Come Dine With Me Canada premieres November 1

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  • The original dinner party competition series premieres Monday, November 1 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT with 5 back-to-back episodes

59e09909-4a1e-49f9-8031-d68b65351f12This November, Corus Entertainment’s W Network presents the premiere of Come Dine with Me Canada, the international hit series which follows five amateur chefs competing for the cash prize and title of the ultimate dinner party host. Produced by Proper Television in association with W Network and based on a format created by ITV Studios (UK), Come Dine with Me Canada premieres Monday, November 1 at 7:30 p.m. with 5 back-to-back episodes, and airs Mondays to Fridays at 7:30 p.m., and Sundays from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Each week on Come Dine with Me Canada a new group of five diverse strangers compete to out-cook and out-entertain one another. Over five consecutive nights they each host a dinner party in their own home and score one another in secret. The host with the highest score wins bragging rights and a $1000 cash prize. With biting narration by radio personality Jamie Carr, viewers can find out whose recipe for the ultimate dinner party goes down best.

The first set of competitors include Lawyer Holly, photographer David, foodie James, tartan wearing Jennifer and PR princess Marsha. Each host has their own unique style and tastes – one host cooks the entire meal with just a toaster oven and a hot plate, while another opts to serve dessert on cat grass. Competitors also rummage through each other’s closets, trying on clothes and digging up old and embarrassing photos. With menus that range from fresh sea bass, to haggis, to an NYC-themed Soho cheesecake, audiences won’t want to miss the first set of amateur chefs compete for the title of the ultimate dinner party host.

Viewers can catch a sneak preview of the first episode online at


24 thoughts on “Come Dine With Me Canada premieres November 1”

  1. I would like to know how to apply to be on Come Dine with Me Canada.
    I did email the UK, but did not receive a response. I have been a fan of British Show since it aired. I do not like to miss any of them.
    I live in London, Ontario and would love to host and attend dinner parties.
    Please advise
    Cathy Miller

  2. “Biting Narration by radio personality Jamie Carr” you must be joking. Have you listened to this guy?

    First of all he is not even remotely funny – compared to the U.K. host who is genuinely hilarious this guy is an embarrassment to listen to. Seems to be trying too hard to be funny and having a difficult time with it. Loved the U.K. show, watched the Canadian one a couple of times and switched channels.

    You should consider getting a new host – someone who is actually funny – the show is not going to last long with Jamie Carr hosting.

  3. Very big disappointment. Are these people the best of Canada? I certainly hope not as they make this country look fairly backwards and completely lacking in refinement and decent manners. Watching this how is utter drudgery. From the woman who says those who don’t like her food can “kiss her *ss” to the gym rat who wouldn’t engage in minor social talk with a woman who simply wasn’t very pretty. Does life get more shallow than this? If you’re looking for something just slightly more interesting, “Dinner Party Wars” on the FoodNetwork is a bit less painful to watch. :-)

  4. Although I do enjoy the program and look forward to new episodes every Monday, I hope that this week’s contestants are not a reflection of future competitors. I found Joe, Des and Carson rude and abrasive and although I appreciate the spirit of competition, I don’t think that bullying people is entertaining. Hopefully, upcoming guests will be a better reflection of how the world views Canadians (friendly, nice and not mean spirited)

    Thanks…I look forward to tuning in next week for a more interesting and fun group to watch.

  5. I wonder what Des, Joe and Carson think when they watch themselves. I found Des rude and to be blunt a real bitch. As for Joe and Carson you two are just asses. I was rooting for Joe in the beginning but as the week went on he became just like Des. A jerk. I hope your families are proud . The three of you make Canada proud .Thanks for making us look soooo good.

  6. I’ve been watching the British series, “Come Dine with Me” and was excited when the same show was going to air in Canada. Unfortunately, I’m very displeased with this show as it lacks originality. The narrator is trying to do some comic spin-off from the British host and is most unamusing. I’m also at a lost for words for whoever has been hired to find “Canadian” hosts for this show. Some of the hosts on this show are insulting and demeaning people, who have not only embarassed me as a Canadian, but as a citizen…….period. I just finished watching an episode where a boy by the name of Carson won and that will be it. I will never support this show again and will now be second guessing any future shows that air on this network. What this show needs to do is sit down together and revamp their intentions———–Sensational garbage is not what Canadians want!

  7. This show cannot compare to the UK version and shows Canadians in a bad light. I am not sure where the three stooges Des, Carson and Joe got their arogance from. The only thing bigger than Des’s brain was her ass. Carson’s hair looked like something left over from the 80’s and the only good looks Joe got was from his momma. What a spoiled ignoarnt bunch. IFyou have to show this series at least show the UK version at another time as the website implies for those of us who enjoyed good entertainment.

