The reborn TV, eh? podcast with Global’s new lineup

Welcome to TV, eh? Podcast: The Next Generation

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In this episode, co-host Anthony Marco and I, Diane Wild, re-launch the podcast with an hour-long discussion on Global’s new Canadian lineup, including Rookie Blue, Haven and Shattered; their new reality channel, what I learned from the Banff TV Festival, and ramblings on what we’re watching these days.

In future weeks, look for feature interviews with actors, writers, and producers, as well as discussion on the other networks’ upcoming lineups.

What would you like to hear more of? Let us know in the comments!

Show notes – Episode 1

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5 thoughts on “The reborn TV, eh? podcast with Global’s new lineup”

  1. Please tell me audio isn’t by phone anymore and everyone is no longer tripping over themselves to avoid interrupting each other, as though at a very nice Rosedale dinner party (“No— Sorry—“ “No, go ahead.” “No, I was just going to say—”).

  2. Charming as always, Joe. You were both rude and unable to articulate your argument in your appearance. I’d rather have polite with a point.

  3. Enjoyed the first episode back, my first. Despite having acted in Vancouver and my interest in writing for film and television, I don’t pay nearly enough attention to the projects that are actually succeeding here. So, it’s nice to learn about all things new and noteworthy in Canadian television.

    Hope to hear more about the creative aspects behind Canadian shows as well, if you’re able to provide insight: the show runners, the development process and network collaboration that resulted in the product on-screen. Also appreciate the comments on new and social media integration by the networks and studios.

  4. I enjoyed your podcast. Great to hear people talking about Canadian TV. Great work on TV-eh, something that was really needed.

    Just one question Diane, you mentioned watching Being Humand from BBC. How did you get access to that.
    It’s something I’ve heard about, but couldn’t find a place to watch it.

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