Murdoch Mysteries season 4 in production

From a media release:


  • Yannick Bisson Does Double Duty and Directs an Upcoming Episode
  • Victor Garber (Alias) and Craig Olejnik (The Listener) Join Cast as Special Guest Stars

Shaftesbury Films, Canada’s leading creator and producer of original content for television and multiple platforms, today announced that production has begun on season four of its highly successful one-hour drama series Murdoch Mysteries for broadcast on Citytv in Canada and Alibi in the UK in early 2011. Production will continue until early November in and around Toronto and Hamilton.

Yannick Bisson (Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, Casino Jack), who stars as Detective William Murdoch, will step behind the camera this season to direct episode three (Buffalo Shuffle) of the series. He will also be joined by an impressive list of directors for season four, including veteran director Don McCutcheon (Corner Gas, Relic Hunter), Gail Harvey (ReGenesis, Some Things That Stay), Harvey Crossland, (Ghostly Encounters, Life with Derek) Cal Coons, (ReGenesis, Murdoch Mysteries) Laurie Lynd, (Breakfast with Scot, I Was a Rat) and actress Leslie Hope (The Mentalist, A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride).

Victor Garber (Alias, Titanic) joins the cast in the season opener in a guest role as Murdoch’s predecessor, the prematurely-retired Malcolm Lamb, who helps Murdoch with a grisly murder. Other guest stars to be featured this season include British actors Lisa Faulkner (Spooks, Holby City), Paul Rhys (Luther, Being Human) and Simon Williams (Upstairs, Downstairs); and Peter Keleghan (The Newsroom, 18 to Life), Craig Olejnik (The Listener, Timekeeper), and Lisa Ray (Water, The Summit).

Based on Canadian author Maureen Jennings’s popular Detective Murdoch series of mystery novels and set in late 1890s Toronto, Murdoch Mysteries explores the intriguing world of Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), who uses radical techniques for the time to solve some of the city’s most gruesome murders. Murdoch’s small circle of confidantes are pathologist Dr. Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy, Durham County), a staunch ally who shares the detective’s fascination for forensic science, and Constable George Crabtree (Jonny Harris, Hatching, Matching, Dispatching), Murdoch’s eager but sometimes naïve right-hand man. Although his unconventional approach elicits skepticism and reluctant support from his boss, Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig, Coronation Street); Murdoch is often the only one that can crack the case.

The fourth season will throw some difficult challenges Detective Murdoch’s way. To start, pathologist Dr. Julia Ogden, who departed for a new job at the Childrens’ Hospital of Buffalo at the end of season three, may have found a compelling reason to stay in Buffalo. Her replacement, brought in from Scotland Yard – the ill tempered Dr. Francis (Paul Rhys) – will frequently clash with the even-tempered Murdoch. In other episodes, under tragic circumstances, an old flame from Bristol, England, Anna Fulford (Lisa Faulkner) will return to pay Murdoch a visit; a crime spree leads to a Gypsy camp and a mysterious “wise woman” (Lisa Ray)”; mysterious Canadian Spy Terence Meyers (Peter Keleghan) will once again show up as Murdoch investigates a case that harkens back to the American Civil War and could threaten Canadian-American relations; Murdoch gets helps from the butler (Simon Williams) when a wealthy businessman is murdered and his son, Nicholas Jenkins (Craig Olejnik) is questioned; and in the season finale a wedding will take place…but who will be walking down the aisle?

Murdoch Mysteries has been honored with several Gemini awards and more than 20 nominations. The series is executive produced by Christina Jennings and Scott Garvie for Shaftesbury, and Larry Lalonde (The Listener, Missing) and Phil Bedard (The Listener, Missing). The series is produced by Laura Harbin for Shaftesbury and Stephen Montgomery (Vacation with Derek) and Peter Meyboom serves as Supervising Producer. Production executives for Citytv are Alain Strati, Vice-President, OMNI Station Group, Specialty TV & Development and Patrice Baillargeon, Director, Development & Production, Rogers Media Television. Production executive for UKTV’s Alibi is Alexandra Finlay, Acquisitions Manager and Noel Hedges, Senior Vice-President, Sales and Acquisitions, the Americas at ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment Inc., serves as Executive Producer.


