Come Dine With Me comes to Canada

From a media release:

  • Series to be produced by Proper Television in association with W Network
  • Come Dine with Me Canada set to launch on W Network in fall 2010

Corus Entertainment announced today that a Canadian version of the hit international format Come Dine with Me is coming to W Network. Produced by Proper Television in association with W Network and based on a format created by ITV Studios (UK), Come Dine with Me Canada is set to start filming this summer, targeting a launch on W Network in fall 2010.

Come Dine with Me follows five amateur chefs competing for the title of the ultimate dinner party host. Each night for a week these strangers take turns cooking up their idea of the perfect evening. Each competitor then rates the host’s performance and the winner is rewarded with the ‘ultimate dinner party host’ title and a cash prize.

The Come Dine with Me format has established itself as one of the world’s most successful television format exports, currently produced locally in 20 territories and featuring more than 4,000 episodes across eleven languages.

Come Dine with Me (UK) is currently airing on W Network on Saturdays and Sundays at 1 p.m. ET/PT.

Proper Television is currently casting for people in the Greater Toronto Area with a passion for cooking and entertaining. Interested participants can visit


40 thoughts on “Come Dine With Me comes to Canada”

  1. I am in the greater Vancouver area and should you decide to do an episode on the beautiful west coast I am a worthy candidate, good cook, terrific sense of humour, a loyal follower of your original show and have hooked others on it as well.

    I am retired after 30 years with Canada Immigration so I am familiar with many cultural backgrounds and enjoy a variety of ethnic foods. I live in a quaint original french village called Maillardville. It is in Coquitlam, B.C. about 20 minutes to Vancouver. My physical address is 214 Allard Street, Coquitlam, B.C. V3K 4K8 and if you google the address you can see the house. So much would love to be a host competitor and participate in this delightful show.
    Ilona Marshall

    1. Saw the Edmonton one… so they are moving around now… but the W site still asks for applicants to be from Southern Toronto. I thought the Edmonton version was better than the Toronto ones?? Brett was a goofball but we all know one of those…the people seemed more normal to me. Looking forward to the PEI version. Maybe we should sign up anyway? There are at least 3 other people in the GVA who are or were interested.

  2. I also love this show and live in the Greater Vancouver area… in Burnaby near the Coquitlam and New Westminster borders. I work for a large communications company in the accounting department, but love to cook, and have travelled all over the world and eaten many different kinds of food.

    I would love the opportunity to participate should you plan an episode in this area.


  3. i live in hamilton, ontario and i love this show. my work scedule revolves around the show time. i’ve dragged so many people into watching the show. i’m of jamaican decent and i love to entertain. i want to do this show so bad that i’m willing to move. call me

  4. i started watching”come dine with me”a couple of months ago,and got my husband hooked on it as well.
    i live in the vancouver area,port coquitlam.i also would love to be a dinner host,should the series come to town. i have worked in bakeries for the past 36 years. i love to cook and entertain,and plan special family events. this would be a great opportunity to meet people with the same type of interest in cooking.

  5. My wife introduced me to your enjoyable shows a few months ago. We live in the Montreal area and have a gourmet club evening with friends once a month. If you ever consider showing how people of different cultures can spend a night cooking and how people with different cultures get together, then consider this great city as a place to host a few shows. Adding a Quebecois flavour among your guests would be very entertaining. Don’t just deal with people in the Toronto area.

  6. I am in Vancouver and love the show. I contacted them and they are only doing Toronto. Maybe I should start a West Coast version. It would be so much fun. One rule though no going through my closets. lol

    1. They were in Edmonton… They’re going to PEI. Maybe we should just apply? My party game would be picking on the commentator! LOL

  7. I love the UK show. I do agree with Les from Montreal that it would really be great to see something done with a Quebec flavour to it

  8. I live in beautiful Victoria, B.C. and would love to participate in a West Coast week! I’m a big fan of the British series – the hosts – the food – the commentary, all very entertaining! I’m looking forward to the Canadian series and it would be great to have the West Coast included.

    1. There are at least 3 others on this site in Vancouver… I wonder if there were some way we could include Victoria & Vancouver together?

  9. I was so excited when I saw this in Canadian version but alas :( only Toronto? I am also a huge fan of the UK one, and definitely feel that a Montreal version would be fabulous but we have some amazing foodies out here on the West Coast too. Please, please please ……. let me participate :) Mmmmm what fun!

