The Listener starts production on Season 2

From a media release:

Start of Production on Season Two of the CTV/SPACE/Fox International Channels series THE LISTENER

  • Canada’s own Lauren Lee Smith (CSI, Lie with Me) among new actors to join ensemble cast currently shooting in Toronto

photo 6 (2)Shaftesbury Films, in association with CTV, SPACE and Fox International Channels, today announced that production is underway on season two of the original Canadian drama series The Listener. Gemini-nominated actress Lauren Lee Smith (CSI, The L Word) and Tara Spencer Nairn (Corner Gas) are among new members to join the ensemble cast which includes Craig Olejnik (The Timekeeper, In God’s Country), Ennis Esmer (Billable Hours, Young People F*#king) and Mylène Dinh-Robic (Da Vinci’s City Hall, Battlestar Galactica). The Listener is broadcast on CTV and SPACE in Canada, and in 120 countries and 33 languages internationally by Fox International Channels. The 13-episode one-hour series will shoot in and around Toronto until February, 2011.

Vancouver native Lauren Lee Smith will star as Sergeant Michelle McCluskey in the new season of The Listener. Smith also stars in Shaftesbury’s highly anticipated new comedy series from Ken Finkleman, Good Dog, and the independent film A Night For Dying Tigers alongside Jennifer Beals, which recently premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.

During The Listener’s first season, the fast-paced and compelling drama instantly became a hit in Canada, with the series premiere debuting at #1 in its 10 p.m. timeslot on CTV, with a preliminary audience of 1.1 million viewers.

In season two, Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) steps up his game and further embraces his telepathic powers while working alongside his partner “Oz” (Ennis Esmer). When he stumbles into a case investigated by the Integrated Investigations Bureau (IIB) of the RCMP, he finds he must reveal his gift to Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith). Despite her initial skepticism, Michelle comes to realize Toby’s extraordinary potential. While maintaining his standing as a paramedic, Toby is enlisted to consult with IIB. There he joins Michelle as well as her brilliant junior partner, computer maven Corp. Dev Clark (Rainbow Sun Francks, Stargate Atlantis), and Alvin Klein (Peter Stebbings, Madison) the Bureau’s in-house legal expert to help solve IIB’s most difficult cases.

Other new faces that will join the staff at St. Luke Hospital to work alongside Dr. Olivia Fawcett (Mylène Dinh-Robic) are Sandy (Tara Spencer Nairn, Corner Gas), a triage nurse who runs the floor with military precision and dry humour, and neurosurgeon Dr. Shane Lawson (Sebastien Roberts, Canada Russia ‘72), who develops feelings for Olivia.

The Listener is produced by Shaftesbury Films in association with CTV, SPACE and Fox International Channels. The series is executive produced by Emmy® and Gemini award-winning Christina Jennings (Murdoch Mysteries, Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures) and Scott Garvie for Shaftesbury Films, and Sam Egan (Sanctuary, Masters of Science Fiction). Susanne Boyce is President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. Sharon Tal Yguado is Executive Producer for Fox International Channels. The Listener is distributed internationally by Shine. Produced with the financial participation of The Canadian Film or Video Tax Credit and The Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit.

Viewers who want to catch-up on the first season can currently watch episodes online at and/or


26 thoughts on “The Listener starts production on Season 2”

  1. Bring back Charlie Marks (Lisa Marcos) and Ray Mercer (Colm Feore)! Not liking the sounds of what they plan on doing for season two. :-(

  2. I’m not liking the sounds of this either and i don’t think any of the other fans will, especially because it sounds like they’re replacing Charlie Marks and bringing someone else in to do the same role as what she did in the first season.
    “He finds he must reveal his gift to Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith). Despite her initial skepticism, Michelle comes to realize Toby’s extraordinary potential”
    What part of that sounds like it hasn’t already been done in the first season?
    I’m very dissapointed.

  3. I’m glad the show got renewed but what took so long? Heck, it’s been over a year since it last aired – will people still remember or care? I hope the crime procedural aspect doesn’t over shadow the EMS/hospital part of the show. Paramedics are rare on TV and there’s so many frigging crime/legal shows on TV!

  4. Another thing. Since NBC axed it from it’s schedule, I trust this means the Cdn. writers/location managers can be freer with the dialogue and the Toronto locations. The Listener could be cool but it isn’t showing Toronto the way Being Erica does.