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  1. I am a big fan of the series, and anxious to see the new years line ups. I was thinking of taking a vacation to Toronto, understanding that this is filmed in at least four Ontario communities, does the Police station actually exist or is it CGI? I would like to get a picture of it, if it does, can anyone help with where it might be?

  2. Guess nobody on the Murdoch or Global teams realizes this puts them in breach of the WGC Agreement (Article A920) which requires that writers receive the same recognition accorded directors in these kind of releases.

    Or maybe they just don’t care.

  3. They do mention my wife Maureen Jennings but she is a creative consultant and they also mention Larry Lalonde, Philip Bedard and Cal Coons who are all writers on the show, Cal being the showrunner for the first two seasons and Larry and Phil are executive producers and in charge of the writing department

  4. Murdoch Mysteries is an outstanding program and I am so excited for the fourth season to begin airing in March 2011. Once again, I thank everyone involved in the show for sharing their talent and dedication.

  5. Point is, Iden, they’re not credited *as writers.* You know that because you’re close to the show. This was meant for media who do not know that. Episode directors are mentioned – why not writers?

  6. Im really looking forward to the new series of murdoch mysteries,im curious about the new line-up.
    i am wondering how murdoch will cope without his beloved julia .the show is brilliant to watch .
    i like it how they solve crimes in that time .i m a big fan of yannick bisson ,i hope the show s success goes on for years to come congratulations .

  7. Robert – The police station does not exist. Maureen Jennings did a historical walk last year and that was a common question.

  8. Most Police stations are sets on television series and the police station for Murdoch exists in a warehouse in Etobicoke.
    The Police station that in reality existed in 1895 was right next to the Fire Station near Wilton (Dundas now) and Parliament.
    And the police station exists in the novels in the minds of the readers and the writer

  9. Diane, the writers get credit during the credits of each episode and they get a prominent credit.
    I don’t think it does any justice to a press release to list the crew. They all get credit when an episode airs.
    Otherwise you get a huge list of names which misses the point of the press release.
    The writers on this show are part of a team led by Larry and Phil.
    That’s my humble opinion.

  10. This press release IS a huge list of names, Iden. Yet reading this release, no one outside the show would know who wrote the show. Your argument implies directors are more important than writers. The directors are listed in this release in addition to their prominent on-screen credit, therefore the writers should be listed. That’s not just my opinion – it’s a contractual obligation. Writers are not simply “crew.”

  11. Well theoretically I agree, but a writers job is not a glamourous one in the TV world and directors and actors are in the “glamour” and “star” category.
    While I am not defending it, that seems to be the reality of the film and tv world. At least Maureen Jennings is mentioned as she is an all press releases about the series.
    One could argue that the stills photographer is not mentioned either in the press release but every photo that goes out from a producer of any show and posted anywhere, is taken by a person with a name.
    Nowhere will you see my name on any shots that I did on a film called Sacrifice with Cuba Gooding and Christian Slater. The photo will simply state “Sacrifice”.
    So the writers get screen credit and always get recognition for the actual episode.

  12. Very happy there is a Season 4 . I love Murdoch and the entire cast. They are great and have wonderful chemistry. Yannick is marvelous and so talented. The whole cast is amazing. I am still wondering when Season 3 will be available to purchase in the US. I am not patient, so I am so looking forward to seeing Season 3 really soon. Continued success with the Murdoch Mysteries – – for many more seasons. Thank you Maureen for all the marvelous books. I have read them all and I love them. Your Christine Morris – forensic profiler books are great. I am having so much reading. Can’t wait for “Shipwrecked” and “Season Of Darkness.” Already pre-ordered. What is the possibility Murdoch Mysteries will be on US tv???

