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  • New series premieres on Thursday, January 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on W Network

This January, Corus Entertainment’s W Network delivers a brand new series starring celebrated designer and W Expert Candice Olson, best known as host of the channel’s flagship home series Divine Design. Candice Tells All offers a glimpse into Candice’s design process, revealing the secrets of timeless design principles and where she finds her inspiration. Produced by Fusion Television in association with W Network, Candice Tells All premieres Thursday, January 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Each week, Candice will take viewers through the ins-and-outs of her signature makeovers while exploring a key design principle in each episode. The audience will be able to see first-hand where Candice draws her design inspiration from and they will join her as she traverses the city in exploration of how these principles work in other mediums and art forms. Candice will also get the scoop from design industry insiders and will meet up with professionals and artists who are doing inspiring and fabulous things beyond the world of interior design.

In the first episode, premiering Thursday, January 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, Candice sets out to prove that there is no need to sacrifice style just because you have kids. Using the principles of indestructible design, Candice takes an uninspiring living/dining room and transforms it into a chic urban industrial modern space. Viewers will learn insider secrets of this design approach, including using resilient materials and forgiving fabrics to create a stylish, kid-friendly, contemporary space that can endure everything from crayons to muddy paws.

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  1. Dont like the new show format at all. It has the same look and feel of Genevieve’s show, and that show is horrid. Not enough of Candice and too much of the design assistants, dont want to see them. Who wants to see Candice in a diner, was better when it was in her studio. Go back to the old show, it spoke better to the audience.

      1. Was just watching a taped show and was wondering whether she got her neck done – the rest of her face looks stiff – she has lost the playfulness in her face.

  2. I like the new show. Its similar to the old show, but with extra design tips and Candace looks great.

  3. Really miss the casual and playful approach of Devine Design- what’s with the over-the-top fashions and stiff and elitist look of the new show? Candace looked great in jeans.
    Miss Chico and the guys, and the interaction.
    Canadian TV seems to always mess with the winning show.

  4. Candice Olson has done a dramatic change, and it is not for the better. I did not think it was her last night when I watched her show. The format has changed, she is not her funny relaxed self. Now she is made up into clothes that you know she would not pick for herself, and her face! It is stiff and looks plastic.
    Candace, why did you did you do this, you were beautiful before, now you look unnatural.
    Will not watch show now, because the fun is gone.

  5. I’ve been trying to figure out what she’s done as well. My guess is a browlift and Botox. I must say that I think she looks fabulous! Her new show is different, but she is still very funny. I agree we could see less of the assistants and more of Candice.

  6. She definitely had cosmetic surgery. She looks great. I wish she would share what she had done and what surgeon. I do like her old show much better, it was so fun with the whole crew. The new shoe is so pieced together with things I don’t even care about.

  7. Liked the old show because of the ‘positivity’. Dislike the new OMG faux crisis approach. Wish they would stop with the film school camera shots that make it impossible to see what the design is really about. I like her work, however the format the show takes makes it unwatchable

  8. I broke my addiction to HGTV, due to work hours and just watched for the first time last week and was not impressed at all. I love Candice and yes I would say that she had major work done. She looks great and years younger! It looks like a face lift and reconstructed chin or something. She looks much more feminine to me. I couldn’t stand to even finish watching the show, however.

  9. I agree. Candice looks fabulous & if she had plastic surgery – they did an awesome job. But I hate the new show. She is so stiff, so awkward, not Candice. I miss Chico & the Gang & her interaction with them. What’s with going to some fancy clothes designer for advice on how to decorate a room? She’s a pro all on her own. Bring back the old Candice!!

  10. Miss the old show. Where are the boys? The banter between them all was great. New show is too stiff. Bring back the old show and the old crew.

  11. I watch the show for the ideas and inspiration….a girl can dream…and Candace, you look fit! Thanks for another good season.

    1. have always loved candices design style but the new show does not compare to divine design candice is so serious now and i really really miss chico lorne terry was so much fun watching all of them joking around very bad decision letting them go. will continue to watch with less laughter.

