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From a media release:

SaskFilm, Vérité Films, Company Name Here Productions & CBC Television join forces to announce production of InSecurity, a new prime time comedy series to be shot in Saskatchewan

  • Award-winning co-producers of hit comedy series Corner Gas return to Saskatchewan with latest production

The Saskatchewan Film and Video Development Corporation (SaskFilm) is pleased to announce production on InSecurity, a 13 part comedy series co-created and co-produced by the award-winning production company Vérité Films (Corner Gas, and Kevin White (Dan For Mayor) for CBC Television. Filmed on location in the Regina region and in the state of the art Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios with additional shooting in Ottawa, InSecurity will begin principal photography in July 2010.

InSecurity marks the fourth narrative television series that Vérité Films has produced in Saskatchewan.

InSecurity will receive support from SaskFilm’s new Series Incentive Initiative, which is designed to support production on first season dramatic series production or for producing pilot episodes. SaskFilm’s complete 2010/2011 program guidelines will be released on May 1, 2010.

About InSecurity:

InSecurity is an action comedy about the men and women of the fictional National Intelligence and Security Agency who keep our nation safe…ish. Each week special agent Alex Cranston and her team of espionage misfits take on a mission, vital to national security. As Canadian spies, they go where others can’t go – budget permitting. They do what others won’t do because others have figured out it’s a bad idea. And they screw up in ways that can only be described as world class. But like all good spies, Alex and her NISA team manage to get the bad guys and make the world a safer place. Just not always on purpose.

The series stars Natalie Lisinska (Chloe) as rookie agent Alex Cranston, William deVry (Bold and the Beautiful) as the politically-savvy boss Peter McNeil, Matthew MacFadzean (Stratford) as the Jack Bauer wanna-be Burt Wilson, Richard Yearwood (The Plan) as the loyal and unpredictable Benjamin N’udu, Grace Lynn Kung (Being Erica, House Party) as the super-smart field specialist Jojo Quan and the acclaimed Quebec super star Rémy Girard (Les Boys) as the jaded veteran of the team, Claude Lesage.

A co-production of Vérité Films and Company Name Here Productions, InSecurity is co-created and executive produced by Kevin White (Corner Gas, Dan For Mayor, 22 Minutes) who also acts as series showrunner, Robert de Lint (Corner Gas, Hiccups, who also acts as series key director and Virginia Thompson (Corner Gas,, Incredible Story Studio).

About Company Name Here Productions:

Kevin White is a writer and showrunner. Most recently he, Mark Farrell and Paul Mather co-created and executive produced the comedy series Dan For Mayor for CTV under their joint company Sad Glasses Inc. Prior to that, Kevin show ran the final two seasons of Corner Gas. He co-wrote the series finale with Brent Butt, an episode watched by a record-breaking 2.9 million people. Kevin was also the first head writer on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and ran the writers room for three seasons. He was a staff writer on the show for four years before that. Kevin’s writing has earned him multiple Gemini award nominations as well as several Canadian screenwriting and Canadian Comedy Awards.


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  1. I gave the debut an honest go. An open mind. Even a lowered expectation….but in the end the verdict was woefully negative.
    Amaturish – both in production and in tact. It’s not so much the writing, but the way it was delivered. Why go for the dumbed-down slap-stick schtick? Had they gone with the dry-wit formula, a-la The Office, Modern Family or any one of many shows that don’t treat the wathcer as patsy, but instead as insider, they may have a chance. TV wathcers are so much more sophisticated than that. The show comes off like a grade 12 – or better yet, no-one – directed the actors. They took off on the “silly” side of deleivery and never looked back. Not a dry line. Nothing to think about. Nothing to want to return for.

  2. My husband and I think InSecurity is great fun and haven’t missed an episode. We have to record it as it coincides with an hourlong programme we also like. This season is even better than season 1.

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