    1. I sent responses to a couple of people in Coquitlam & one in Victoria. I agree!. They went to Edmonton & PEI. Maybe we just apply anyway?

  10. I so loved the Uk version of come dine with Me.I can hook up any where to be on this show.I love to cook, n so enjoy ppl.Im not a perfect person nor stuck up at all,I think everyon has it in them to be a awsomer cook and host/hostess.Iffen Im not in, then I wish yall who are,wonderful luck.Right now i live in good ole Winterpeg manisnoba hahhahah/Winnipeg manitoba.

  11. I LOVE this show. I live in Guelph Ontario and if you ever decide to a show around me, count me in. I love to cook, entertain and I can tell you guests would not be running out of booze. I started watching the UK version now that you are in Canada, count me in.

  12. If it is called Come Dine With Me Canada, then it should include episodes from coast to coast – not just the east coast. Canada does expand past the Ontario/Manitoba border.

    1. Where are you? I’m in Burnaby BC near the Coquitlam New West borders. There are at least 3 other people in here from the GVA. …Aaand one from Victoria. Maybe people just apply & when they get enough they might move spota? I just saw the one from Edmonton & apparently they are going to PEI. Just a thought. ;-)

  13. I was looking forward to Come Dine with Me Canada as I love the UK show. But sorry, it falls so short. The host clearly tries hard to be like Dave Lamb but he’s not funny and it’s downright painful to watch. The UK shows are MUCH better and I sure hope we’ll still get to see them. I don’t plan on watching Come Dine with Me Canada again in any event.

  14. I live in a small community just northwest of the Toronto Airport. We are still the fastest growing community in CANADA. Please come here to do a show, we have a large ethnic community, and I would personally love to be considered for the show. I have watched the UK show for quite a while, and just started watching the Canada show, and feel I would contribute greatly to the show. Please, please call me, I am waiting, and planning my menu …..

  15. Come Dine Canada: agree with a previous comment here – trying too hard to be funny is NOT being funny at all.just accept it; some things don’t translate well. Bring back the UK version.

  16. I agree about the trying too hard – it comes from copying rather than creating. The narrator has the tone close, but it’s sounding nasty and putting people down, rather than kind of sardonic and teasing. There’s been No positive comments at all in the versions so far and when they do slip in clips that show people enjoying more than they’ve been portrayed, we know for sure it’s all manipulation, editing. Lighten it up, it doesn’t have to be all sarcasm – that misses the point. I hope the show improves, and yes includes the rest of our rather large country. Somebody tell the network – i couldn’t find a place to comment on the show’s site.

  17. I’ve watched the show twice and this week’s line up with Carson, Dez, Kathleen, and the other two made me embarrassed to be Canadian. The UK version most are all gracious, fun, and at times eccentric. People who think arrogance and narcissism define charm, are as about as shallow as the gene pool they come from. Goes to show the center of the universe attitude has reached Mississauga, does that mean they get HBO there as well?

  18. I’ve been watching the British series, “Come Dine with Me” and was excited when the same show was going to air in Canada. Unfortunately, I’m very displeased with this show as it lacks originality. The narrator is trying to do some comic spin-off from the British host and is most unamusing. I’m also at a lost for words for whoever has been hired to find “Canadian” hosts for this show. Some of the hosts on this show are insulting and demeaning people, who have not only embarassed me as a Canadian, but as a citizen…….period. I just finished watching an episode where a boy by the name of Carson won and that will be it. I will never support this show again and will now be second guessing any future shows that air on this network. What this show needs to do is sit down together and revamp their intentions———–Sensational garbage is not what Canadians want!

  19. i watched the show with dez and joe . if this show gets more of the same people of that age of imaturity i wont watch it again . it was sickening to watch. i had to fast forward past dez and joe when they were on. so .do it again ,i wont watch .

  20. I really enjoy this show but I must tell you I was home sick yesterday and had a chance to watch the one with Dez, Joe, and Carson and was discusted in the way these 3 acted. They were very imature and were very ignorant to the other two ladies I believe Catherin and Deb. I truly hope that you will not have people like that on again, if you do I will no longer watch……Dez you are one arrogant young woman and you have alot to learn about how to respect others.

