New tonight: The Latest Buzz on Family Channel – “live” episode

BuzzLiveShow 006Tonight’s episode of The Latest Buzz was filmed before a live studio audience. Members of Toronto’s Big Brothers and Sisters were invited to watch the shooting of “The Live from Teen Buzz” episode, where Wilder tells his friends some big news about the future; Rebecca and Michael trick Amanda into befriending a fake online friend; and they all perform a song for their editor and favourite teacher, DJ and Mr. Shepherd. Amanda (Vanessa Morgan) sang the show’s theme song live, a fan from Halifax was flown in to appear in a guest role, and the cast met audience members after performance. Tonight on Family Channel at 9:30!

Photo: The main cast: Vanessa Morgan (Amanda), Munro Chambers (Wilder), Demetrius Joyette (Michael), Justin Kelly (Noah) and Zoe Belkin (Rebecca).


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  1. Wow I love The Latest Buzz it is the best show in the world even though it’s not on anymore it’s still the best to me.

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