Showcase Diva rerunning Crash & Burn, Haven, The Guard

CRA$H & BURN (13x60min)
(Network Premiere)
Mondays at 11am, 6pm and 11pm ET beginning August 30

Cra$h & Burn follows Jimmy Burn, a cocky yet charming claims adjuster for a cut-throat, bottom-line insurance corporation. Jimmy maneuvers his way around insurance scams and the criminal underworld as he tries to escape his past and make a better life on the gritty post-industrial streets of Hamilton, ON.

HAVEN (13x60min)
(Network Premiere)
Thursdays at 8am, 11am and 6pm ET beginning September 2

Based on a novella by Stephen King, Haven centres on the small town of Haven, Maine, where FBI agent Audrey (Emily Rose, ER) discovers the curious enclave is a longtime refuge for people with supernatural abilities. As the townspeople’s dormant owers begin to express themselves, Audrey helps keep dangerous forces at bay while discovering the many secrets of Haven – including one surrounding her own surprising past the mysterious town of Haven.

THE GUARD, Seasons 1 to 3 (39x60min)
(Network Premiere)
Fridays at 8am, 11am and 6pm ET beginning September 3

This one-hour drama follows the search and rescue team of Canada’s favourite Coast Guard rescue specialists. The team embark on new challenges while continuing to endure the daily dangers of life out on the Pacific Ocean.