Hiccups season 2 in production

From a media release:

Sparrow Media Company Inc. Announces Start of Production on Season 2 of the CTV/The Comedy Network Series HICCUPS

  • Season 1 of hit comedy series secures international distribution rights with Electus Distribution
  • Millie takes the Grumpaloos to Tinseltown in Season 2
  • Catch encore Season 1 episodes on The Comedy Network

image001Sparrow Media Company Inc., in association with CTV and The Comedy Network announce that production is underway on Season 2 of Brent Butt’s hit comedy series Hiccups. This season, Millie goes to Hollywood to firm up a Grumpaloo movie deal, Stan (Brent Butt) and Anna’s (Paula Rivera) life gets interrupted when Millie (Nancy Robertson) moves in, and Millie obsesses about the sound of her voice when a talking Missy Grumpaloo doll is introduced. On the heels of securing international distribution rights with Electus Distribution for Season 1, the 13-episode half-hour series will shoot its second season in Vancouver until December, 2010.

Ben Silverman, the award-winning producer and CEO of Electus, has secured the international distribution rights for the first season in a sub-distribution deal with Thunderbird Films through Electus Distribution.

Season 1 of Hiccups premiered to 1.9 million viewers on March 1, making it the most-watched premiere of any scripted Canadian series and the new #1 comedy program (Canadian or American) of the year.

Viewers can catch encore broadcasts of Season 1 on The Comedy Network Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT and on demand at watch.ctv.ca.

Hiccups stars Nancy Robertson (Corner Gas, Robson Arms) as Millie Upton, a successful children’s author who is socially unpredictable, except for being predictably inappropriate. She is prone to sudden outbursts of laughter, sadness and rage. All traits that her life coach Stan (Brent Butt) tries to subdue, her publisher Joyce (Laura Soltis, The Guard) fails to keep under wraps and her slick but useless agent Taylor (David Ingram, Queer As Folk) is too self-centred to notice. Meanwhile, Stan finds life-support in his wide-eyed and slightly bewildered wife, Anna (Paula Rivera, Flashpoint), who does her best to support his impractical dream of becoming a life coach. All observed by the sardonic eye of Joyce’s spoiled receptionist, Crystal (Emily Perkins, Gingersnaps).

Created, written and executive produced by Brent Butt (Corner Gas), Hiccups is also executive produced by Laura Lightbown (DaVinci’s Inquest, Intelligence) and David Storey (Corner Gas). Producers are Nancy Robertson (Corner Gas) and Arvi Liimatainen (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Intelligence) and supervising producer is Andrew Carr (Corner Gas).


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  1. I assume you are joking when you say “Hit TV Series” because I don’t know anyone who watches this show or even likes this show at all. I also hear from a friend at CBC who sees the ratings that this show and Dan for Mayor are also both dying in the ratings. Of course the first episodes did well because they were promoted relentlessly through the Olympics and premiered right after so tons of people stayed tuned and watched it, but how much have the ratings fallen each week after? Can you please post the ratings for us so we can see what kind of hit these shows really are? I can’t stand “Hiccups” and I can’t believe it got renewed for a second season. Canadian TV is really sick when shows this awful get renewed.

    1. I agree,,, Hiccups Sucks. No worries about having to pull the plug on a high note like Corner Gas!

      1. it sucks BIG time. It’s NOT funny at all, why is it still on the air?? Corner gas and Hiccups are NOT FUNNY!

  2. I think the show is fabulous! Watching it, I laughed and laughed! “Dan for Mayor” was funny too, but not quite as funny as “Hiccups.” “Hiccups,” ftw!

  3. I agree with Chris. Hiccups is just not funny at all. It frustrates me that it is still on the air. I did try and watch a couple of times with an open mind. The ratings were crap and the only reason this is going a second season is because CTV gave Brent Butt a second chance because Corner Gas was a hit for them.

    1. “It frustrates you” ok that line alone tells me that i should not take your advice. I gave this show a chance ,even after reading your comment and yeah i think its pretty funny a sort of light hearted casual comedy , not so light hearted that its dorky (like that crummy show full house) but more light hearted like Threes company .

  4. Hiccups has got to be one of the worst shows ever broadcast on Canadian TV!
    Anyone who thinks this show is funny needs their head examined!
    Hopefully, CTV will see the light and pull the plug on this flop early in the second season.

  5. hiccups ratings are on it’s wikipedia page, ratings did indeed fall right down to 300k or so went up a bit for last episode

  6. I love it ! I missed hiccups ! I want to see what happends next !What’s with you guys ? If you don’t like it then there are many other people who like it …. what’s making you soo mad that it’s still airing and continuing ??? Huh ?! Then if you don’t like it then don’t watch it and just keep your opinion… Don’t waste your time in getting to hiccups sites just to write bad opinions about it ….you’re not the only persons who watch it , okay ?? Ya know it ! and there ae tons of fans outthere from all over the world .. you don’t count the fans from the number of comments or ratings… some don’t rate , they don’t have time to rate , but they like it or I mean they maybe don’t get too much on the net … I don’t needto say It’s gorgeous because fans already know that :P Just give it a chance man !

    1. thank you! I love Hiccups Its so amazingly funny it hurts. And I really hate the comments that are putting it down!

  7. I love the show, the actors and the plots. It is good family style humour with a grown up flair. Perhaps you nayayers should do just that too! Grow Up!

  8. I love the show not sure what there isn’t to like about it, I found it to be very funny and enjoyable I watch the first season reruns. Some people are just hard to please I guess.

  9. wow a lot of people are drinking the kool- aid. Keep our opinions to ourself?? Grow up? Give it a chance? What, we live in North Korea and have to keep our mouths shut? We can say whatever we want, rather you like or not. Some of us don’t like the show and want to express that. We didn’t attack you for liking it.

    1. hmm you say you have the right to express your hate for this show, yet you get bent out of shape when someone says they disagree with your comment. whos drinking the coolaid now mr sulivan??? or should i say forcing the coolaid down someones mouth!!!!!!

  10. OMGGG i ‘ m sooo exciting to see emily again , i love her and hope that she will visit vienna one day :) hehehehe ohh and i like tayler too he lookes cute :) but emily looks much better heheheh and it’S really funny the tv series and the other actors are really great :)!!!!!

    Ohh if you want to know how old i am i am 14 :)

    BYE :)

  11. Ok I’m tired if waiting. When is hiccups or dan for mayor coming back. They are awesome.

  12. I LOVE Hiccups. I haven’t been as excited about a show since Corner Gas. I see more of myself in Millie than I do in any other character on TV. (Not that that is always a good thing.)

  13. I am so gonna buy this on dvd , dan for mayor is fun as well and i’ll still watch it but this is way better and i can’t wait for season 2

  14. It really was a terrible show, this Hiccups.

    Children’s plays have often featured savvier writing and better production methods than this waste of television bandwidth. Good riddance to Hiccups.

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