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  1. Hi,
    I’m a good singer sometimes. I was a child singer who sang in front of the whole school, without stage fright until age 12. My mother didn’t approve of me being a singer as a career so I put my dream away. I still want to sing but now I have stage fright and no stage presence.

    Elane Overholt teaches people how to use their own voice. I would love to have a vocal coach and find out who I am, when I’m singing? I lack confidence and have no stage presence. I harmonize well and copy peoples voices but I don’t know who I am? I love music and would welcome the opportunity for an opportunity to meet Elane Overholt. I sing and dance and clean up well. Regards, Carol

  2. Don’t be afraid to practice and try.
    Open stages are available everywhere… prepare a few songs to the point where you can’t help but share them, and test them on a small obscure open stage.. you can find out who you are! An even better and friendlier option is to join a music school or free groups… as a songwriter I am lucky to be able to have songwriting circles where you only perform in front of other performers.. the friendliest audience usually.
    Don’t forget to prepare to the point where you don’t make mistakes by yourself, practice in front of a loved one or two, and get in front of friendly audiences.. the right places will give you constructive feedback but anywhere will help you find yourself.. what works and what’s well received… try to be appropriate to the audience… and try Carol!
    God bless, Christine

  3. im 49 years old and love to sing,my family got me to sing for them because they love it when i sing.it felt good to know that they cared so much,because of this im not so afraid in front of people anymore.i would love to make it on your show pls and thank you,

      1. Hi Elaine:

        I don’t know if you remember me, but I took vocal lessons from you in the 80’s. My name is April Nori. I sang on the Tommy Hunter Show and you came out with me to the show. I never forgot that. You were so helpful to me. I’ve got my own website now, and I was hoping you could give a listen. I still practice the vocal exercises you taught me. “meow”… lol! I gave up on music for a few years, but I’m back now. I missed it so much. I would love to hear from you! I’ve been trying to reach you!


        April Nori

        1. Hi there:

          I may give up on music and go back to a day job. So many people have commented on how good my voice is, but I’m still not getting any work singing. I did accounting for many years, but my heart and soul just weren’t in it. What should I do?

          I would love some advice Elaine. Please Help!!!!!

          April Nori

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