New tonight: Hiccups on CTV – “Hot Luv”

8 p.m. – HICCUPS – “Hot Luv” – NEW EPISODE

The competition heats up after Taylor (David Ingram) takes Millie (Nancy Robertson) to lunch. Meanwhile, Joyce (Laura Soltis) seeks Crystal’s (Emily Perkins) expertise and unexpectedly ends up getting Anna’s (Paula Rivera) advice.


2 thoughts on “New tonight: Hiccups on CTV – “Hot Luv””

  1. I love the characters in this show but It is just too silly for my taste. It doesn’t have the clever humour of Corner Gas and it seems like all the characters are over actiing. I wish they could tone it down some and perhaps it would be more enjoyable.

  2. I love this show. It is so funny. Millie cracks me up with her facial expressions. Brent…if you’re reading this, I think Millie and Joyce should enter into a reality TV show. I can ‘t wait for Mondays to watch this

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