18 to Life reviews, ratings

From Todd VanDerWerff of the AV Club:

From Angel Cohn of Television Without Pity:

  • 18 to Life: Worse Than A Prison Sentence?
    “One might ask, “With a premise like that, how can you lose?” Well, it’s simple. The writing, while admittedly well-paced, isn’t even remotely funny. I didn’t even chuckle during the first two episodes that aired last night, and Farber’s charm can only carry a show so far. The rest of the show is just very contrived and overly familiar, and basically feels like a second-rate Disney Channel show.” Read more.

From Jerome Wetzel of the Examiner:

  • 18 to Life hits the U.S.
    “18 to Life is a charming Canadian sitcom about two best friends and neighbors who get married shortly after turning eighteen.” Read more.

From Robert Seidman of TV By The Numbers:

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