CTV summer schedule includes Degrassi, Hiccups, Dan For Mayor, Comedy Now

img 4218(1)DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION – Sundays at 7 and 7:30 p.m. ET beginning May 30 – NEW EPISODES

Sav and Anya have been planning for their Spring Formal for as long as they can remember. That’s until Sav’s parents announce that their family friends the Hassans are coming for a visit that night and are bringing their daughter Farrah – Sav’s maybe-possible-future wife. Unable to come clean with Anya, Sav digs himself deeper trying to please his family. Will Sav go to prom with Anya? Or is the girl his parents chose for him the solution to all his troubles?

HICCUPS – Mondays at 8 p.m. ET beginning June 7 – NEW EPISODES

Continuing on HICCUPS, Millie (Nancy Robertson) is jealous of Stan’s (Brent Butt) new client and Crystal (Emily Perkins) tries to sabotage Anna’s (Paula Rivera) opportunity to become “the dirty duchess”.

DAN FOR MAYOR – Mondays at 8:30 p.m. ET beginning June 7 – NEW EPISODES

As the election draws nearer, Dan gets embroiled in a potential career-ending muffin issue. Meanwhile, campaign manager Jeff (Paul Bates) is in trouble at his own employment. Toronto Mayor David Miller makes a cameo appearance.

COMEDY NOW! – Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET beginning June 12 – NEW SEASON

Entering its 12th season, this hilarious all-Canadian, star-making stand-up series has won awards all over North America. A TV calling card for comedic success, COMEDY NOW! has featured some of Canada’s most successful comedians, including Brent Butt, Jeremy Hotz, Harland Williams, Shaun Majumder, Gavin Crawford, Gerry Dee, Nikki Payne, Roman Danylo and Russell Peters. Starring in the all-new 12th season are Ian Bagg, Dylan Rhymer, Dave Hemstad, JP Mass, Allyson Smith, Darcy Michael, Debra DiGiovanni, Ivan Decker, Kelly Taylor, Nick Beaton, Dana Alexander, Tyler Hawkins, Trent McClellan and Simon King.