  21. Show definitely needs to expand to other areas of Canada ~ each province/city/town has it’s own culture and vide, so widen the scope and give a true picture of Canada! Would love to show how a Vancouverite throws a dinner party :-)

  22. The UK show Come Dine with me was great entertainment and so good to make one laugh with the great humor of the UK.

    The Canadian show is disgusting and the one this Sunday the 21st of Nov. was really terrible when you think of how it is so accetable in Canada for a 23 year old Brat with very bad manners, talks down to an older woman of 55. The shows in general makes Canadians appear very impolite. Also your announcer is trying to mimic Dave Lamb of the UK show and falls flat on his face as he sounds totally sarcastic.

    Can you not run at least some of the UK ones also as the Canadian one has lost my support.

  23. I also just watched the episodes with Joe-Debbie-Dez-Kathleen-Carson.I would hope that Dez’s mother is truly ashamed of her and teaches the narcissistic little wench what good manners are all about. I was also quite surprised by Joe’s turnaround. He started out being a gracious host and then got caught up in Dez’s rude games. Shame on you Joe for not being your own man, and being so easily influenced by that poor excuse of person.

  24. The UK version of Come Dine With Me was entertaining and overall a delight to watch.
    The Canadian version is to put it mildly disgusting.
    The producers should re-think their concept and introduce some of the things that make us Canadians such nice and polite people.
    The present version is an embarrasment.

  25. I agree with those who suggest that cdwm should expand its ‘borders’. Should you ever decide to come to Windsor Ontario, please please count me in! I must say i’m very surprised that those chosen for the show actually believe that they are good cooks/hosts… really? come down to Windsor we’ll show you how to truly entertain. I think its time we show the world that not all Canadians are as classless and immature and the groups you had on recently…. By the way how do you choose your participants????

  26. I also just watched the episodes with Joe-Debbie-Dez-Kathleen-Carson. I just wanted to say to the younger people on those shows that you are all very immature and insensitive, be very ashamed of your behavior. Age has nothing to with anything, do you think your sorry selves with be any different once you are older. Give me a break. Good thing you were not having dinner with me because I would of got drunk and puke in your stove and then turned it on broil. You younger ones have no manners at. Dez was just plain and simply an awful person with no CLASS. I could of spent time with the two other ladies and would of enjoyed myself. What has happened to the younger generation that they can not show any respect for themselves or others. I hope your parents were embarrassed by your actions and words, I certainly would be ashamed to have given birth to any of them. Debbie you were a hoot and I would love to do some shooters with you any day.

  27. I thought this show was supposed to be fun. It is very painful to watch. I don’t generally like ‘reality’ shows because they seem to be about nasty people getting ahead by crushing nice people and now I have to add Come Dine With Me Canada to the list of shows I will not watch.

    I really enjoyed most of the UK version of this show, they had the occasional person with a bit of a nasty streak but even then, they sometimes turned around.

    The gang mentality thing is bad enough with teens but with adults in their 20’s and 30’s? Enough already. There are plenty of decent people in Canada who would love the chance to be on a show like this and make it FUN!

  28. I have been waiting for come dine with me Canada – too bad! Bring back the UK version….please!! It is funny without trying, not mean, not rude. They are all gracious, eccentric maybe,but nothing like this Cdn. version. Won’t watch again until they bring back Come dine with me UK>

  29. I have been waiting for come dine with me Canada – too bad! Bring back the UK version….please!! It is funny without trying, not mean, not rude. They are all gracious, eccentric maybe,but nothing like this Cdn. version. Won’t watch again until they bring back Come dine with me UK. It’s just too bad about the Canadian show.

  30. I live in London, Ontario. I think it’s entertaining to watch. I know i can cook circles around the people that have been on the show. I spend hours in the kitchen cooking and creating meals for my family….and take a lot of pride cooking from scratch.

  31. I live in the greater Vancouver area. Burnaby to be precise and I love, love Come Dine With Me Canada. Will you be coming to Vancouver in the near future. I’m sure looking forward to it. Keep the show going. It is absolutely GREAT!!

  32. I have this wonderful friend that is the most amaztng cook. She has a very outgoing personality and is a hoot to b around. She will entertain u, make u laugh and most of all is a very positive person. Always looks on the bright side. She is crotian and man can she cook. Please consider her if u ever get I. The kamloops,bc area. I know u will not b disappointed

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