Princess premieres September 7 on Slice

From a media release:

Til Debt Do Us Part’s Gail Vaz-Oxlade Transforms Spoiled Princesses Into Self-Sufficient Women In New Original Series on Slice

Behold “Princess”: racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt, living the life, while family and friends pay the price for her reckless spending. In the brand new original series Princess, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, financial expert and host of SliceTM’s popular financial series Til Debt Do Us Part, confronts, cajoles and guides these princesses, with the hopes of transforming them from selfish spenders into money-savvy women. Premiering Tuesday, September 7 at 9pm ET/6pm PT on SliceTM, this 13-part series features compelling stories from women of all ages, and the loved ones who are tired of being taken for granted.

“Til Debt Do Us Part consistently ranks as SliceTM‘s top Canadian series among Adults 25-54,” says Vanessa Case, Vice President, Content, SliceTM. “Viewers who love Gail Vaz-Oxlade for her no-nonsense approach to finance and practical advice will tune in to Princess to watch her tackle brand new financial problems and confront some of her most resistant participants yet.”

“These princesses are pampered and spoiled. They don’t give two hoots about how their spending affects anyone else, and they take zero responsibility for their own money,” says Gail Vaz-Oxlade. “The goal in this series isn’t just to curb a shopaholic lifestyle; it’s about changing the princess’ attitude towards her life. I want them to spend consciously; I want them to take a serious look at the effect of their destructive and manipulative behaviour on their relationships; and I want them to grow up and get serious about being strong, independent women who are in control of their own futures.”

From the young, single mother, too busy shopping and partying to notice either her daughter or her debt, to the 40-year-old self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl” who recently quit her job as a bartender with only a closetful of designer purchases to show for it. Although each woman is in a different life situation, each is living the same outrageous lifestyle – way beyond her means and borrowing money from credit cards and loved ones to fulfill her shopping habits, designer label obsessions and idealistic standard of living.

It’s time these princesses got a rude awakening – and SliceTM’s Gail Vaz-Oxlade is just the woman to give them the tough love and financial wake-up call they need to turn their lives around. Putting them on a cash diet, Gail gives the women six weeks to complete a series of challenges and achieve their financial goals, with the promise of up to $5,000 to pay down their debt if they succeed.

Princess is for anyone who has ever disregarded the fate of a pending bill in order to fulfill the wants of that perfect pair of shoes or designer purse. For those who have maxed out their credit cards – or someone else’s – on costly spa treatments in order to boost their self-worth. And for everyone with a “princess” in their life who could use some tough love herself!

Full episodes of Princess and additional content including finance articles and quizzes will be available exclusively online at following each broadcast.

The first two world broadcast premiere episodes include:

Princess: Ashley (World Broadcast Premiere)

Tuesday, September 7 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

With a fiancé who adores her, Princess Ashley knows how to get what she wants. Using guilt trips, manipulation and outright lies, Ashley is convinced her fiancé Kyle to go into debt to keep her happy – but now he’s at a breaking point. Money is the number one issue in their budding relationship. Even though Kyle is covering the living costs, food and vacations, Ashley is still racking up over $1,050 of cash advances from her credit card per month to cover her wants. Either Ashley has to change or the wedding is off. Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade gets to the root of the issue: Ashley’s spending is out of control, her dreams are unattainable and the people who love her are quickly running out of patience. With a wedding in six months Gail puts Ashley on a serious cash diet and has her fending for herself for once. Can Gail keep Ashley out of debt and on track towards a happily ever after with Kyle?

Princess: Krista (World Broadcast Premiere)

Tuesday, September 14 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

Princess Krista is a self-confessed “drama queen” and “shopaholic”. Husband Ryan agrees. In their 14 years together, she and Ryan have separated three times over Krista’s spending problems. Recently she left her husband because she couldn’t bring herself to tell him that she’d once again racked up their credit cards and line of credit. They temporarily reconciled after she finally came clean, but the couple is $60,000 in the hole. Krista hides her fears with her outrageous behaviour and her over-the-top wardrobe, makeup and hair. But her marriage is on the rocks and Ryan can’t tolerate one more financial secret. If Krista doesn’t take financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s advice to heart, and begin to change her self-centered behaviour, this indulgent Princess’ fairytale is bound to have a very unhappy ending.


8 thoughts on “Princess premieres September 7 on Slice”

  1. I am Krista’s mother and anxiously awaiting the series to start.
    I hope this show helps me to understand my daughter better and to help her in any way I can.
    It is hard to know why she has this addiction and is so self destructive, considering she is strong, intelligent and very motivated. She cares about everyone but obviously not about herself.
    I hope Gayle is able to help Krista change her life and her behaviour before it is too late for herself and her marriage to Ryan.
    Her mom

    This show claims to help women when it only exploits them.
    The people do not get paid. They only say “up to”… but it could be $1.00
    Shows like these should be banned from television.
    Reality televisions new low-life Gail has been sued numerous times (check the SUN newspaper for the latest) beucase they promise to fix the situation. Or Youtube Princess to find out the real drama.
    All they seem to do is belittle, embarassed and chastize.
    There is little help.
    All for the ratitings.

  3. Wow does any one think that the can help someone by putting them in on a Tv show!. Clearly the problem is you, that you are stupid enough to believe the made up world of “reality tv” is in some way beneficial to your daughter. The thing is a made up sham designed to humiliate for which she gets paid 5000. For the next 10 or more years across many networks your daughter will be publicly humiliated, well done the reason for your daughters problems are clearly hereditary

  4. I love your “Til Debt Do Us Part” and “Princess”. I have no use for people who use other people’s money for their how hedonistic pursuits. In this vein, I would like to see Gail actually confront the Princesses with the statement that by not paying down their debt they are actually ‘stealing’! How can you justify spending money that is not yours and yet not call it stealing???? I love that she is harsh with these people but she needs to be harsher on the enablers in their lives. The debt these people build up affects all honest people who carry a small debt load. I got a huge chuckle this week from my Visa bill for over $4000 (paid off each month, I might add) which had the usual statement that $10 was the minimum payment and that if one paid the minimum each month it would take over 36 years to pay off the balance!!! Of course these self-absorbed people not only do not read their bills, they do not read the small print. Perhaps having them read this line on TV will shock them into reality. I am tired of paying highter prices to cover the people who default on their bills.

  5. This show is great! The tasks that Gail gives to the princesses really drives home the financial lesssons that are lacking in their lives. Thanks for the quality programming!


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