New tonight: Men With Brooms on CBC – “Big Changes”

Word around Tillcrest is that “big changes” are coming, and Gary is convinced that means layoffs. Pramesh does the books for a reluctant Rani, and Bill attempts to cope with an unforeseen coaster shortage.


5 thoughts on “New tonight: Men With Brooms on CBC – “Big Changes””

  1. How about this for a ‘Big Change?’ Cancel this awful show and replace it with a comedy that is actually funny. I offer the same suggestion for ‘Little Mosque’ and ‘The Ron James Show.’ Surely our national broadcaster can do better than this trite trio. If not, perhaps it’s best they stick to hockey and news.

  2. I actually rather enjoy watching “Men with Brooms”. It’s not at all groundbreaking, but it’s a delightful little show with some pleasant characters and harmless if not edgy humour. Not that there’s much to go off of, but it’s probably the best Canadian sitcom after “Less Than Kind” (waaaaay back in second, mind you).

    It’s also actually better than most non-NBC American sitcoms (like, say, “S*** My Dad Says” or “Two and a Half Men”), and serves as a good final Monday PVR stop. Sitcommy, but cute.

  3. oh please, lets be honest this show just sucks. I’ve tried to watch it three times and didn’t laugh once. I hope it gets canceled to make way for a better show.

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