  5. I am afraid that I just can’t get into this show because of the very premise. The involuntary invasion of another person’s mind is the most intimate of assaults imaginable. If mind reading were possible, the mental raping of a person would be far worse than physically raping them. The torturing Jack Bauer did on 24 seems so much less invasive by comparison. I can suspend my distaste along with my disbelief for a show like Heroes with Matt Parkman because he isn’t the focus of the show- not so with The Listener.

  6. yeah i agree with all of the Above..
    yes it has been a year since they ended and new ppl playing the same role???WT???
    but i get the fact that they are changing the dedective…because they need a new commer that doesnt know his ability thats good…and what ?? someone liking Olivia? hopefully they (toby and Olivia) will stay in love or find someone better…”]
    but so far i got to see how the first ep goes..”}

  7. Not happy about the new premise at all! I was hoping that Olivia would be the one to leave and Charli and Toby would realize their feelings for each other. Charli was such a large part of helping Toby with his gift how in the world are they going to write her out! Not happy about that at all.

    1. yeah me too!!!why would they kill charlie banks!!!!!! what?for lauren lee smith??come on!!!! lisa marcos is hot!! this is very bad

  8. Why change the successful formula that helped the Listener series reach the number one spot?
    After this huge time delay to air new episodes, I believe that its audience has been bored to death by the perpetual reruns of Toby’s timid gaze and perhaps we have all moved on to other current headlining series storylines, why would anyone return to a whole new ball game?
    It seems that the wrong people were at the helm and now this ship is doomed for failure.

  9. WTF?!?!?!?! What’s happend to Charlie?!?!? YOU”RE REPLACING HER! Jesus…. What’s with all the good shows lately getting rid of all the good characters? When I heard it was coming back I was excited but after reading this, I’m not so sure. Especially since I’m a Toby/Charlie shipper. Is it even worth watching anymore? I can guarantee a drop in viewing stats. This is just unbelievable!

    1. yeah very unbelievable!!!!!!! im so pissed for killing charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she is good why kill her!!! stupid show

  10. I’m not surprised that a few people aren’t coming back. They quit filming season 1 almost 2 years ago. Lisa Marcos is a very talented actress and probably got tired of waiting around. Season 2 will be finished filming in Feb,2011 and there still is no season 2 being aired on TV.

  11. I just love the show listener specially Rainbow. A Fantastic actor and great looking I must say. Hope I can see more of you Rainbow…Lynn Martins

  12. I dont like the way they wrote charlie out of the show.She was so hot & i thought that she was going to get with toby later on.she played such a good part in the story line.what episode did she die in

    1. She got shot in episode 13 season 1 protecting Toby but she didn’t die she was in critical condition and it ended with him holding her hand and saying she has to get better and that’s how it ended.

  13. i just watched the last episode of season 1. i was so curious about the story and watched the first of season 2.
    what a great disappointment! What happened to all the characters? Where’s the story?’s like a whole new thing! :-(

  14. Season 2 sucks. Don’t like the iib and the blond. I was really looking forward to Toby finding his mom. The show is Boring Boring Boring.

  15. I have to say that all the waiting around got me a little antsy!! I liked season 1 and I also grew to love the characters aswell. When I heard Charlie wasn’t going to be on, I was very disappointed. I tried watching the first 4 episodes online ( ctv) and I thought they were ok. I think many fans have moved on because it did take so long for new episodes. does anyone know why it took 4ever?

    1. Season 2 was actually doing very well on CTV until they pulled it for Flashpoint in simulcast with CBS, so either fans didn’t move on or even more came to replace them. Canadian shows tend to take forever because networks prioritize shows in simulcast with an American network.

  16. Charlie, we miss you. You were a great actress and brought out the best in Toby. Please come back to the series to help Toby put Toronto to right and the fans of the series at peace. You are missed. Poor Toby I imagine he misses you too, we hope to see you emerge again in other CTV shows and not be unfairly written out of the story. CTV are not fair to write you out permanently.

  17. I have tried to watch season two but i cant get into it like season one. :( its just not the same without Charlie Marks! They need to bring Charlie back some how!

  18. ok……Why does every woman who gets close to Toby pass away or leave – His mother…..Charlie…..Now Olivia ( which was a mistake, she brought something good to the show ) Why was she written off anyways??? Now who’s next, blondie or little miss media?


  20. where in this final episode of season 1 does it say Charlie died? Its so frustrating, its apparently 18 months after then and things have happened but nothings mentioned in the show start of season 2, how are we supposed to magically know this or was there another episode I missed?

    1. Near the end of the first episode of season 2, Toby, Olivia and Oz are sitting around the table and talking about the case just solved and how it would have made Charlie happy. Olivia says, “Charlie was a great …” That’s it. That’s how we know she died.

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