  13. I am a big fan of the show who had the privilege of watching the season three premiere being filmed in the UK last year. I also got to meet many of the crew who are behind the scenes, each one playing an important role in bringing this show to life. Their roles are just as important as writers and directors but you don’t see any of them named here do you? Craig Grant, Props Master; Jim Jeffrey, Cinematography, Shauna Jamison, Producer; Joshua Gray, First AD. All of these people are brilliant at what they do and are a huge part of the show.

    If everyone was named the list would be endless, you’ve only got to watch one episode right to the end of the final credits to realise exactly how many wonderful people go into making this series as brilliant and entertaining as it is.

    I for one will be thanking everyone involved when I go over to Toronto later this year. I don’t think the writers need a press release to know that they are an important part of something wonderful which I hope continues for many years to come.

  14. Kudos to all the talented people who end up with such a well crafted, intelligent, (slightly zany) but always highly entertaining and somewhat amusing program. Murdoch Mysteries has it all!
    Terrific acting, writing, settings and “scientific” displays that have me looking foward to the next episode with great anticipation! We viewers (fans, in reality) really benefit from having such a clever program to watch. Keep up all the great work….and thank you.

  15. I have watched Murdoch mysteries and i just think they are both well writen and each character acted brilliantly.Murdoch comes to life he is believable,in fact he is what draws me into each show.I am very glad to see it making a season 4 i hope this goes on for many years.Few things on television are watch worthy.I love dated pieces.I think that the doctor leaving was a let down,the chemistry between the two characters was amasing the actors deserve alot of praise for that cannot be faked.It’s like they truely are with each other very good performances.One of my favorite characters is the inspector he adds a little spark to Murdochs logical behavior.I enjoy the stories,the acting and i think it is the best.I also loved “the wind at my back.”Canada is making a name in the industry because of such series.Wether stated or not every fan who watches knows without good writers,good behind the scenes staff these shows would not come out as quality.Sound,visuals,special effects,costume….all of them deserve many thanks for this is truely a great series.Thank you to everyone involved for you have given us hours of entertainment,taken us away from daily strife.You’s are all wonderful.

  16. My husband and I will be going to Toronto toward the end of Sept. I cannot wait. Hopefully we will get to meet
    the awesome cast of Murdoch. They are so talented and have so much chemistry. Not only is the cast amazing, but everyone behind the scenes is marvelous and so talented. Murdoch Mysteries is the best series I have seen in such a long time. I only wish that it played in the US. How wonderful it would be to see it weekly.
    I have a hard time waiting for each season to be available to purchase. I am so anxious to see Season 3. Season 4 will be finished soon and I hope there will be many more seasons after that. I am now reading Maureen’s Murdoch Mysteries for the second time, they make me feel a little closer to the series. What awesome books, never read any mysteries till I found these. Thank you cast for all your amazing work- you make this such a wonderful series and especially all the crew,etc- I couldn’t possibly name all of you, but what a spectacular group you are. Love this series so much and the the cast and all of you behind the scenes. Hope to meet alot of you at the set. Maureen Jennings – you are wonderful.

  17. I have never seen the show yet, but they are filming on my street today in Guelph. I may have to check it out – sounds like a good show.

  18. Lisa, if you get chance, go and watch the filming, you are in for a treat. All of the cast and crew are so friendly. You will have a great time.

  19. We were looking for the shoot location in Guelph. My daughter and I want to stop by. Which house were they using. (We live on Regent)

  20. I just love watching Murdoch Mysteries, and can’t wait for the 4th season!! I have been watching the re-runs all summer, and find something new each time. Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy, and the whole cast are amazing — wonderful chemistry together! Please, please let William and Julia get together! (We have had several hints — i.e., the scene in Alberta — so please let it be so! The acting, writing and direction, and the atmosphere of old Toronto are superb. A great series — far, far better than anything else on TV!

  21. Reiterate other comments regarding the series and would sum it up as absolutely brilliant. I was drawn to it originally because my grandfather’s name was William Murdoch!

  22. Could you please mention in which communities filming will be (or has already been) done? I like to try and recognize locations when I watch the show. An earlier post mentioned Guelph, and I saw a newspaper photo when they were in Cambridge, ON. Anywhere else? Thanks.

