That’s So Weird! sold to Latin America & Australia

From a media release:

DHX Media signs new broadcast license deals for That’s So Weird!

DHX Media Ltd, a leading independent international producer and distributor of television programming and interactive content is pleased to announce two broadcast sales for the sketch comedy show That’s So Weird!. Boomerang Latin America and Nickelodeon Australia have both acquired broadcast rights for the live action series for ‘tweens and teens, which airs on YTV in Canada. That’s So Weird! is produced by DHX subsidiary Halifax Film and distributed by DECODE Enterprises, DHX Media’s distribution arm.


2 thoughts on “That’s So Weird! sold to Latin America & Australia”

  1. Wow! I’m assuming the buyers have actually viewed this turkey. Could be the worst television show in history. Luckily I’m typing because I’m speechless.

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