In the news: Rookie Blue reviews, interviews

RookieBlueFrom Alex Strachan of Canwest News Service:

  • Rookie Blue a harmless police diversion
    “The acting is uneven, the writing and directing aren’t particularly stylish or inspired, and you’ve seen it countless times before. Even so, Rookie Blue (Global, ABC, 9 p.m.), the new Toronto made police drama about half a dozen rookie police officers working the inner streets of Canada’s biggest city, is a harmless enough d-iversion on another wise lazy summer TV night.” Read more.

From Randee Dawn of Reuters:

  • “Rookie” error: new cop show is terrible
    “You can’t ask viewers accustomed to decades of such series as “Hill Street Blues,” “Homicide: Life on the Streets” and “Southland” to buy into a police series in an unnamed town. The city is the unspoken actor in a cop show: It shapes the streets being patrolled, the people living on them and the back-story for each crime. To avoid even the invention of a faux-Gotham personality (filmed in Toronto, “Rookie” has a typical New York-by-way-of-Canada falseness that leaves a day-old coffee aftertaste) is lazy writing; even lazier than having a lead character who’s by-the-book to a fault but fails to Mirandize not one but two suspects during her first day.” Read more.

From W. Andrew Powell of The Gate:

  • Review: ‘Rookie Blue’
    “Cop shows are normally not my thing, but I think I could grow to love Rookie Blue. Debuting on Global Television in Canada this Thursday, June 24 (and ABC in the U.S.), Rookie Blue introduces us to five fresh-faced new cops as they start their careers at a big city police department. Filmed in Toronto, and making great use of the city’s many picturesque locations, the show is an action-drama about five pretty rookies and what it means to carry a gun with the weight of inexperience on their shoulders.” Read more.

From the TV Addict:

From Fred Topel of Crave Online:

  • Missy Peregrym is a Rookie
    “You loved her on Heroes and Reaper. Now Missy Peregrym is back on TV in a cop drama. Rookie Blue airs this summer on ABC, and it has the unique distinction amongst cop shows. It’s actually set in Canada. Peregrym plays one of the rookies on the rough streets up north, and previewed her new show at a roundtable with journalists on the Disney/ABC studio lot.” Read more.