  23. Well JR I am not sure that it is the domain nor the goal of the moderator of this website to have that information, but I can let you know that the location team for the show makes decisions on locations only a couple of weeks prior to an episode being filmed. There are 13 episodes in the series so they are location scouting all the time. What I can tell you is that the show shoots in and around the Hamilton area on a regular basis. Other than that, a location is often finalized just days before they go to camera.
    That’s the story. Count on Hamilton lots

  24. Murdoch Mysteries stand out amongst all the current reality, rehashed shows that seem to clog the airwaves these days. If you really watch and listen youwill learn the origin on many current forensic tools. Little bits of intelligent humour are tucked also – within the dialogue. Taken at face value the show is a pleasure to watch but discovering the inner knowledge puts it in a league of its own. My favourite has to be the episode filmed at Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton, as I was married there in 2009. Trying to recognize where the show was filmed just adds to the fun.

    Thanks to all involved for realizing there is an audience for intelligent entertainment.

  25. They have been filming in Brantford today. In fact every season they have filmed here. Footage of houses and streetscapes in the Dufferin Ave neighbourhood are sprinkled through many epiosdes even when they are not specifically featured.

  26. News Fans

    Murdoch Mysteries is filming here in Brantford, Ontario, today and this evening in Victoria Park. It is nice to have them back.

  27. Love the Murdoch Myteries. Read all of the books. Just finished Book 7. Like that in the tv series he is in love and involved with Dr. Ogden. Hope Season 4 brings her back and there is a happier ending like there was in Book 7. Again love this series so glad it is being made in Canada.

  28. Slight correction Linda, The Ogden in the books is a lot older than Murdoch as that was how she was created in the novels. It is Amy Slade who is the love interest of Detective Murdoch in the latter books, Enid Jones in the first four. Ogden is more like the schoolteacher Nun he had when he was growing up. But alas she does find love in the novels, just not with Detective Murdoch.
    Glad you like both the series and the books.
    And as Diane has requested, I am the husband of the author, Maureen Jennings

  29. I have been looking everywhere, but I don’t seem to be able to find out when Season 4 is starting up. Has anyone heard? I would like to know so I can make sure that I don’t miss it, so if anyone has the scoop, please let me know. Thank you!

  30. Richard and & I finally made it to Toronto for 10 days at the end of September. We met Maureen and Iden and they are such lovely people. We appreciate their kindness toward us and everything they did. We saw some of the filming and met actors and crew. They work so hard and such long hours to give us the Best mysteries series ever. I only wish the US and Oklahoma City could see it weekly on TV. We have to wait so long for the new series to come available to purchase. Absolutely everyone on the show – all actors and special guest stars are wonderful- what amazing talent they put into all the shows. The whole crew is outstanding -my husband enjoyed all the technical aspects of the show. I can not say Thank You enough for all the hard work and many hours everyone puts into Murdoch Mysteries. I can not wait for Season 3 to be available and then on to Season 4. I Love Murdoch Mysteries so much . Maureen Jennings is so talented and I love her books so much. The combination of Maureen’s books, the talented actors , producers, directors, crew – I can’t begin to name them all- they have made Murdoch Mysteries the Very Best Series, Ever. Thank all of you so much. I see this series going on for a very long time.

  31. It is really great that some folks have been able to attend filming and meet cast and crew. I did email the studio well in advance to see if it was possible to have a studio tour or watch any filming while I was in Toronto two weeks ago, no-one responded. I agree with previous comments I hope that this series continues for a very long time!

  32. Holy Cow! Telelvision at its best. Scripted. Brilliantly written, acted, directed, and produced.
    OH so entertaining. Will and does shine as Canadian broadcasting, finally. Puts reality t.v to shame, mindless dribble.
    Well done, everyone.
    Cannot wait until season 4 starts. They were filming in my home town of Penetanguishene today, down at our historical naval establishment. Awesome

  33. Understand they were filming a water scene last night and Const. Crabtree gets lowered into Georgian Bay, does Glenda have any information on this?

