not a big hockey fan (my hubby is)but I like to watch Coach’s Corner.Don Cherry is a Canadian icon who has a big,soft heart .We need more Canadians like him to keep our wonderful country CANADIAN.I cry every Saturday night along with Don when he pays tribute to our young soldiers who are brought home to rest.

  9. I am and have been a hockey fan for many years along with my husband and our 2 children we all play and enjoy the game. I think that this is one of the most amazing life stories and to have the chance to look at the game through Don Cherry’s eyes is something. My 9 year old son loves to watch Don Cherry on coaches corner and all of his hockey videos. I enjoy hearing his words of wisdom for kids now playing the great canadian game and see first hand what effect he has on young children. I hope that CBC decides to make this into a DVD so that the kids who were not able to watch the full 4 hours can have it to watch and look back on.

    Thank you to the Cherry family for sharing your story with the world.

  10. Mike, I just want to say, your lack of Canadian pride is disgusting and you should re-evaluate what you think Canadians find relevant. It may not be relevant to you and that’s fine, but you are not the entire Canadian population. Speak for yourself and not for the rest of us.

  11. After reading your comments Mike I have to wonder, just where in the universe do you come from.
    I really doubt that you are from Canada but if you are, what’s the matter? Are you afraid the Govt. might have spent some of your unearned welfare dollars on something most of us found entertaining!!

  12. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of hearing people bashing Don Cherry. Why are people who don’t like Don even visiting this page? I’ve been heavily involved in hockey since I was a kid, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Cherry’s. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him several times, and he’s a great guy. Really friendly, always willing to stop n chat with me, even when I was just a little kid he’d say hi n stop for an autograph and a picture. Not to mention the insane amount of his personal time and money that he donates to charity… If you go to a minor hockey league game in the GTA, you will see just one example of his charitable ways. Every stop sign on the backs of the jersey’s is apparently paid for out of his own pocket, NOT the Rose Cherry foundation that he started. After all he’s done for Canada and the communities within it, no one is more deserving of 4 hrs on CBC.

  13. oh and why the hell is this moron Mike bringing Ron Maclean into this? Ron is another guy whom I’ve met, and he’s a true class act. Some one needs to make a pot of coffee n bring it over to Mike’s place.

  14. Must admit. . . .I’ve watched HNIC for years (credit my father the Habs fan for that. . . sorry Don) and have been watching hockey because I have enjoy it for about 10 years now. I missed the Cherry years but I must admit Coachs Corner is something I look forward to watching. In a world that is focused on everyone and everything Cherry tells it the way it is. I may not always agree with it but I totally respect where he’s coming from. I watched the mini series. . . .and I watched The Rocket and if Gretzky decides to put his biography to a movie I`ll watch that too. I`m proud to be part of this group that inspires pride and respect in Canadian opininons and values. And as for Ron McLean I dont think anyone has a true appreciation for someone who has to keep things moving unless you have had to play that role yourself. . . . .awesome.

  15. nice to hear about Don’s life. I like to hear what he has to say. Give er Donie!
    Belleville, Ontario

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