New tonight: Carlawood on TVTropolis – season finale

Carlawood Season 2
(Season Finale)
Monday, July 19 at 10:30pm ET/PT
With all the chaos, Carla has been neglecting Ty. To make it up to him, she enlists a sensuality coach to help her spice things up. New lingerie, pole dancing lessons and a new diamond ring ought to do the trick. Carla’s book is finished and she performs a public reading. While she’s onstage, her dog Buster passes away. Carla and Ty are sad but happy to learn that their Green Card has been approved. Carla can stay in LA! It’s been a whirlwind of a year but Carla is more determined than ever to make it in Carlawood.


2 thoughts on “New tonight: Carlawood on TVTropolis – season finale”

  1. this station has some of the worst shows ever! i looked forward to sundays at noon where i could sit down and watch one of my favourite shows—“the golden girls”.you took it of the air.WHY? replacing it with stupid shows like whipout, worst drivers,hoarders and whatever else. bringing “three”s company” on board, is a great choice. nmake some better decisions on shows and i just might watch this station again.

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