Stargate Universe Live Event on Space, June 11

STARGATE UNIVERSE LIVE EVENT – Friday, June 11, 11 p.m. ET

Ajay, Teddy and Natasha mark the finale of one of SPACE’s exclusive signature series with a special, live-to-air edition of INNERSPACE. Fans will be over the moon about the surprise guest panelists, a live web chat, and behind-the-scene interviews with Robert Carlyle (Nicholas Rush), Louis Ferreira (Everett Young), David Blue (Eli Wallace), and more!


2 thoughts on “Stargate Universe Live Event on Space, June 11”

  1. will there be a live feed on the web somewhere? or are canadians (once again) the only ones that’ll get to enjoy the live event?

  2. Please share ! will there be a downloadable video file of the event , there are fans worldwide
    cheers michael

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