  8. I much enjoy the British version….it could be because I find it civilized and interesting to see how meals are prepared and new recipes from abroad…. The Canadian show has no soul…. I watched Des,Carson and Joe make themselves look like ignorant uneducated loosers. I can’t believe Des could behave in the manner she did. She is not a pretty girl because when she speaks she actually scowls poor Kathleen having to look at that ugly girl who is gross both inside and out …that happens when you are so hateful you begin to look hateful……. Joe looks like a short man that works his abbs in order to feel good about himself…try working you brain Joe …you will always be short….. and Carson get rid of the kiss curl in the middle of your big forhead.and start blowing you horn not tootin it it isn’t flattering…. If you have a partner I bet he or she is horrified to see the real you……….you talked about Kathleen with such disrespect you deserve to be an outcast…oh wait you are!!!!!! I hope you loose your teeth,( reflecting the comment about Kathleen, Carson the kiss curl had to say) maybe falling on your big forhead while tooting your horn after some Tequila…. it would serve you right…. . this was the first time after enjoying Come Dine with me since it began I felt someone (Des) voted without caring about the meal but the chef himself was in her ugly little sites….. And the poor woman who drnak tequila all afternoon while preparing her meal….. i can’t sya I blame her if I had to be in the same room as the three loosers I would require lots of drinks..!!!!!! I will try to find Come dine with me Britain as I found that much classier than what I saw in that show ….Thanks DES, CARSON & JOE…you really have no class and Canada was lookin on …YUCK

  9. I couldn’t agree more with these comments. Carson, Des and Joe are the most ignorant, rude and generally loathsome people I have ever seen on a Canadian show. Des acted like a spoiled 12 year old and Carson with that ridiculous hairstyle ( an homage to Squiggy?) was really hard to watch. I wonder if his wife knows he’s gay? The voice, the mannerisms and the leather pants? Hello? I love the British show and was looking forward to our version but after watching Carson, Des and company, I’ll never watch it again.

  10. I would also like the chance to be a contestent on come dine with me canada. I watch the show often. I do think they could find a little less rude contestents. As not all canadians are so disrespectfull. I have been cooking for 45 years and i know my good old fashion cooking will still blow every one out of the water.And show people what good old fashion curtious behavior should be. Hope to here for u at come dine with me canada. Barbara kendall

  11. I hoped the Canadian version would be as good as the British one, but I guess not. We are not as ignorant as some of the contestants would make others think. Also, why does it have to be run 4 or 5 times during the week, once was more than enough


  12. I enjoy the show but I find the commentary too much….at times cruel and it ruins the show for me.

  13. Why are you torturing us by repeating the same segments over and over. Enough with Joe Des and Carson. We know that they are rude, arogant and basically have no class . PLEASE JUST STOP I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE. BRING BACK THE BRITISH VERSION.

  14. What a joke.
    Those 3 idiots Dez, Joe and Carson are total insults to Canadians. These were the best contestants to kick off the show? Such class. What a representation of our country.
    Take it off the air and run the uk version again. Stop airing this group over and over and over. There hasn’t been a new episode since the first week. It has been eight weeks since the first episode. Come on now.

  15. Can’t believe all the negative rude people on here there worse than the contestants with there nasty remarks talk about no clAss

  16. I loved the British program and I loved the Canadian version. Very different but both with merits.
    It has totally disappeared. I was watching it on the W channel just a few weeks ago. I find it very annoying as it was the only program I liked enough to make a point of being home to watch it.

  17. This is such an inferior spin-off of the British show. I find it painful to watch and feel that I’ve given it enough time – no more! The commentator seems to think that his rude and biting comments are witty. The guests are clearly in no position to deliver a decent meal and focus more on personalities that food. It’s the Jerry Springer of Come Dine With Me. Please stop trying to imitate the British wit – it can’t be done. It’s an embarrassment to all Canadians.

  18. HI, I watched the British show and quite enjoyed it. As far as the Canadian show is concerned, I think that it is vulgar and disgusting.I don’t think that there is anything humourous about it , the host or the guests.I no longer intend to watch the program, two shows were more than enough.
    Gloria St.Onge

  19. I love the show! UK and Canada. Sometimes I get embarrased for them but happy it’s not me LOL.

  20. wondering on how to enter and take part in your show please forward any and all info

    look forward to hearing from you


  21. I think Come Dine with Me Canada is fun and very entertaining! The host Jamie Carr is brilliant. He’s witty and very, very funny. He’s a great assett to the show. People’s negative comments about him I find surprising, and a bit uptight ie:”vulgar and disgusting”-lighten up folks! It’s a show. It seems very typical of Canadians to put each other down. Keep up the good work Dine with Me Canada!!!

  22. The commentary on Come Dine with Me Canada by Jamie Carr is wonderful, witty, and entertaining! I much prefer it to the British version – kudos to the staff, crew…and contestants! It’s brilliant, funny, and nice to see, as Canadians, we can truly raise the bar….and have some fun!!!

  23. Inferior, I think not! I recently watched a few episodes of the british version, and was simply BORED! There were ‘BLANKS’ throughout the show where the commentator was not saying anything at all, and when he did, he was not FUNNY. The Canadian version may be more sacrastic and critical of each of the guests, this is all GOOD, as it makes the show entertaining, real, and, humorous. It’s edgy, and I LOVE IT!

  24. Can someone please send and find me how to make those cute little penguins shown in the eposide last week?

    Thank you kindly,

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