That’s So Weird season 2 in production

From a media release:

HALIFAX FILM Begins production of THAT’S SO WEIRD! Season II

  • Sketch Comedy Series for YTV

TSW 0212Halifax Film is pleased to announce Season II of That’s So Weird! a live-action sketch comedy series for tweens co-produced with YTV. Production begins in various locations in Halifax, NS immediately. Featuring an ensemble cast of seven young, talented sketch players the series (13 x ½ hour episodes) will provide a weekly slice of the outrageous and bizarre programs generated by the teen operated network So Weird TV, where the programming is even weirder than the name.

When Alana lands a summer job as the manager of a third rate television network, So Weird TV, she does what any rational person would do – she fires the employees and hires all of her friends! This sketch comedy series showcases the comedic talents of a young Canadian ensemble cast – Alana Johnston (Canadian Comedy Award nominee, Best Female Performance, Televison), Adam “AJ” Vaage, Alex Spencer, Hannah Hogan, James Hartnett, Joey Lucius and Kayla Lorette – as they perform live-action skits, commercial parodies and bizarre game shows that are guaranteed to provide weekly doses of peculiar hilarity. That’s So Weird! will have the entire family in stitches.


7 thoughts on “That’s So Weird season 2 in production”

  1. Everyone associated with the writing of this piece of junk should immediately be barred from ever working again in the entertainment industry. I find it amazing that YTV continues to throw money at this bewildering, unfunny and absolutely awful show.

  2. Well Cavendish, I’m the show runner and I’d have to disagree with your opinion. I think the writing is very sharp and the performances by our young cast are stellar. Maybe you aren’t in the 10 to 15 year old demographic that the show is aimed at. Perhaps you don’t like sketch comedy like MadTV, Saturday Night Live or This Hour Has 22 Minutes which this show resembles. Anyway, I’m very proud to be a part of That’s So Weird and the millions of kids who have discovered it on YTV seem to agree that it is worth watching.

  3. Makes me laugh, and I’m 52. Well, except the food bits. That’s def 10-15 year old stuff. Go Weird!!

  4. It’s interesting to me that I pitched this exact idea to YTV in 2008, and was told a big fat no thanks…then lo and behold, the show way too similar to the one I pitched is on the air…shame, shame…

  5. I think this show is pretty cool. They had some good sketches last year and definitely some strong young comedian cast members, my favorite probably being AJ Vaage(can’t get enough of the “little kid” character and the “raptoritis” character is good too). I’m glad they’re getting a second season so we can see where they can take it from here.

  6. This show is sweet. My kids love it. I think its hilarious. The cast members are are amazing at and
    are all very versed in their trade. Congratulations on an impeccable ensemble. Knowing talent like this is in Halifax is amazing and this show is not scared to push the limits of normal and abnormal. The demographic this show is designed for has a issues with fitting in, and being animated about certain things, and just having the ability for having the ability to just gross us out. Daniel Book as Anonymous said above is hilarious, and I think anyone who has seen Daniel Cooke, always wondered what the kid would do when he got older. Many laughs are to be had by watching this “gem” of Canadian Television on YTV. A welcome show that has something about current events to dracula, from food atrocities to Jamco… I salute you, as do both my kids aged seven and twelve, as well as my wife.

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