Air Farce members sign book deal

From a media release:

John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd. is pleased to announce the signing of the highly anticipated memoir of Canada’s iconic comedy troupe, Royal Canadian Air Farce, by two of its founding members, Roger Abbott and Don Ferguson.

Abbott and Ferguson will, in the style that defined the art of Canadian humour for nearly four decades, detail the history of the comedy troupe, from its formation and the early years as a hit show on CBC Radio, to grueling travels across the country, to eventually becoming one of Canada’s highest-rated television shows ever.

With contributions from many of their long-time friends and collaborators including Luba Goy and Dave Broadfoot, the memoir will reveal the behind-the-scenes story of how Air Farce found its wings and flew for nearly 40 years. Roger and Don will share the highlights, lowlights, successes and tragedies that came from their time in the Farce, and their stories will be complemented by photos, scripts, letters and private memos from the group’s archives.

“We know that many Air Farce fans will want the inside scoop and all the low-down poop — on how the show got off the ground and into the air, and how we all kept it being fun for over 35 years,” says Roger Abbott. “And without murdering each other,” adds Don Ferguson, saying, “Think of a lengthy multiple-marriage, where it was hard to stay mad at each other when we were busy making people laugh.”

Abbott and Ferguson promise to tell, “How we did it, what we didn’t do, and who we did it with.”


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  1. Looking forward to Airfarce’s book to come out, it was alot of fun being at the tapings and being able to meet Luba Goy and Roger Abbott, they’re soo nice, would like to meet Don Ferguson one of these days
    when I go back up there to Toronto!

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