In the news: Haven reviews

From Andrew Ryan of the Globe and Mail:

From TJ Rosene of Rabid Doll:

  • ‘Haven’ – Welcome to Haven
    “Stephen King fans were excited to learn that his “The Colorado Kid” was going to be turned into a television series. The novel had an interesting, almost film-noir quality to it that could translate well onto film: there was mystery, suspense, but most importantly there was a good story at the heart of the novel that had all the ingredients for an intriguing and unique series. Time will tell whether the series will deliver, but as of now, unfortunately, the pilot episode of “Haven” does not dish up the story very convincingly.” Read more.

From Mike Moody of TV Squad

  • ‘Haven’ – ‘Welcome to Haven’ Recap (Series Premiere)
    “While ‘Eureka’ offered a fun and engaging time-travel story with James Callis (‘Battlestar Galactica’) amusingly attempting a new accent on Friday, ‘Haven,’ based on Stephen King’s 2005 novel ‘The Colorado Kid,’ offered a tepid murder mystery plot with a tacked on sci-fi bent.” Read more.

From Mel Odom of Blogcritics:

  • TV Review: Haven – “Welcome to Haven”
    “Call it X-Files Lite or X-Files fun, maybe even the new Twin Peaks, but I’m planning on plopping down each Friday night, or as soon as I can get to the DVR, to watch the new episodes of Haven, SyFy Network’s new drama. The first episode premiered last night and was a little rough in places, but mostly because it strove to introduce a whole menagerie of characters in a short amount of time while throwing out a handful of plot threads. Not in the least was the heroine’s potential missing mommy being on the front page of the local newspaper twenty-five years ago.” Read more.