  34. According to a worker at The World Famous Dock Lunch, two men were in there this afternoon and mentioned Murdoch Mysteries will be renting a boat moored at the Penetanguishene Town Dock. As I drove around the waterfront near Kings Wharf Theatre, I saw a couple of signs pointing the Murdoch people where to park and unload, lots of trucks and trailers, but no actors…yet. I think I’ll make my way down again tomorrow. I have been a fan of the show since it’s beginning.

  35. Check out Johnny Harris on Facebook he has posted some neat pictures of him being lowered into Georgian Bay in a very old type of diving suit. Poooor Jonny he always gets the fun jobs! There looked to be some tall ships in the background on one photo, maybe this will give the previous author a place to check out. Very interesting looking forward to seeing the show with all of the underwater photography really curious as to what the plot line is in this show.

  36. I really like this show. The writing, the characters and seeing the birth of forensics as a science. I also have enjoyed the tension between Dr. Ogden and Detective Murdoch and I hope that with her possibly leaving that they will be able to get a good substitute for this.

  37. My husband & I went to Toronto for 10 days -from Sept 20th.— We had a great time. We visited the set and everyone Cast and Crew, Producers, Directors were wonderful. So kind and the very nicest people. I can not wait till Season 4 is out, unfortunately the US does not get Murdoch Mysteries. It takes forever to become available on You still can’t buy it. I have finally seen Season 3 and it is magnificent, the shows get better and better- I know Season 4 will knock our socks off. A very dear friend got me Season 3 and I can’t thank that person enough. We met everyone and they were the sweetest Yannick, Helene, Thomas and Jonny were the Very Best. They always smiled when you saw them. What fine actors and lovely people. The whole crew is amazing. They work so hard and long hours. My husband especially enjoyed all the technical aspects of the show and he was allowed to watch alot of things. They were the best. We had the the greatest time, because of the wonderful Cast and Crew. Thank you so much.

  38. Was back down at the waterfront in Penetang on Friday the 8th and again yesterday the 12th and not a sign of any Murdoch crew. guess the taping is finished in this area. Will look at the FB page and see the photos that Anonymous mentioned. Am looking forward to seeing this episode and also am curious about the plot line!

  39. My husband and I love this show.. can’t wait for season 4 – until then re-runs are absolutely great!!! great acting, scenery, stories..

  40. Please let the many fans of Murdoch Mysteries know when the next season will begin.. miss it very much .. it is a well done show & all the actors do great credit to their roles .. So hurry & get the season underway.. . Please advertise with trailers as to the start.. thx.. will be looking for them..

  41. I have never experienced here in Australia both the professional and real life experiences portrayed by the actors in the Murdoch Mysteries; even though I worked on Blue Heelers and other Australian TV dramas. I am not happy that (Julia) Helene Joy is leaving the show, however, one can only hope that her return is planned for further down the line. In the meantime hats off to all who have contributed to this unequalled production.

    Rose C Taylor
    Melton West Vic Aust

  42. I don’t think that Helene is leaving the show, but I will try and check into this further. Prime Minister Harper was on the set with the cast and crew Friday, October 15, 2010 and will have a 90 second cameo in the show, I believe he plays a front desk policeman, but they are not saying too much more. The P.M.’s daughter is a big fan – there is a photo online with the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail etc. it shows P.M.’s daughter Rachel, Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy and Jonny Harris. Can hardly wait for the shows to begin next year!

  43. Helene is a wonderful actress multi nominated for gemini Awards.
    What a wonderful catch for Canada to have her talents here in our country

  44. Love the show! This is definitely the best show on TV and it is the only show I did and will purchase on DVD. Can’t wait for March 2011 but last year they mixed up the staring dates and I just about missed the first episode. Hope the mix up does not happen this year.

  45. Jonny Harris is a true professional, not only can he play Crabtree as a comedic relief type of character on Murdoch Mysteries, but plays a very dark character in the movie Grown Up Movie Star! (which won an award at the Sundance Film Festival January 2010). We only have to wait until March 2011 until the new season of shows begin!

