TV, eh? podcast episode 3: Gordon Pinsent and CBC’s fall schedule

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Co-hosts Anthony Marco and Diane Wild discuss the CBC fall schedule, including arguing about the merits of Battle of the Blades, deciding Rick Mercer and the gang at 22 Minutes should never have holidays so we can have a Daily Show/Colbert type show in Canada,cheering Being Erica‘s renewal, and cynically deciding CBC had nothing better in development. In other news, 18 to Life was picked up by The CW, Haven got decent ratings, Degrassi introduced a transgendered character, and The Pillars of the Earth premieres Friday on The Movie Network/Movie Central.

Plus, a 20-minute interview with Gordon Pinsent about his role in The Pillars of the Earth, his 80th birthday celebration at the opening of his new play, Due South, the new series he has in development with son-in-law Peter Keleghan, what progress he’s seen in the Canadian TV industry over the years, his relationship with Sarah Polley, and how he’s been in every Canadian TV show and movie ever made.

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The Yard miniseries begins production for The Movie Network/Movie Central

From a media release:


  • Starring Alex Cardillo, Shemar Charles and Quintin Colantoni and Executive Produced by Paul Gross, Frank Siracusa, David Eddie and Michael Mabbott

Whizbang Films, in association with Astral’s The Movie Network (Eastern Canada) and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central (Western Canada), announced today that production has begun on THE YARD, a six part, half-hour miniseries about the day to day struggle for supremacy between two schoolyard gangs. Shooting will take place in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, through August 21st, 2010, and the series will premiere on The Movie Network and Movie Central in 2011.

Executive produced by Paul Gross, Frank Siracusa, David Eddie and Michael Mabbott, the original series stars Alex Cardillo (Durham County, 18 to Life), Shemar Charles (Camp Rock 2, Overruled) and Quintin Colantoni (Flashpoint, Party Down) and newcomers Kofi Payton and Sarah Cranmer. Michael Mabbott (The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico, Baxter) will direct.

“We’re very excited about the show” says Executive Producer Frank Siracusa. “Even though the cast is strictly kids – most between the ages of 10 and 13, anyone who has ever stood in a schoolyard at recess will be able to relate. Reading the scripts brought me right back to grade six, but much funnier.”

The Yard, is set in an urban elementary school, and chronicles two rival gangs vying for control of the schoolyard. In this provocatively humorous series, we follow 12-year-old Nick (Quintin Colantoni) and his crew trying to walk the razor’s edge of maintaining peace and defending their turf against the ruthless Dos Santos brothers (Daniel Lupetina, Daryn Karp), who will stop at nothing to regain control of the Yard. It’s a tough world out there: corruption, greed, violence, seduction and betrayal – and that’s just recess.

The Yard was created and written by Michael Mabbott (The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico) and David Eddie (House Broken, Globe & Mail’s Damage Control). Thom J. Pretak (Cra$h & Burn, This is Wonderland) is producer. Director of Photography is D. Gregor Hagey (Pure Pwnage, The Border) and Peter Emmink (Living in Your Car, The Line) is Production Designer. Aubie Greenberg and Kathleen Meek from Astral’s The Movie Network and Julie Di Cresce from Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central are the production executives overseeing this series.


Call Me Fitz & Kenny vs Spenny sold to Latin America

From a media release:


Leading independent studio, Entertainment One is proud to announce it has concluded a slate of deals this summer in Latin America for the television series starring Jason Priestley, Call Me Fitz.

Most recently announced, Priestley was awarded with the Best Actor of a Television Series Award for his role as “Fitz” at the fourth edition of the prestigious international Television Festival, RomaFictionFest.

Call Me Fitz is a production of Entertainment One, Amaze Film + Television, Big Motion Pictures and Creator /Executive Producer Sheri Elwood (Defying Gravity). Call Me Fitz is a no-holds-barred, half-hour comedy starring Jason Priestley (The Day of the Triffids, Beverly Hills 90210) as Richard “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, a morally degenerate used car salesman who is forced to go into business with his ‘conscience.’ The handsome, charismatic and slightly crazy used car dealer pushes the boundaries of acceptable behavior. A near death experience for Fitz coincides with the arrival of Larry, a do-gooder with a heart of gold bent on helping Fitz change his ways. The dark comedy is slated to premiere in September 2010 on The Movie Network in Eastern Canada and Movie Central in Western Canada. The second season begins production in fall 2010.

Also sold for Latin America is the reality comedy series that pits childhood friends against each other in outrageous competitions, Kenny vs. Spenny for SPE Networks and the revealing documentary series that takes a look at the emotional and costly journey of the increasing number of men and women who feel driven to redesign their bodies, Skin Deep for Discovery.


