In the news: More and more Rookie Blue reviews and interviews

From Todd VanDerWerff of AV Club:

  • Rookie Blue – “Fresh Paint”
    “The show is an utterly generic cop show with Grey’s Anatomy trappings that mostly doesn’t try to upset anyone. It’s every cop show ever, tossed into a blender and set in a non-specific Canadian city that tries to stand in for the United States if you aren’t paying that close of attention. Now, passing off Canadian cities as our own is a long-standing tradition in American TV, but everything about Rookie Blue is as generic as can be, which makes the generic Canadian streets feel even more generic than they probably should. Everything about this show feels like an off-brand medication.” Read more.

From Brad Oswald of the Winnipeg Free Press:


From Daniel Fienberg of HitFix:

  • TV Review: ABC’s ‘Rookie Blue’
    “Other than a couple actors I like, “Rookie Blue” didn’t do anything to tease my high hopes and it pretty well lived down to my expectations. Like “Scoundrels” and, to a slightly lesser extent, “The Gates,” “Rookie Blue” looks and feels like exactly what it is: A zero-risk summer burn-off for ABC. Viewers probably don’t expect much quality and ABC probably doesn’t expect many viewers, so if there are times when stars Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith at least keep things vaguely likable? Well, there’s that.” Read more.

From Brian Tallerico of Hollywood Chicago:

  • TV Review: ‘Rookie Blue’ Will Have to Handcuff Viewers to Keep Them
    “We’ve learned how to shoot and fight and drive a police car really fast.” I couldn’t make narration like that up. Even if it is tongue-in-cheek in its over-representation of the rookie class of police officers that make up the ensemble of ABC’s new Thursday night entry, it’s still a great example of why this show doesn’t work — it doesn’t sound like anything anyone would ever say in the real world.” Read more.

From Steven Herbert of the Daily Breeze:

  • ABC police drama ‘Rookie Blue’ debuts tonight
    “The series was inspired by conversations executive producer and co- creator Tassie Cameron had with officers with a variety of specialties who served as consultants for Flashpoint, the CBS/CTV series she wrote and produced. ‘The one thing they had in common were these amazing rookie stories — heart-wrenching, funny, emotional,’ Cameron said in a telephone interview from Toronto.” Read more.

From Jarett Wieselman of the NY Post:

From Tom Conroy of Media Life:

  • ‘Rookie Blue,’ crimes of the heart
    “The premiere episode of ABC’s new cop drama “Rookie Blue” actually has two meet-cutes, signaling that in this show, the important crimes will be of the heart, with a secondary focus on the professional formation of a group of puppyish young police officers.” Read more.

From Matthew Gilbert of the Boston Globe:

  • ‘Rookie’ mistake: a generic cop show
    “One of the most tired plots on every cop drama ever made is the rookie plot. Some newbie comes on the job, and some smug, hard-bitten veteran inevitably shows this “Bambi” the ways of the street. Rookie mistakes are made, lessons are learned, first days are finished with whiskey shots at the local bar.” Read more.

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  1. I happen to love Canadian TV shows & esp. cop shows/mysteries/police procedurals and this one is pretty good IMHO.

    Thanks for making shows that are frequently head and shoulders above what we’re forced to consume down here in the USA.

    Well done!

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