  46. Filming for Murdoch was done here in Brantford, Ontario from the 17th to 20th of September. This is the 3rd year they have been here filming for the series.

    Long love the Murdoch Mysteries.

  47. It’s Dr. Julia Ogden getting married in the 2011 season show but to whom????? They are filming Nov. 12/10 with 150 extras! Now we just have to guess who is the groom?????

  48. After all this reading, I’m still not clear on when the new season will begin. Don’t want to miss out on the first show. Does anyone know when it will be released?

  49. As much as I agree with all of those who have expressed their delight with Murdock Mysteries. I am amazed at how little is said about the research that goes into each episode. In one episode Crabtree is offered “Caramel Popcorn”. He is told it is much better than the Caramel Popcorn that debuted at the Chicago Worlds Fair. I googled it and discovered that “Cracker Jacks” had indeed been introduced at the Chicago Worlds Fair and that it was sticky and very messy. A drier coating made the product very popular. Similarly, I googled black light, eugenics and the area in Toronto mentioned for its Jewish make up. In each case they were historically correct. Imagine that, a great show and cast that entertains and educates. I eagerly await season four.

  50. You can thank Paul aitken for that. He’s one of the show’s writers. I’ve worked with him for years and he is a stickler for accuracy

  51. It’s the entire writing team and the creative consultant and author of the original novels the whole series is based on, Maureen Jennings who oversee’s a lot of the historical accuracy that shows up in the scripts. Paul is a great writer but Maureen is the creative consultant for the whole series and vets every little historical details in all the scripts. Let’s give the credit to the person who is really responsible for the details,

  52. So much for remaining “Anonymous”, Donny ;)
    We won’t trample on your persona.
    Hey, any friend of Murdoch is a friend of mine/ours.

  53. (Helene Joy) has really grown on me through out this series, yes- quite often she seems just too different than Murdock for them to overcome it all and finally get together. But ANY good relationship TAKES MUCH work and coming from experience – great relationships- take A HELL OF A LOT – MORE WORK.

    Over time I have begun to appreciate all the difficulties that have made Doctor Ogden who she is but I confess I was hoping Murdock could mellow her character out just a wee bit in some respects – After-all THEY DO work so darn well together – : D I’d have to say she is a corner stone to the shows entire premise.

    So I really hope the writers don’t decide to destroy a good thing here and take her character completely out of the series- that would be TRULY a dreadful mistake and yet we’ve all seen series get rid of some of the most interesting characters before.

    Anyone hear anything either way – please let us know. : D
    I’m really looking forward to Season Four but honestly, I just don’t think I’ll be compelled to watch the series, IF the Doctor’s character is completely written out, it just won’t be the same.

  54. I’m really enjoying the show. (Helene Joy) has really grown on me through out this series, yes- quite often she seems just too different than Murdock for them to overcome it all and finally get together. But ANY good relationship TAKES MUCH work and coming from experience – great relationships- take A HELL OF A LOT – MORE WORK.

    Over time I have begun to appreciate all the difficulties that have made Doctor Ogden who she is but I confess I was hoping Murdock could mellow her character out just a wee bit in some respects – After-all THEY DO work so darn well together – : D

    So I really hope the writers don’t decide to destroy a good thing here and take her character completely out of the series- that would be TRULY a dreadful mistake and yet we’ve all seen series get rid of some of the most interesting characters before.

    Anyone hear anything either way – please let us know. : D
    I’m really looking forward to Season Four but honestly, I just don’t think I’ll be compelled to watch the series, IF the Doctor’s character is completely written out, it just won’t be the same.

  55. I love this show here in Australia we can only get it on cable on the 13st channel but I never miss it can’t wait for the 4th season as with everyone else on here I Julia does not leave and her and Murdoch get together.I hope it starts early in the new year over here.

  56. Laydee – from what I’ve heard, I’d say don’t worry about Julia leaving for good. Keep watching and you may be surprised.

  57. I have been looking into a start date and a tentative date that is circulating the web (not sure how dependable)
    is March 16

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