  12. don’t like new show – miss Chico, Terry why couldn’t she keep the same team. Far sooner have Devine Design.

  13. I enjoy the new show. I think sometimes we need to change things. If we don’t try to change things,life would become extrememly boring.

  14. I really loved the old show better. Now I just watch Candice to try to figure out what she’s had done to her face. She looks fantastic but I miss the quirky, silly Candice. You are a beautiful PERSON Candice.

  15. Candice MOST ASSUREDLY had plastic surgery. It was major work. She looked okay before, but now she has a touch more feminine look.

    I was channel surfing and when I saw her, I wasn’t 100% sure it was her.

  16. I don’t like the new show. The fun is gone and I miss her old crew. I’ve tried watching, and just didn’t enjoy it….I’m back to watching reruns of Devine Design.

  17. I noticed something different about her appearance…and yes, she looks lovely, but, I miss Divine Design…I miss Chico, Lorne and Terry and I believe she is trying to copy after Design, Inc. and Sarah’s House and that format, which only Sarah Richardson can do…Candace had her own niche with the way she did her show on Divine Design and she should have stuck with it… At first I was excited about the title of the show, Candace Tells All, but she doesn’t really tell anything…

  18. The old show (Divine Design) was much better than the new one. Bring back the old crew, they were much more fun!

  19. unhappy…Candice looks great however, the exciting interaction between her and the old desighn crew, clients, the little wire basket with the game plan gone, gone, gone. I might as well watch bass fishing.

  20. I had my TV on HGTV this afternoon, and was working in my kitchen when I heard Candice’s voice. So, I went in to see what fabulous design she was working on, and wasn’t sure I was looking at her. The voice was her’s, but the face wasn’t. Sure, she looked great…for a stranger. But she was pretty before. I still wasn’t sure it was her, so I looked for Chico and the gang….nope, didn’t see them either. I had to wait until they showed the name of the show to really believe it was Candice. It’s going to take some time to get used to the new Candice.

  21. Well, Candice, you look lovely. I can’t seem to figure out what you’ve done, but girlfriend, you look great. Wish I could say the same for your show. Boring is the only word I can use to describe it. Candice Tells All? Tells what? I learned more from the old show. This show is cut and pieced together poorly. There is no comfortable flow from one segment to the next. I’m moving on to Sarah Richardson. Her show is exciting and there is much interaction between Sarah and Tommy and the gang. And I have learned a few new tips from Sarah. Bye Candice. I will miss you. Already miss the guys you “dumped”.

  22. I’ve enjoyed both the original and the current shows, and always love her decorating style. But today on W Network, the program has background voices giving stage directions… “Candace reaches over to fireplace; Andrew answers phone, etc.” What’s up with that? It instantly took me out of the program… totally amateurish.

  23. I really, really miss the Divine Design team — and that includes the funny, relaxed, often silly Candice featured on that show. If she wants to have cosmetic surgery to give herself a makeover, okay, it’s her face — but I can barely recognize her. And with her frozen (botox?) brow, she does NOT look great — she looks stiff. I still enjoy her decorating style, but the verbal repartee is missing now that her guys are gone, and the harsh lines of her new face make me so uncomfortable that I can’t watch the show. To everyone who says she looks so great … does anyone look “great” when what we see is a plasticized version of the wonderful, witty, funny, real woman she used to be on camera? She is pretty enough not to need cosmetic work done; save the “bling” for the chandeliers!

  24. My daughter and I always enjoy Candice but would like to see more of her and not the crew. But we truly love her new look. And I do agree the old crew memnbers was very funny but worked really hard to complete projects. She is the one of the best designers on HGTV.

  25. DoÅ„t like this show. Too much time on crisis simulation with her assistants, the fake teasing and things that does have nothing to do with designing a room (finding a dress for her daughter , having Terry as an intern….). She does not tell all… This is a badtv show.

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