Princess premieres September 7 on Slice

From a media release:

Til Debt Do Us Part’s Gail Vaz-Oxlade Transforms Spoiled Princesses Into Self-Sufficient Women In New Original Series on Slice

Behold “Princess”: racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt, living the life, while family and friends pay the price for her reckless spending. In the brand new original series Princess, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, financial expert and host of SliceTM’s popular financial series Til Debt Do Us Part, confronts, cajoles and guides these princesses, with the hopes of transforming them from selfish spenders into money-savvy women. Premiering Tuesday, September 7 at 9pm ET/6pm PT on SliceTM, this 13-part series features compelling stories from women of all ages, and the loved ones who are tired of being taken for granted.

“Til Debt Do Us Part consistently ranks as SliceTM‘s top Canadian series among Adults 25-54,” says Vanessa Case, Vice President, Content, SliceTM. “Viewers who love Gail Vaz-Oxlade for her no-nonsense approach to finance and practical advice will tune in to Princess to watch her tackle brand new financial problems and confront some of her most resistant participants yet.”

“These princesses are pampered and spoiled. They don’t give two hoots about how their spending affects anyone else, and they take zero responsibility for their own money,” says Gail Vaz-Oxlade. “The goal in this series isn’t just to curb a shopaholic lifestyle; it’s about changing the princess’ attitude towards her life. I want them to spend consciously; I want them to take a serious look at the effect of their destructive and manipulative behaviour on their relationships; and I want them to grow up and get serious about being strong, independent women who are in control of their own futures.”

From the young, single mother, too busy shopping and partying to notice either her daughter or her debt, to the 40-year-old self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl” who recently quit her job as a bartender with only a closetful of designer purchases to show for it. Although each woman is in a different life situation, each is living the same outrageous lifestyle – way beyond her means and borrowing money from credit cards and loved ones to fulfill her shopping habits, designer label obsessions and idealistic standard of living.

It’s time these princesses got a rude awakening – and SliceTM’s Gail Vaz-Oxlade is just the woman to give them the tough love and financial wake-up call they need to turn their lives around. Putting them on a cash diet, Gail gives the women six weeks to complete a series of challenges and achieve their financial goals, with the promise of up to $5,000 to pay down their debt if they succeed.

Princess is for anyone who has ever disregarded the fate of a pending bill in order to fulfill the wants of that perfect pair of shoes or designer purse. For those who have maxed out their credit cards – or someone else’s – on costly spa treatments in order to boost their self-worth. And for everyone with a “princess” in their life who could use some tough love herself!

Full episodes of Princess and additional content including finance articles and quizzes will be available exclusively online at following each broadcast.

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The Opener premieres August 31 on Food Network

From a media release:


  • Renowned Chef and Restaurant Consultant David Adjey is on a Mission to Help New Restaurateurs Open Up
  • The Opener Premieres August 31 at 9pm ET/10pm PT on Food Network Canada

The restaurant industry can be a difficult and risky business, especially for rookies. In Food Network Canada’s brand new Canadian original series, The Opener, celebrity chef and restaurant consultant David Adjey is on a mission to give restaurateur newbies a wake-up call before they open their doors and potentially lose everything. Premiering Tuesday, August 31 at 9pm ET/10pm PT, The Opener takes viewers on a dramatic and entertaining ride behind the scenes and into restaurants across North America. From money management and leadership to floor plans and staffing, David Adjey stops at nothing to avoid disaster. For David, failure is not on the menu.

In each episode, David Adjey answers calls from wide-eyed restaurant rookies and does whatever it takes to make their opening dreams come true. Between a pair of former fraternity brothers looking for their next great adventure, an ex-nightclub promoter eager to parlay his skills into the restaurant business, and an owner who has hired a strict vegetarian as his head chef, David has his work cut out for him.

Whether high-end or casual dining, opening a restaurant calls for more than just Grandma’s secret lasagna recipe, friends willing to wait tables, a little money from your parents, and charm. “First-timers often don’t see past the glamour of owning a restaurant,” says David Adjey, host of The Opener. “They’re in for a real shock if they’re not ready to put in 90-hour weeks, early morning set-up, and meticulous cash flow management. They might as well put their money on the floor and set it on fire.”

Having seen all kinds of success and failure in the restaurant industry, David Adjey brings expertise, inspiration, motivation and the brutal truth to new restaurant owners. His unorthodox methods and tough love give aspiring restaurateurs a shot at recouping their money and living their dream. will feature a The Opener show page including streaming of episodes after broadcast airing and exclusive content consisting of interviews with David Adjey, David’s insight on how a restaurant can turn a profit, a “where they are now” series following up with show contributors, and a tour of David’s kitchen. For more information visit