In the news: The Pillars of the Earth reviews and interviews

I can’t keep up with all the Pillars of the Earth press today so I’m trying to catch only the Canadian media:

From Bill Brownstein of the Montreal Gazette:

  • Buckle up for 12th-century roller coaster
    “The Pillars of the Earth is so scrambled that many may require architectural blueprints and a map to figure out who’s who and why most seem to want to lop the heads off of the others.” Read more.

From Bill Brioux of TV Feeds My Family:

  • Pillars of The Earth: Swords, Sandals and Sex
    “More than 30 years after Roots, there’s plenty of rooting and rutting in aptly named Pillars. It’s happening up against walls, in Sherwood forest, where ever. Don’t be fooled by ads showing old pros Donald Sutherland, Gordon Pinsent and Ian McShane as the bearded stars of this $50 million miniseries. They’re all there, and excellent as usual. Much of the story, however, centres around Tom Builder, played by terrific Rufus Sewell.” Read more.

From Larissa Liepins of Postmedia News:

  • ‘You don’t retire in our business’
    “Playing the Archbishop of Canterbury is veteran actor Gordon Pinsent, one of two Canadian stars (the other is Donald Sutherland) who round out the talented cast. Pinsent recently spoke about the experience from Toronto.” Read more.

From CBC:


2 thoughts on “In the news: The Pillars of the Earth reviews and interviews”

  1. Why does CBC always have to incorporate raw sex and obscene language into epic historical theme movies?
    I’m very disappointed in Pillars of the Earth……….I watched the first two hrs last night, excited to know that Gordon Pinsent and Donald Sutherland were featured stars of the series. It’s a very violent production of what is supposed to be a 12th century “story”……….I don’t imagine that the language used in this story resemble any language used in the 12th century.
    I doubt that I’ll be watching anymore of the series.

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