In the news: Dan For Mayor & Hiccups are no Corner Gas

From Rob Salem of the Toronto Star:

  • New comedies aren’t Corner Gas, but I’ll give them another shot
    “Neither one has turned out to be the next Corner Gas — despite CTV’s best efforts to convince us otherwise. But all the building-sized billboard images of Hiccups’ reunited Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson, together with Dan for Mayor’s Fred Ewanuick, cannot change the fact that both these new sitcoms have fallen considerably short of Gas’s admittedly unattainably high standard.” Read more.


5 thoughts on “In the news: Dan For Mayor & Hiccups are no Corner Gas”

  1. Rob, you are right in saying that neither show is even remotely close to Corner Gas, but I think we all knew this would happen. How could anyone top that?
    What pisses me off is that they scattered that super team, and seem to be trying to make two shows out of one team, and now we have the watered-down product – Hiccups and Dan for Mayor. I think Hiccups has a chance for success if they fix it real quick, but not Dan. Hank is just not funny anymore. He gets no help from the rest of the cast, and his role has no comedic future as far as I can tell. It’s all wrong. It feels too forced, and has no flow. They should put Hank back with Brent and Millie, with his same personality and hilarious dumbness he did so perfectly in Corner Gas. Now that would be a show!!! Maybe dump some of the lesser talents from Hiccups while you’re at it.

  2. Couldn’t disagree with ‘Hank’ more.
    Dan For Mayor is a brilliant sitcom completed with a range of character emotion. Better than Corner Gas, IMO. Hiccups epitomes everything I’ve ever disliked about “Canadian” TV. Smarmy 2-D characters and nothing except potty mouth attitude. It’s a shame that the richly better show wasn’t allowed to stand apart in promotion and scheduling instead of being dismissed as a second fiddle hour filler.

  3. Canadians are dumbasses to think that these 2 series are actually worth watching. Why are you wasting your pathetic lives on TV, Canada is a beautiful country, get out there and enjoy it.

    Butt & Robertson married? That explains alot.

  4. jj, of course you’re right. Both those new shows suck. The only Canadian show I could watch on a regular basis is/was Corner Gas. But yes, I would be FAR happier on the golf course or beach, or anywhere outside.
    So CQ, can I assume that you are somehow tied to the Dan for Mayor show, maybe as an employee or know someone who is? That’s one of the few reasons I can come up with for “enjoying” that show. Or “brilliant sitcom” as you say. Granted, I haven’t watched it much, but from little I could force myself to watch, I was unimpressed. It just screams “Canadian production” all the way through, and I can’t stand it.
    I’m not a Hank fan (Fred) just because my name is also Hank, but I think he’s the only actor worth watching on “Dan”. It’s obvious that they custom-built that show around him, and whether or not you like Corner Gas, it is hugely popular, and that says it all, doesn’t it.

  5. Hey Brett and Nancy, no one else is writing, so how about you? I dare ya! I bet you don’t even read this page yourselves, do ya???
    Sure do LOVE Corner Gas………….Never miss a show, even though I’ve seen it before…… Hiccups, but Dan for Mayor………..keep Hank and scrap the rest. What happened to Oscar and Emma? And Lacy?? I know you’ll never reply to this………not on this page. Here’s my personal email……
    Please tell me why the good show is gone, and now we have 2 shows………..????? You guys had it all!!! Why on earth would you quit???????????? I know you will probably never contact me, especially you Brent, the main man, but I hope you do………..Hank

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