In the news: More Rookie Blue reviews and interviews

From Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

  • ‘Rookie Blue’ proves too vanilla
    “Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym, “Reaper”) narrates tonight’s premiere as one of a handful of rookie police officers who experience their first day on the job. Occasionally it’s a little like watching kids play cops and robbers, which is the point, but Andy seems overly tentative.” Read more.

From Phil Brown of Metro Canada:

From Bill Burke of the Boston Herald:

  • ‘Rookie’ cop Missy Peregrym a pilot-season survivor
    “Pilot season in Hollywood can be a series of crushing rejections – which is why Missy Peregrym would rather avoid going through it again. If viewers take to her new series Rookie Blue, Peregrym, who plays a young police officer fresh out of the academy, won’t have to worry about getting kicked around again.” Read more.

From Kevin McDonough of South Coast Today:

  • ‘Blue’ serves and protects TV cliches
    “Put the gang from Grey’s Anatomy in police uniforms and you have a rough idea of Rookie Blue. The show opens in a crowded bar where a graduating class of newbies are handcuffed and then challenged to break free. The first unshackled grad gets to drink for free. Frivolity and squealing ensue.” Read more.

From Amy Amatangelo of the Boston Herald:

  • True ‘Blue’
    ““People can smell new cops like they can smell fresh paint. You look new. You sound new,” her training officer tells Andy on her first day. But this is the kind of show where the rookies are smarter than the cynical cops who are world-weary from years on the job.” Read more.

From Robert Bianco of USA Today:

  • Critic’s Corner Thursday: ‘Rookie Blue’
    “For the sake of our ability to sleep at night, let’s assume ABC’s Rookie Blue is nothing more than just another terrible summer TV show. That assumption is vital, because if for even one second we thought the bumbling prom-king-and-queen wannabes masquerading as cops in this cheap Canadian import actually represented the real-world men and women who risk their lives protecting us, we’d never be able to close our eyes again.” Read more.

From Liem Vu of the National Post:

  • Q&A: Rookie Blue’s Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith
    “Missy: We had three days of training. They had officers come in to teach us the main things like how to hold a gun and how to handcuff people which none of us ever got the hang of at all. They had someone on the set all the time to take us through how to approach the scenes so we didn’t look too stupid. We were allowed to be rookies but we had to know some stuff because we’re supposed to be coming from five months of training.” Read more.